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Committee on Instruction in Library Use


Reporting to the ULC Public Services Committee, the Committee on Instruction in Library Use (CILU) will act as a coordinating body to develop and foster roundtable discussions related to the issues and practice of library instruction. CILU may also undertake the coordination of workshops on relevant topics.


Deanna Barmakian, Law School Library 
Barbara Burg, Harvard College Library
Leslie Donnell, Kennedy School of Government Library (Chair) 
Elizabeth Falsey, Houghton Library
Poping Lin, Baker Library
Kristin Stoklosa, Cabot Library 


Past Events

Searching the database (30 October 2002)
The session was sponsered by CILU and conducted by Peter Ryttel, Manager, knowledge & Learning, Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company. Mr. Ryttel performed a variety of searches in the database, shared search tips and answered questions from the audience.
A Vital Influence: Celebrating 60 Years of Scholarship and Publication at Houghton Library (6 May 2002)

Rachel Howarth, co-curator and Head of Public Services, Houghton Library gave brief introductory remarks. An informal reception followed the tour. Houghton Library opened its doors for the first time 60 years ago and has steadfastly held dear its mission to support research and provide instruction to scholars from all over the world. The exhibition, curated by William Stoneman and Rachel Howarth, highlights books and manuscripts that have inspired scholars for the last 60 years to create their own publications. On display are such treasures as the original manuscripts of Melville's "Billy Budd" and poems of Emily Dickinson, a 16th century illuminated text, a letter from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Henry David Thoreau and Teddy Roosevelt's diary. The exhibition also showcases some of the most significant publications created by scholars who have been fortunate to have spent time doing research in Houghton Library. Jacob Blanck's nine volume "Bibliography of American Literature" is but one of these spectacular publications.

Special Collections at Harvard University: A Roundtable (30 Nov. 2001)

Presenters were: Amy Christensen, Archivist, Environmental Information Center, Social Sciences Program; Martha Mahard, Curator of Historical Photographs and Special Collections, Fine Arts Libraries; Leslie Morris, Curator of Manuscripts in the Harvard College Library; and MacKenzie Smith, Manager, Digital Library Program, OIS. Come find out what constitutes a special collection at Harvard? How does one go about finding one? What percentage of Harvard's special collections are included in online catalogs and finding aids? What online catalogs and finding aids are available (VIA, OASIS, HOLLIS, etc.) and how does one use them?

Aleph Implementation Instruction and Training Issues (18 May 2001)

Presenters were: Ed Tallen, O'Neill Library, Boston College; Caren Smith, OIS, Harvard University; Julie Wetherill, OIS, Harvard University. The session provided an introduction to the Aleph system and discussed some training issues.


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