February 2, 1999 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room



Old Business

  1. HOLLIS 2:
  2. Conversion and implementation planning continues. Currently reviewing existing loan codes and defining a mapping and conversion strategy for TAOS.

  3. Pseudopatron "indefinite" (09/09/99 due date) loans. A project plan is under development to convert all 09/09/99 dates to a new date, probably 09/09/09. OIS will convert charges to the new date and modify all policies that use this date. The exact schedule has not yet been determined. Contact Martha Creedon with any questions or concerns.

New Business

  1. Review of maintaining notes in patron records when blocking (MC/JW)
  2. Library practice for maintaining a history of searches in HOLLIS records (K. Medin)?
  3. HOLLIS product delivery question (K. Medin)
  4. Library practice for dealing with returned HOLLIS products (M. Flaherty)?
  5. Library practice for dealing with smaller amounts owed / detail aged accounts (M. Flaherty)?
  6. Other?

Next Meeting: March 2, 1999 -- 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room

Completed January Policy changes

Service Unit

Date Needed




3x/year due date to 5/30

Planned February Policy changes: none on regular schedule