October 14, 1997 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room

Informal meeting notes are indented and in red.


Old Business

  1. "Lost Books" reports: Mystery solved! There was a problem where the "batch 'has' list" used for reporting was missing some pseudopatrons . Thanks to some detective work on the part of Charles Husbands and Linda Marean, the cause of the problem was identified. The short version of the problem is that pseudopatron policies must have something in them which will cause an 'action' entry in the HOLLIS action file. The older pseudopatron policies all have OVERDUE=1 coded in them. The newer policies have now been changed (effective 10/10) and all new charges to them should start appearing in the reporting file.

MC noted that for the effected units (Design, Fine Arts, Law, Littauer, Music, and Tozzer), reports will only include items charged to lost since the problem was corrected on 10/10/97. The following units have requested reports (all report requests below can be modified -- please contact Martha Creedon at OIS):

    • Widener -- Quarterly (1/1, 4/1, 7/1 and 10/1) -- Sorted by Charge Date
    • Lamont -- Annual (end of January) -- 2 reports, one sorted by Charge Date and one by call number
    • Hilles -- Annual (date TBD) -- Sorted by Charge Date
    • Littauer -- TBD -- Sorted by Charge Date
    • KSG -- Annual (date TBD) -- Sorted by Charge Date
    • Tozzer -- 3/1, 7/1, 11/1 -- sorted by Charge Date

Design has expressed interest but would like a sample. At the meeting, MC didn't think Design was effected by this problem but has since discovered that it is. A generic sample will be sent and meanwhile the policies have been fixed.

  1. Home page for circl agendas and notes? This project has been started. Web pages will be hosted on the HUL home page, under library committees. MLC will post meeting agendas, annotated with a list of attendees and notes after the meeting has taken place. Circl members are welcome to post other materials as deemed appropriate by the group, such as agreements regarding record blocking. Ideas, anyone?

Active project (MC). We'll start with marked up meeting notes and a list of all names currently on the Circulation Liaisons mailing list. Pages will be accessible from the HUL homepage, under Library Committees. See: http://hul.harvard.edu/cmtes/circl

New Business

  1. Question about Accounts Receivable (Gene DeVita): how to communicate changes in patron billing to Accounts Receivable?
  2. The question was tabled until next meeting as Gene DeVita was unable to make today's meeting. 

  3. Barcode orders. Beata Panagopolous asked me prior to the meeting to find out about 'batch' ordering of barcodes across different library units (to reduce cost). I said I would ask the group whether this is a known practice.
  4. Desiree Goodwin offered to check with someone at Design; meanwhile I believe Beata is contacting the vendor directly. Most people were in agreement that the issue would be one of savings, not of whether or not the vendor would accept the order.

  5. Other...
    • Paula Ebbitt, Judi Beland and Martha Creedon described a recent problem with overlapping patron barcodes. Data2 claimed responsibility and will replace the barcodes at KSG and Countway. It was noted that HOLLIS only warns of overlap on patron id's when the two patrons are in the same special borrower group. The fact that warnings were not issued by the system understandably caused more confusion at the circ desk. Countway and KSG have discarded the barcodes. Countway contacted each patron with a duplicate patron id (there were 12), askied them to destroy the old special borrower cards and issued new barcodes to them.
    • Desiree described a problem with overnight reserve items: if an item is charged overnight but subsequently returned before the library closes, the patron is being charged 12 hours' worth of fines! Desiree noted the problem might be related to the use of a macro key for this type of charge. The macro assigns a fixed due time of 10:45 PM. Judi Beland offered to run a test at Countway, and MC will try to reproduce the problem as well.

Policy Changes Completed in September

  1. Change undg address hierarchy back from SPLO to LPSO (Local, Permanent, Summer, Office).
  2. Adjust policies for circulating RV items at Tozzer and Fine Arts.
  3. Change KSG default replacement value to $60.
  4. Change Design 3x/year carrel due date to 02/01/98.

Policy Changes Planned for October

  1. WO: Change Wolbach 2x/year due date from 11/30 to 5/30 (10/31)
  2. LW: Change FALA EXAM loans from 2 hours to 2 days (done)
  3. D2: Add 3/hour Design Reserve policy to circulate software


Next Meeting: Tuesday November 25, 1997 -- 9:15-10:45 -- OIS Conference Room

Meeting date changed due to conflict with Hollis II vendor evaluation schedule. Note that this will be a combined November-December meeting.

October Attendees 



Judi Beland


Scott Britton


Eddie Doctoroff


Paula Ebbitt

Kennedy School

Desiree Goodwin

Design School

Bruno Leung


Tom Macdonald


Sue Leavitt



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