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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

September 24, 2004
(10:00 - 11:30 am: Widener Library, Room G-75)

Present: Renata Kalnins (Chair), Kim Dulin, Elizabeth McKeigue, Patty Hatch, Erin Wise, Melanie Wisner, and Kazuko Sakaguchi (minute taker)

Each member introduced oneself and provided reasons why they are interested in serving on the committee.

Minutes Taker
The Chair, Renata (Kalnins) asked for volunteers for taking minutes. Kazuko volunteered. Rotation for minute taking was decided based on alphabetical order from this person on. Erin (Wise) will take the minutes at the next meeting.

Brief History of the R&R Committee
As the first meeting of the newly constituted R&R Committee, Renata provided a brief history of the R&R Committee and its recent activities. Also, the publicized R&R Committee charge on the web and suggested activities were briefly discussed.

Description of On-Going Work

Proposal, review and ranking of other possible activities for the R&R Committee this year
Renata solicited proposals, suggestions or comments on the R&R Committee activities for this academic year. Possible activities brought up for discussion include:

Members were asked to bring more ideas at the next meeting.

Report on the Executive Committee meeting
Renata reported briefly on the proceedings at the latest Executive Committee meeting.

Old Business
Minutes of the June 21, 2004 meeting were approved. Also, the committee’s Annual Report prepared by the Chair was approved.

Co-Chair Vacancy
Renata solicited volunteers to fill the Co-Chair position vacated by Pat Tully. Although interest and willingness are high, no one is currently available to serve as the Co-Chair. Instead, everyone agreed that the committee members are willing to assist the Chair to minimize her burden as much as possible.

Scheduling the Next Meeting:
It was agreed that Room G-75 at Widener Library be the R&R Committee monthly meeting place as a more central location for all of us. Setting-up specific days and times for future monthly meetings was suggested. Either Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings work best for most members. Upon double-checking her schedule, Renata will email the members to set up a date most suitable for everyone.

Respectfully submitted,
Kazuko Sakaguchi