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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes

21 May 2007

1:30-2:30 PM

Harvard University Archives Conference Room



Karen Carlson-Young, Tim Driscoll, Susan Earle, Karen Linitz, Liza Vick, Erin Wise (co-chair), Melanie Wisner (co-chair, minutes)



Heather Cole, Kim Dulin, Nancy Quinn


      Approval of minutes from 4/26/2007 postponed due to Heather's illness (she was minutes-taker).


      Program planning

o   Archives/special collections update

  when: July (subcommittee to sort out July dates)

  who: Ginny Hunt (HUA), Kathy Jacob (Schlesinger), Tim Mahoney (HBS)

  where: Wadsworth House conference room

o   Hilles program: discussion deferred pending news from Heather.


      Planning for 2007/2008

o   Leadership: Tim Driscoll and Liza Vick kindly stepped forward to become co-chairs!

o   Programs to carry forward with tentative dates

  October 2007: Hilles program

  November 2007: Dan Moriarty, Hal Abelson, others?


        Records Management reprised?

        Special collections / archives panel #2?

o   Membership: the LAEC should have forms back from the LA membership about committee volunteerism and will allocate personnel. There will be a meeting July 19 for the LAEC, all known incoming co-chairs, Barbara Graham, and possibly the HUL Librarian to be named later.


      Next meeting: a wrap-up celebratory date was discussed to follow the archives program in July