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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2006
Law School Library, Room 524
1:00 – 2:00 PM

Present: Elizabeth McKeigue (co-chair), Patty Hatch (co-chair), Melanie Wisner, Karen Storin Linitz, Renata Kalnins, Kim Dulin

Absent:  Erin Wise, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Amy Lucker, Amira Aaron, (Librarian’s Assembly Liaison)

Guest: Jennifer Jacobsen, Harvard Records Management Office 

Records Management Brownbag 

Chair Patty Hatch welcomed Jennifer Jacobsen and introduced her to committee members.  Patty told Jennifer we were hoping that her group could do a brownbag presentation sometime later this spring as one of our committee programs.  She asked Jennifer to give the committee an overview of the types of things that could be covered in such a presentation. 

Jennifer then gave a summary of the types of services her office offers and described topics that could be included in the presentation.   She distributed a copy of a Powerpoint presentation that they have used in the past, as well as the General Records Schedule.  Jennifer said they would be happy to put together a presentation for the library community.  The group discussed the range of topics that could be covered and Jennifer agreed to put together an outline of the presentation and send it to Patty and Elizabeth.  Possible dates for the meeting are May 19, with June 2 and 16 as back-up dates.  Patty will check into the availability of the Lamont Forum Room. 

Slavic Collections Brownbag 

Patty distributed a draft announcement for the Slavic Collections Brownbag scheduled for March 31, 2006 in the Lamont Forum Room.  Members of the committee approved the contents of the announcement.  Patty will double-check each panelist’s title before distribution.  She plans to send it out the week of March 20.  

Other Items 

The minutes from the February meeting were approved. 

Elizabeth announced that she would send out the committee’s Isites url to members. 

The Librarians’ Assembly Spring meeting will be held on May 10, 2006 at the Cronkite Center.  The freshmen seminar program is a possible topic.  Patty and Elizabeth will attend the LAEC meeting on March 16, 2006. 

The next meeting will be held at the Baker Library on April 19, 2006.