November 25, 1997 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room

Informal meeting notes are indented and in red.


Old Business

  1. Home page for circl agendas and notes. This project has been started, with September and October meetings now accessible from the HUL home page, under library committees. See: http://hul.harvard.edu/cmtes/circl/circl.html. MLC will post meeting agendas, annotated with a list of attendees and notes after the meeting has taken place. Circl members are welcome to post other materials as deemed appropriate by the group.
  2. Question about Accounts Receivable (Gene DeVita): how to communicate changes in patron billing to Accounts Receivable?
  3. The group confirmed that correspondence with the A/R office is paper-based and that updates to online HOLLIS bills must be manually performed by the individual units. The essential problem is that there is no direct, online connection between the A/R office and HOLLIS.

  4. Other?

New Business

  1. Each year on 12/1, several units change their 2X/year loan period from 2/10 to 9/10. 12/1 is this coming Sunday. Changes can be made today or tomorrow, to go into effect the following day, or we can wait until Monday, with changes in effect on December 2. Libraries making this change are: Divinity, Fine Arts, Gutman, Littauer, Widener.
  2. There was general agreement at the meeting to change the dates as soon as possible (MC: the changes went into effect on Thursday, November 27. Units were also notified via email).

  3. Next meeting might not need re-scheduling as it looks like CGI will be here the second week of January (still tentative). Let's schedule it for Jan. 6 and hope it sticks.
  4. Discussion: proper use of the patron note field (Scott Britton).
  5. Scott Britton (Lamont) observed that there seems to be an increase in the storage of inappropriate notes in patron records. Many different patron groups appear to be targets of these notes, and students would appear to be the originators. Tom Macdonald noted that at Hilles, student workers have authorization to view patron records but not to modify them. Elizabeth McKeigue asked MC to look into whether certain authorization can suppress edit and display of the NOTE field but still allow write access to the rest of the record. MC will look into it but it seems an unlikely feature in the current system. MC will look into producing a report of all patron records that contain any data in the note field. Apparently this has been done at least once some years back.

  6. Discussion (Note from Gene Devita): "Regarding three times a year overdues - I have charged probably over half to lost and when the printout comes linking the item to the patron I have gone into patrons' records and waiving the fine (since Tozzer's policy is NOT to charge "officers" for lost, non-returned books, so I have racked up $2700+ in waivers lately, I think and am sure that total will go over $4000 soon. Was wondering if any other libraries DO NOT charge officers for lost/non-returned books like us and do they do the waiving too? "
  7. This led to an interesting and lively discussion of differing policies across units. Not surprisingly, across the university there are units that never charge faculty members for fines and replacements, other units that treat all patrons on an entirely equal basis, and a wide range of practices in between.

  8. Patron email addresses in patron records? (Gene Devita)
  9. HOLLIS does not support this. E-mail addresss is listed as a required element in the Patron Record of the next generation HOLLIS system. See http://hul.harvard.edu/hollis2/task_groups/circulation/patron_draft.html.

  10. Scanners. Desiree Goodwin (Design) asked whether any units had recommendations for specific scanner models. The scanner they are using is not reading item barcodes, although it does well with patron barcodes.
  11. Elizabeth McKeigue pointed out that it could be an adjustment on the scanner itself to accommodate the correct barcode sizes (alpha 12 instead of alpha 10?). Desiree will look into it.

  12. Allen Bourque asked about policy and practice of limiting renewals. Lamont indicated that it restricts renewals to 5. MC noted that there is at least one other unit with similar restrictions. Allen will analyze further before deciding on a policy change. There was some indicationthat not all units are receiving "the annual report" of statistics from OIS. MC will identify the report and follow up.
  13. Circulation reporting overview. This month we'll talk about the data that is available for reporting and think about future, more detailed, circ reporting topics that would be useful.

MC presented a quick overview of the data that is available for mediated and distributed circ reporting. Presentation copy is available here, or contact Martha at OIS. We will continue in more detail next month.


Policy Changes Completed in October and November

  1. 10/31: Change Wolbach 2x/year due date
  2. 11/20: Change Wolbach 30 day loan to fixed date, end of exam period

Policy Changes Planned for November and December

  1. 12/01: 2x/year due dates switched from 2/10 to 9/10 for Divinity, Fine Arts, Gutman, Littauer, Widener.
  2. 12/01: Change Law 3x/year due date from 1/15 to 6/15.
  3. 12/01: Change Widener EXTG 2x/year due date to 08/31, 10 days earlier than the "officer" due date.

Next Meeting: January 6, 1998 -- 9:15-10:45 -- OIS Conference Room

November Attendees 



Judi Beland


Allen Bourque


Scott Britton


Gene DeVita


Eddie Doctoroff


Marcella Flaherty


Desiree Goodwin


Marc Keepper


Bruno Leung


Tom Macdonald


Elizabeth McKeigue