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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

June 21, 2004
(Lamont Library, Room 502)

Present: Pat Tully, Renata Kalnins, Patty Hatch , Kazuko Sakaguchi

Pat Tully announced that she has accepted a position at Wesleyan University and that her last day at Harvard will be July 23. The committee expressed its sadness about Pat’s leaving at the same time as it congratulated Pat. The committee agreed that she will be missed since we have all valued her ability and excellent leadership. In order to have an opportunity to spend some more time with Pat and send her off, committee members decided to meet with Pat informally for lunch some time in July.

Approval of minutes
Minutes of the May 27, 2004 meeting were approved with a few changes.

Report on the June 16, 2004 Executive Committee meeting
Pat and Renata reported briefly on the proceedings at the latest Executive Committee meeting. Sid Verba and Barbara Graham had also been invited to attend this meeting. The major items on the agenda were the Mentoring project and proposals for the Fall Assembly program. Sid suggested that additional information should be obtained about the mentoring program that is presently being developed by the Harvard College Library before proceeding further with the mentoring program project. Several ideas were raised for the Fall Assembly program including the patron privacy program proposed by the Rights and Responsibilities committee. Barbara will look into other proposed speakers.
Both the Rights and Responsibilities web links page and the One Stop Guide with explanatory material had been submitted to Karen and Rachel prior to the meeting with the request for review by the full committee at its next meeting. We were informed that time may not permit discussion of these committee projects at the June meeting and that discussion may need to be delayed until the July Executive Committee meeting. There was no discussion of these two projects at the June meeting.

Project Updates
No project updates were given since all projects are now before the Executive Committee before further action can be taken.

Scheduling next meeting:
It was decided to schedule the next meeting only after the Executive Committee has had an opportunity to review and comment on the committee’s proposals.

Respectfully submitted,
Renata Kalnins