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6 May 1997

To: Circulation Liaisons

From: Martha Creedon

Subject: Agreement on Patron Record Blocks

At our April meeting we reaffirmed our commitment to a consistent standard among HOLLIS Circulation units regarding policies and procedures for blocking patrons delinquent in returning books or not paying fines. To formalize this commitment I ask you, or the appropriate administrator in your library, sign and return this agreement to me before 6 June 1997. Thank you.



Borrowing privileges of delinquent patrons will be suspended according to the following criteria:

    1. A patron must owe a minimum of $15.
    2. The patron must have been billed by the Accounts Receivable Office and the invoice unpaid for ninety days. A block may be placed sooner only in exceptional cases where documented evidence exists that an "abusive patron" is placing the collection at risk.

The block designation in the note field of the patron record will display as per the following examples:

$WID blocked by Widener only

$WID,$LAM blocked by Widener and Lamont

$WID,$LAM,$CAB blocked by Widener, Lamont and Cabot




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