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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes

27 November 2006

1:30-2:30 PM

Harvard University Archives, conference room


Present:  Heather Cole, Tim Driscoll, Erin Wise (co-chair), Melanie Wisner (co-chair, minutes), Karen Carlson Young (LAEC)


I.                   Approval of Minutes

Minutes from October 30 were approved as distributed.


II.                Report on LAEC Committee meeting of 9 November (EW, MW)

o     It was emphasized that all communications with Wadsworth House should go through Donna Koepp, though program announcements can still go straight to Peter Kosewski.

o     The LA fall meeting is set for 14 December in Asquith Hall, Longfellow Hall, with Clifford Lynch presenting.

o     The LA spring meeting will be given over to a farewell to Sid Verba, with reception, circa 10 May, possibly in Pound Hall at the Law School. Because this LA meeting will be special content, it was suggested that a program, possibly with co-sponsoring committees, be offered to cover a topic as would happen normally at the spring meeting; it was suggested that this could be a "reaction to Cliff Lynch".

o     Committee reports were reviewed: our program ideas seemed to be acceptable


III.             Updates on program ideas

o     New Orleans/pro bono work by librarians: tabled given other programs we can work on and recent programming on the same topic

o     Reprise of "Records Management for Libraries": Tim reported that the RMO team are willing and easy to program into March, and we should look at Lamont Forum Room availability

o     Scholarly communication / open access:  though program initiator Liza was not present, discussion ensued: Heather reported that she learned that there are no applicants for funding for the ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication (6-8 December in Durham, NC), from which group we had hoped to include reports in this program. At the LAEC meeting Patty Hatch suggested to Erin and Melanie contacting David Osterbur (Public and Access Services Librarian, Countway Library, 432-2636, david_osterbur@hms.harvard.edu) and Michael Leach (Head of Collection Development in the Cabot Science Library and Librarian of the Physics Research Library, 495-2878, mrleach@fas.harvard.edu) to get their current take on the topic (proposed for February 2007)

o     History of Hilles: Heather reported that it occurred to her to ask Schlesinger staff if they might be willing to participate in this presentation: the story of the disposition of Hilles collections includes Radcliffe and HCL prior to the Chinese chapter, and this would help to make this presentation manageable for Heather. It was agreed this was a very good idea; Heather will pursue contacts. We decided to check Lamont Forum Room availability before looking into holding the program at Hilles (proposed for May 2007)

o      “A lot the same and completely different” (archival topics): Melanie suggested she might work with Tim and Susan to develop a program involving their three libraries' work, and Tim offered to speak with his colleagues (proposed for April 2007)


IV.              Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Monday, December 18, 1:30-2:30, at HU Archives Conference Room (Pusey).