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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes
Friday, March 18, 2005
Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems – 205A
9:00 – 10:30 AM

Present: Renata Kalnins (Chair), Melanie Wisner, Elizabeth McKeigue, Patty Hatch, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Erin Wise, Kim Dulin

Minutes. January and February minutes were approved with one change noted for January (that the Privacy and Ethics Program was postponed by committee consensus.) Kim will make changes to this language for final minutes.

Ethics Program. The Office of General Council (OGC) was sent materials regarding the Privacy and Ethics Program (via Peter K.) just after our last meeting. We are still waiting to hear from the OGC regarding how to proceed.

Potential Program on Disability Practices. Erin has heard from Marie Trottier about being a speaker at our proposed program on library services to users with disabilities. Marie is happy to participate, but as her calendar fills up fast, needs potential dates as soon as possible. At the last executive committee meeting, the LAEC members endorsed the idea for this program so Gloria will forward the idea to Wadsworth House for approval. Once we have approval, the committee agreed that setting a goal to present this program this fall would be appropriate, especially until we hear back from the OGC about the Privacy/Ethics Program.

Mentoring Subcommittee. Kazuko spokes with Steve Marley in HCL about the PEER program, a type of mentoring/orientation program that is being developed for the college libraries. Sherrie Whang, senior HR consultant in HCL, attended the last Mentoring sub-committee meeting that happened very recently, however, Kazuko was unable to attend. Kazuko will be contacting members of the subcommittee to get an update from them about what happened at the meeting and will report back to us by e-mail or at our next meeting.

New Projects. Patty presented a draft of a survey to determine the involvement of Harvard librarians in professional organizations. The committee thanked Patty for her work in presenting this very thorough draft. Patty reported that, in doing the draft, she learned that to list all organization and their various subcommittees, round tables, etc was perhaps too daunting a task. We then focused our discussion on coming up with our goals for this survey: Shouldn't our goal be to compile a list of people who are involved in organizations who are willing to share their experiences with others? An anonymous survey would not provide us with that. The group agreed on the following goals and actions:

1. To develop a short survey that encourages people to contact us. Action: Committee agreed to draft this survey at the next meeting. In addition, Kazuko made the suggestion that we contact our various organizations to see if we can find data about how many Harvard librarians belong. Committee members will do this and report on it for our next meeting.
2. To determine Harvard librarians who have presented or published using information published in Library Notes and then ask those people to share what they did as part of a program presented by us to the HUL-wide community. Action: Members will look at latest issue of Library Notes and suggest some names at our next meeting that could contact to present.
3. To develop a plan with Wadsworth House for providing publicity before a conference occurs so that Harvard attendees have the opportunity to know when, where, and what their colleagues are presenting. Action: Patty will write up a planning statement for Wadsworth House (citing a similar program at LC) which she will run by us, either by e-mail or at our next meeting.

Executive Committee Spring Program. Renata reported that the Executive Committee is looking for speakers/participants for the Spring Librarians' Assembly on the global impact of Harvard's libraries. If anyone has suggestions, please contact Renata.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12 at 9:00 in OIS 205A if it’s available.