September 9, 1997 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room

Informal meeting notes are indented and in red.


Old Business

  1. "Lost Books" reports: MC looking into a problem with our "batch 'has' list" which is preventing some pseudopatrons from appearing in the reporting file. Side but possibly related note: pseudopatron records should be set up with Student Code = P to prevent incrementing the charges counter on the item record, and to allow the patron name to appear on the circ info on the item record display.
  2. The following libraries have expressed tentative interest in receiving regularly-scheduled reports of items charged to their "LOST" pseudopatrons: Fine Arts, Design, Lamont, and Littauer, and MC will provide samples to them when the issue desceibed above has been resolved. Widener is already receiving the reports on a quarterly basis. Units may schedule other reporting frequency if desired.


  3. Summer school outstanding charges report. Distributed 8/20; second distribution 9/10.
  4. Interest was expressed in running this report at a much greater frequency at the end of summer school next year.

  5. False counter on item record: may be caused by renewal to a different id than the original charge.

Charles Husbands had asked this item to be reported in the meeting, but there were no members present who recalled the original issue.

New Business

  1. Letter from Data2 (barcode vendor) notifying us of a change in barcode material.
  2. No problems expected; MC to forward the letter to Jan Merrill-Oldham (done). Deb Grier requested a copy for her records (done).

  3. New RV libraries (Divinity, Fine Arts, and Tozzer).
  4. Fall term offering. Some policy changes yet to be defined, but pretty much all set.

  5. Home page for circl agendas and notes?
  6. MC will set up web pages to record meeting agendas, notes and other materials as requested by the group.

  7. Miscellaneous questions
  1. Setting aside a record for review
  2. Other questions/issues...

Gene DeVita asked about blocking a patron who wanted to borrow from Tozzer but owed Widener $50. He set aside the item and advised the patron to clear up the fine and then return to borrow the item. This is the procedure that the circ-l group recommends. Most agreed this is difficult to enforce but that its enforcement helps all units support each other as well as maintain some consistency across units that choose to participate in the blocking policy.

Policy Changes Completed in August

  1. Design: Change 3x/year faculty due to 01/15/98.
  2. Fine Arts Reserve: finish setting up new service unit.
  3. Law: set 3x/year due date to 01/15/98.
  4. Tozzer Reserve: set up new service unit.

Policy Changes Planned for September

  1. Change undg address hierarchy back from SPLO to LPSO (Local, Permanent, Summer, Office), effective 9/4/97.
  2. Adjust policies for circulating RV items at Tozzer and Fine Arts.
  3. Change KSG default replacement value to $60.
  4. Change Design 3x/year carrel due date to 02/01/98.

Next Meeting: Tuesday October 7, 1997 -- 9:15-10:45 -- OIS Conference Room

Meeting time changed to Tuesday October 14 due to conflict with Hollis II vendor evaluation schedule.

September Attendees 



Gene DeVita


Eddie Doctoroff


Paula Ebbitt

 Kennedy School

Marcella Flaherty


Desiree Goodwin


Deb Grier

Fine Arts

Tom Macdonald


Elizabeth McKeigue




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