December 4, 2001, 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room



  1. A Note from Judi Beland: I really enjoyed working with all of you over the past 10 years, and you have helped me immensely in my work here atCountway. I am sort of semi-retiring. I hope to find a part time position, and I would love to stay at Harvard, so please keep me in mind if you hear of anything. My home email address is jpbeland@att.net. Best of luck to all of you!! Bye. JB
  2. Accounts Receivables update. Some help from the AR office on reports:
  3. Spreadsheet of payments made is available for review now on a monthly basis. Latest one received by MC yesterday; I will send it out later today.

    Aged Accounts - data warehouse report writers said to be adding selection criteria that we need to differentiate payments made (we expect by tub and org) - BUT last week I received email saying that they cannot provide this. While we think we can resolve this with separate feeds after the switch to Aleph, we can't do much more now on this. If anyone can share suggestions with the rest of the group, I'm sure many would appreciate it. Would reports of patrons owing "large" amounts be useful?

  4. ALEPH planning: products and reports

Aleph Team Chairs were asked to poll their groups for information about printed products and reports in HOLLIS (anticipating Aleph, of course). We need to collect the following:

  1. A list of PRODUCTS (e.g. overdue notices), received from OIS, that support circulation activities and management.
  2. A list of REPORTS (e.g. quarterly report of charges to lost), received from OIS, that support circulation activities and management. This would include reports received on either a regular basis or sporadically, upon request.
  3. A list of reports that you typically generate on your own, most likely using HOLLIS Distributed reporting.
  4. A list of products and reports you receive now but no longer need, if any.
  5. A list of products and reports you do not currently receive or cannot do on your own but wish were available.
  1. In addition to these lists, if people could indicate about how much printing is associated with the reports, that would be useful (for example, about how many overdue notices per day). One of the things we're trying to anticipate is what sort of printing facilities will be needed to
  2. support the various Aleph functions across the university.
  1. ALEPH planning: clean-up projects
  2. We anticipate a project to clean up DUMM loan codes. Are there any valid ongoing uses for this loan code, other than to override circ policies?

  3. ALEPH planning: loan codes and item statuses
  4. Item Status Code*

    Item status display text



    Regular loan


    In-library use


    Overnight loan


    Restricted loan



    2-hour loan


    3-hour loan


    4-hour loan


    5-hour loan



    1-day loan


    2-day loan


    3-day loan


    4-day loan


    7-day loan


    10-day loan


    14-day loan


    28-day loan






    [Not used in any item records; reserved for use in tab16]




  5. Other business?

Next Meeting: February 5, 2002 -- 9:15-10:45 - OIS Conference Room

Note the schedule of upcoming meetings:

April 2, 2002: review TFSCP implementation in Aleph

June 4, 2002