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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes

Oct. 30, 2006

Baker Library


Present:  Heather Cole, Tim Driscoll, Kim Dulin, Susan Earle, Karen Storin Linitz (minutes), Liza Vick, Erin Wise (co-chair), Melanie Wisner (co-chair), Karen Carlson Young (LAEC)


I.                   Approval of Minutes

a.       Minutes from October 2 were approved as distributed.


II.                iSite Overview

a.       Melanie gave a brief tour of our iSite, noting that she had attended training.  The Committee discussed uses of the site.


III.             Report on LAEC Committee meeting (Erin)

a.       The Fall Assembly program is scheduled for 12/14 at 3:30 at Asquith Hall at the School of Education and will feature Cliff Lynch, Exec. Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, topic TBA, but probably relating to the future of libraries

b.      News from other Committees

                                                               i.      Benefits hosting Investment Allocation program this week

                                                             ii.      Communications is planning tours of Baker, Lamont, Memorial Hall; an informal lunch in November; a tree tour and an ice cream social are planned for the Spring semester

                                                            iii.      Professional Development will be sponsoring a Bryant Fellowship lecture series, beginning with Barbara Mitchell in November; a program with Sid Berger of Simmons is planned for the Spring. 

c.       Erin noted that she had presented some of our ideas for programs to LAEC.  There was interest in the Hilles Library idea, and in possibly combining it with Lamont tour (Comm. Committee)


IV.              Review and Discussion of Program Ideas from last meeting

a.       Kim asked whether there was any limit to number of programs per committee.  The answer was that there is no limit, but the LAEC would like to see a variety of types (some lunches, some p.m., etc.) and appropriate scheduling.

b.      Given the multiple programs already scheduled for fall, the committee agreed that we should plan our programs for next semester

c.       Melanie noted that the size of our committee this year may allow for simultaneous development of multiple programs

d.      Specific program ideas

                                                               i.      History of Hilles

1.      Heather talked with Marilyn Wood about possibility, and it seemed feasible.  However, due to short staffing, April or early May would be best, and would allow for exhibit development.  Heather recommended limiting registration for this program.

                                                               i.      Scholarly communication

1.      Liza’s idea. Included question of open access journals.  The “Create Change” website (http://www.createchange.org/) was discussed. It was suggested we find out who is attending the ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication (6-8 December in Durham, NC) and ask them to report on content. 

2.      This idea will be brought to the Exec. Comm. next week. 

3.      Thereafter it was suggested that Liza could do further research to determine whether the program idea was viable. 

4.      The committee generally agreed that this was a hot topic, and that attendance/interest would likely be high.

5.      The possibility of a February date for this program was mentioned.

                                                             ii.      Librarians in New Orleans

1.      There was a brief discussion of this and other pro bono activities undertaken by HUL librarians.

                                                            iii.      Access policies for archives

1.      There was general consensus that this program could be problematic and perhaps not of wide interest.

                                                           iv.      Library 2.0

1.      Focus on libraries reconceiving their services.

2.      Discussion of some Library 2.0 initiatives, including Library 2.0 blog (ALA), social networking, wikis, citizendium (moderated wiki).

3.      The committee agreed that this was related to the topic of scholarly communication.

4.      The committee agreed that it would be best to re-visit this idea after the Lynch presentation, to see if interest would be generated in some specific aspect or question. 

                                                             v.      “A lot the same and completely different”

1.      Melanie discussed an idea for a program on changing standards/tools (RDA) related to Special Collections, possibly involving a panel drawn from HRAG (Harvard Radcliffe Archivists' Group)

                                                           vi.      Reprise of Records Management presentation

1.      Tim will check into Records Management’s availability for a spring program – possibly in March. 


II.                Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Monday, November 27, 1:30-2:30, at Archives Conference Room (Pusey).