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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2006
1:00 – 2:00 PM

Attending: Patty Hatch (co-chair), Amy Lucker (minutes), Renata Kalnins, Melanie Wisner, Amira Aaron (Librarian’s Assembly liaison), Erin Wise

Absent: Elizabeth McKeigue (co-chair), Kim Dulin, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Karen Storin Linitz (+ 2)

Records Management Program: the brown-bag lunch meeting will be held June 2, 12-1:30, in the Lamont Forum Room. Sharyn Nolan and Jennifer Jacobsen will be presenting. The title of the program is: What the Records Management Office Can Do for Librarians. Melanie is going to send out the public announcement on Friday, May 19, with a reminder going out on May 31. Patty will do the meeting introduction on June 2. 

Librarians’ Assembly Spring Meeting: several of those who attended reported back to the group. Sid Verba spoke, including discussion about the Google contract. The main program featured three speakers talking about a Benjamin Franklin exhibit being held at the Houghton Library and the Scientific Instruments Collection. The speakers included Tom Horrocks from Houghton, a faculty member from the History department and the head of the Scientific Instruments Collection. Despite weather and location the meeting was well attended. 

Chairs and membership for next year: four current members (Patty, Elizabeth, Renata and Kazuko) will be going off the committee this year. New members will be elicited by the Executive Committee. We determined that it makes the job easier to have two co-chairs as opposed to one chair. Potential candidates for the co-chairs are Erin and Melanie. We will discuss this further in June. 

Lunch for the group: as a celebration and in thanks for the committee’s good work this year Patty is arranging for a group lunch at the Faculty Club. The tentative date is Wednesday, July 19th. She will send out an email to see who all will be available for that date. Amira says we done good this year too! 

The next (and final) meeting of the year will be June 21, 1:00-2:00, at 90 Mt. Auburn Street. Patty will send out particulars. 

After adjourning, many in the group accompanied Patty and Amira back to 90 Mt. Auburn Street for a tour.