March 2, 1999 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room

Preliminary Agenda


Old Business

  1. HOLLIS 2:
  2. Conversion and implementation planning continues. Currently reviewing HOLLIS I policies and defining a mapping and conversion strategy for TAOS. Specs are being written for all record types.

  3. Pseudopatron "indefinite" (09/09/99 due date) loans. In March, all "09/09/99" charges will be converted to 09/09/09. OIS will convert charges to the new date and modify all policies that use this date. Martha will send out email to circ liaisons when the exact dates for policy changes and conversion of live charges are known. Contact Martha Creedon with any questions or concerns. Reports of pseudopatron names and id's in use for each patron group are available at this meeting. If a unit is not represented at the meeting, MC will send the report via university mail. This is a good opportunity to do some patron record clean-up. If anyone would like reports of items charged to any of their pseudopatrons, please contact Martha Creedon.

New Business

  1. Library practice for maintaining a history of searches in HOLLIS records (K. Medin)?
  2. HOLLIS product delivery question (K. Medin)
  3. Charges to LOST (B. Leung)
  4. Other?

Next Meeting: April 6, 1999 -- 9:15-10:45 - OIS Conference Room

Completed February Policy changes

Service Unit

Service Unit




Policy clean-up for Wolbach-eliminated conflicting/duplicate policies

Planned March Policy changes: none on regular schedule

Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:08:41 -0500 (EST)

From: Bruno Leung <bleung@fas.harvard.edu>

To: Martha Creedon <martha_creedon@harvard.edu>

Subject: Re: Next meeting: MARCH 2, 9:15-10:45 at OIS

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Hi Martha,

I was wondering if we have time at next week's meeting to talk

about when books get charged to lost. Presently, we at Lamont will

consider a book lost after its been overdue 44 days. This works alright

except when there is a recall for the book, whereby the book is considered

lost after only 2 weeks past the recall due date. And sometimes this

happens even before the regular due date.

If a person does not get a recall notice, sometimes a patron may

get socked with a lost book charge with a book that to them is not even

overdue. I was wondering what other libraries thought about this, or if

they had similar occurrences.