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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

May 27, 2004

Present: Patty Hatch; Elizabeth McKeigue; Kazuko Sakaguchi, Fran O'Donnell, Renata Kalnins, Pat Tully (notes)

Approval of minutes
Renata had some suggestions for changes in the minutes of the last meeting, including redrafting the sections on the Ethics Program and the Handbook. Patty and Elizabeth will draft the Ethics Program section and send it to Kazuko; Renata will send a redrafted version of the Handbook section. Renata also suggested changes, which the committee approved, in the Report on the Executive Committee meeting section. Kazuko will make the indicated changes before the minutes are approved.

A brief discussion ensued on posting the minutes to the Web. Pat and Renata will ask the Executive Committee whether it is required for committees to post their meeting minutes to the Web, or if we have the option to indicate on the Web page that the minutes are available from the Committee chairs.

Ethics Program
On May 12 Patty Hatch sent a draft to the R&R Committee of an email to a speaker not affiliated with Harvard, inviting them to speak this fall on the issue of patron privacy and library systems. Pat passed the draft on to the Executive Committee co-chairs, Karen Bailey and Rachel Howarth, for review, and they in turn passed it on to Sid Verba and Barbara Graham. Karen replied to Pat and Renata that Sid and Barbara are very excited about the program, and may want it to be the fall program.

The committee agreed that they would like clarification on some points in Karen's reply. Pat will email Karen and Rachel to ask them the following questions: Is this topic being considered for the Librarians' Assembly Fall Program? If so, would Sid and Barbara find it useful to have the background research on the topic that Patty and Elizabeth have compiled? If the topic is not being considered for the LA Fall Program, may we send the invitation to the speaker as it stands or are there changes we should make? Pat will forward the reply to the R&R Committee.

Renata has revised the format of the One Stop Guide, and noted that the Factbook link to the 2001-02 Annual Report is no longer valid; the 2002-03 Annual Report is not yet available. The committee agreed that the One Stop Guide is very well organized and presented. Renata will distribute the Guide (along with the R&R page; see below) to Executive Committee members, for approval at an upcoming LAEC meeting.

R&R website
Pat has made the revisions suggested by the R&R Committee at the April meeting. She will reformat the page to resemble the One Stop Guide, then Renata and Pat will distribute both to the Executive Committee for review and approval.

Mentoring Program
A meeting of the subcommittee was held on May 3, to work on the LAEC's request for a draft of a formal charge for the mentoring committee and suggestions for the development of a smaller, less formal program. The draft of the charge has been finalized in email, and Pat will send it to LAEC for their review at the June meeting.

New business
Renata noted that LA committee chairs may be elected once a year. We will talk more about this in our June meeting, when we may know who our new members will be. If any member of the committee is interested in serving as chair or co-chair, please let Renata or Pat know.

Fran O'Donnell announced her resignation from the R&R Committee, due to many other commitments. She has worked very well for the Committee this past year, and we wish her all the best!

Next meeting:
The next R&R meeting will be on June 21 from 11am-noon, in Lamont rm. 502.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Tully