Hierarchical Place Name


Field 752 (Added Entry – Hierarchical Place Name) is a repeatable field containing a hierarchical form of geographic name to give access to place names (“e.g., for newspapers, the name of the community served, for rare books, the name for publication or printing”), according to the MARC 21 format. It collocates place names that have changed historically or appear in different forms. Although originally set up to provide a hierarchical form of geographic access to newspapers, the field has been generalized to provide access to any place of publication and production.


The entry is a structured heading with subfields in this order:



|bState, province, territory

|cCounty, region, islands area



For further information on field 752 see AACR2 Chapter 23, LC Rule Interpretations 23.3A and B, and the NACO website at: <http://www.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/naco/geogfaq.html>.

The NACO Training Manual also covers geographic headings on pages 1-2 of Day 4.




1. Authoritative Form.


752 entries should be constructed based on the form of place name found in the LC/NACO authority file. If no LC/NACO form is available, check the HOLLIS Catalog, the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), a recent edition of the Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide, or a standard current gazetteer (refer to LCRI 23.2 for further information relative to gazetteers).


2. Place Names.


2.1 Places in the United States and Canada.


a. The 752 for a place in the United States includes the name of the state (subfield |b), and for a place in Canada includes the name of the province (subfield |b). Normally the heading is set up without the county, region, etc.




151 Salem (Ohio)

752 |aUnited States|bOhio|dSalem.



151 Toronto (Ont.)

752 |aCanada|bOntario|dToronto.


b. The U.S. Newspaper Project


The US Newspaper Project includes the name of county, region, etc. (subfield |c) in the 752. The same local place, therefore, may occur in the Place Index (PL) both with and without this higher administrative unit.




151 Salem (Ohio)

752 |aUnited States|bOhio|cColumbiana|dSalem.


2.2 Places in the British Isles.


Use as subfield a: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. Use Great Britain as subfield a only when the local place name is unavailable and the country is unknown.




151 Lancaster (England)

752 |aEngland|dLancaster.


151 Bangor (Wales)

752 |aWales|dBangor.


2.3 Places in Australia, Malaysia, and Serbia and Montenegro.


Places in Australia and Malaysia are qualified by the name of the state and places in Serbia and Montenegro are qualified by the name of the republic, but the name of the country should be used in the |a of the 752.




151 Melbourne (Vic.)

752 |aAustralia|bVictoria|dMelbourne.


151 Lumut (Perak)

752 |aMalaysia|bPerak|dLumut.


151 Belgrade (Serbia)

752 |aSerbia and Montenegro|bSerbia|dBelgrade.



2.4 Places Elsewhere.


Use subfield |aCountry and subfield |dLocal place.




151 Oslo (Norway)

752 |aNorway|dOslo.


3. Authority records.


Harvard’s version of Aleph does not currently support authority records for 752 headings.