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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes

22 January 2007

1:30-2:30 PM

Harvard University Archives, conference room


Present: Erin Wise (co-chair); Susan Earle, Karen Linitz, Nancy Quinn, Liza Vick, Karen Carlson-Young; Tim Driscoll (minutes); Melanie Wisner (co-chair)


I. Approval of Minutes

Minutes from December 18 were approved as distributed.


II. Updates from LAEC (Erin and Melanie) of meeting of 1/11/2007:       

·        Original dates for some of our programs have been changed to better coordinate with other LA committee presentation schedules.

o   The Records Management program has been scheduled for the Lamont Forum Room on March 22, from 2-3:30.

o   The LAEC concluded that the response to the Clifford Lynch presentation will be co-sponsored by the Professional Development Committee and the Rights and Responsibilities Committee. This program will be scheduled for some time during the last two weeks of April.

o   The Archives/Special Collections program now is tentatively scheduled for some time in June.

o   The Hilles program is being rescheduled for June or, perhaps, the fall of 2007, depending on the final schedule of LA programs for this academic year.


III.  Program planning (all)

·        March - Records Management

o   Date, time, and place have been finalized. Tim will pass this info on to Records Management staff.

o   Publicity notices will be sent out, after vetting by Wadsworth House, via HULINFO about six weeks before the event occurs; two reminder notices will be sent out via HULINFO two weeks and again several days before the event occurs.

o   We will re-use and update the announcement for last year’s Records Management program, since this program is intended to be an encore performance.  Tim will confirm with Records Management staff that this is appropriate.

·        April – Scholarly Communications (response to Clifford Lynch presentation)

o   A sub-committee consisting of the chairs of the Professional Development and Rights and Responsibilities Committees and/or volunteers from the committees will form to coordinate and plan the event, including scheduling and inviting a speakers’ panel to respond to Lynch’s comments.

o   A kick-off meeting of the co-chairs is being scheduled to sort out all logistics, content, and format.

o   Speaker invitations will be coordinated by LAEC through the Provost (who oversees the University Committee on Scholarly Communication)

o   Content ideas will be coordinated by the LAEC and sub-committee.

o   Sub-committee will use a tape recording of the Lynch talk to identify specific ideas mentioned that are most pertinent to Harvard.

§  All committee members were invited to review the recent Library Notes summary of the Lynch presentation and suggest ideas for this program.

o   Hal Abelson (MIT) and Stuart Schreiber (Harvard-currently on leave) remain top choices of speakers to invited to the panel. Dale Flecker was mentioned as potential moderator.

·        June – Archives/Special Collections Program

o   An R & R sub-committee will be formed of Archives and Special Collections staff (Melanie, Susan, Tim) to discuss content, format, and speakers.

o   June may be a problematic date for this program due to Commencement and the 2007 ALA annual meeting. Schedule discussion to continue.

o   Outreach to HU library community is suggested as a good means to designing a program. (What is interesting? What is confusing? What do they want to know about the roles and systems of the HU archives and special collections repositories?)

o   Ongoing conversation at this meeting leads to an idea that this program might work as an ongoing series where two or three representatives from HU archives and special collections repositories speak about a common theme as it pertains to their specific collection and repository (e.g. collection development, digital projects, accessioning/processing standards, etc.) The sub-committee will continue a more intensive discussion of this idea.

·        Fall 2007 - Hilles Program

o   No further discussion.  Heather will be notified of the likely extension/postponement of the program until next fall. 

o   More discussion about how committee members can help with this program will continue.


IV. The next R&R meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 26, 2007 in the Harvard University Archives conference room