February 3, 1998 9:15-10:45 OIS Conference Room

Informal Meeting Notes


Old Business

  1. Patrons w/notes on their pat record (still MC’s court).
  2. Annual circ reports (still MC’s court).
  3. ID numbers to log Countway Special Borrowers onto HOLLISPLUS?

MC read note from Julie Wetherill, OIS, who had looked into the question for Countway:

As a general rule, Harvard library special borrowers are not eligible to access restricted databases in HOLLIS. We have instituted a special handling routine for Boston Medical Society fellows to allow them access to HOLLIS Plus restricted resources. To be eligible for this "exemption" the HOLLIS patron record for the individual must meet these criteria:

  • patron subrecord B5,
  • category SMED,
  • faculty code BM or BF.

So only BMS Fellows are specially handled. All other Countway special borrowers will be treated according to the standard no-access policy.

MC: As it turns out, the patron id that was unable to get into Hplus met all the proper criteria except that it had expired. I believe the problem is resolved. There was also some confusion regarding the exemption, and members present would like additional information regarding relevant University policies.

  1. Other?

Returns at libraries other than the owning library (EM)? General discussion, indicating once again that different libraries have different practices. A generalization would be that libraries without outside book drops have a little more control; in most cases the libraries seem to discourage the practice; in all cases libraries cannot guarantee delivery time and warn library patrons that they (the patrons) still have the ultimate responsibility for lost or overdue items.

New Business

  1. Publishing of library billing policies for patrons (SB)
  2. A weak area of the system appears to be the handling of changes in patron category and the associated changes in policies. Patrons often either don't know their status has changed or that associated loan policies have changed, leading to problems at the circ desk…Eddie Doctoroff and Elizabeth McKeigue described the handout used at Widener to describe circ policies, and Tom Macdonough added that Hilles has a similar document. We looked at some library web pages (div, med) with descriptions of loan policies. These descriptions are not intended to be comprehensive but give some general guidelines. There was general agreement that matters like these are usually handled on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Correcting student patron data (SL).
  4. The data from the Registrar's office (HR) must be changed in person at Holyoke Center as locally-changed data will be replaced on the next dataload. Eddie Doctoroff mentioned that sometimes a patron will want a different address than what is on the permanent record from HR, and that in some instances he has used the summer address field (in combination with address hierarchy override) to store such an address. Elizabeth McKeigue noted having stumbled across change of address forms from Holyoke Center on the web, but we were unable to loacte it during the meeting. (If anyone knows more about this let the group know!)

  5. How do other Circulation supervisors coordinate and manage the student/casual desk coverage. What type of backup system is used if a student fails to show up, etc.? (DG)
  6. MC: This topic was tabled for now because Debbie requested the agenda item but subsequently was unable to attend.

  7. Other?
  • Interest was expressed in finding out about the future of the GET ANY feature in HOLLIS. MC indicated that changes were likely, details forthcoming, and that MC will follow up.
  • (GD) Gene asked about the procedure for blocking patrons. It was reviewed with him by the group, confirming that the procedure he was using was the recommended "correct" procedure. See HOLLIS Circ Manual, Chapter 2, section 3: Patron Record Blocks for more details.
  • (GD) New patron records not in HOLLIS: how much of a delay to expect? (MC: patron data is batch loaded whenever it is received. For HR, this is usually once weekly, loaded early Friday morning. DCE data is usually received more frequently).


Next Meeting: March 3, 1998 -- 9:15-10:45 -- OIS Conference Room



January Policy and Calendar changes

Service Unit

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Set 3x/year CARREL due date to 6/1/98

effective 01/23


February Policy and Calendar changes

Service Unit

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ASAP(Moved to prod on 2/4)

Several policy adjustments and addition of "Law Reserve" temp loc.

Some pending questions


ASAP(Ready for 2/17 move to production)

Several policy adjustments

Some pending questions


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