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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

October 14, 2004
3:30-5:00 pm: Widener Library Room 145

Present: Renata Kalnins (Chair), Kim Dulin, Patty Hatch, Elizabeth McKeigue, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Melanie Wisner, Erin Wise (minutes)

Renata announced that the next Executive Committee Meeting is taking place next week. Renata will be unable to attend, but she will submit a written report.

Update on Ethics Program
Patty presented the results of a poll she conducted concerning Library Patron Privacy Policies at Harvard. Circulation Dept. Heads at Harvard Libraries were contacted regarding patron privacy policies and practices at their libraries. Patty also collected a number of cases identified by libraries as ambiguous in terms of impacting patron privacy. Much discussion ensued regarding cases. Melanie distributed a case she had written up concerning patron privacy in Archives. Elizabeth distributed the case studies she and Kim had written concerning various patron privacy issues.

Suggestions for going forward with the Program were discussed:

Proposals for other possible activities
Renata solicited suggestions for other activities. Erin suggested doing something on Harvard Libraries’ access/services for users with disabilities. Elizabeth and Kim have experience with these issues. Kim, Elizabeth and Erin will get together before the next meeting to brainstorm ideas.

At the last meeting, a proposal to highlight Harvard librarians who are active in professional organizations was discussed. We will think about how to highlight them for our next meeting.

Mentoring Subcommittee
Kazuko reported on the Mentoring Subcommittee’s activities. The Subcommittee has proposed a pilot project to identify potential mentors and mentees, and develop a match-making infrastructure.

Report on the Executive Committee meeting
Renata reported briefly on the proceedings at the latest Executive Committee meeting.

Next meeting
Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Nov. 12th at 10am, in Houghton.

Respectfully submitted,
Erin Wise