Bibliographic Standards

Harvard Practice for Local Subject Headings Not Compatible with Library of Congress Subject Headings

1     653 (Index Term—Uncontrolled)

Field 653 is a valid national field.

Field 653 may be used when there is no suitable heading in an authorized list, a SACO proposal is not appropriate and the topic can be adequately expressed in a word or phrase taken from the work being cataloged.

Field 653 is retained on the OCLC master record.

Before assigning the 653 field to full or core level cataloging, refer to the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings, instruction sheet H 160. For information on the use of the 653 field for minimal level cataloging refer to the Cataloging Services Bulletin No. 50, Fall 1990.

2     690 and 691

69x fields are used for locally devised topical subject entries deemed by the Chief Subject Specialist to be insufficiently compatible with LC practice. They do not go through the OCLC authority control process and are not retained in the OCLC master record.

Topical headings should be coded 690 #9. Geographic headings should be coded 691 #4.

Fields 690 and 691 are only retrievable using keyword searching. A browse search is possible in the staff client using the index Subjects, Harvard Added (69x).

3     690-695

Most Harvard units do not use tags 690-695. The Harvard Archives uses tag 693 for Harvard University headings with local subdivisions.