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Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy



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Harvard University Library Bibliographic Standards, revised for terminology and standards update, July 2006.

Authority Records for Names, Series and Uniform Titles in Aleph, July 1, 2004

Authority Records for Geographic Headings, January 6, 2005

Purchasing, Processing and Loading Sets of Bibligoraphic Records in The HOLLIS Catalog
, August 1999


Cataloging  Discussion Group:  http://hcl.harvard.edu/technicalservices/initiatives/cat_discussion/

Other Documents of Interest


Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog: Standards and Guidelines, revised for terminology and standards update, December 2003

007 Physical Description Fixed Field [R] in Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog, revised November 2003

Abbreviations for Captions in Holdings Data: Supplement to Abbreviations found in Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Appendix B, March 9, 2004.

Cataloging Electronic Networked Resources at Harvard, revised March 9, 2004.

Library of Congress. Network Development and MARC Standards Office. MARC 21 Format ...

Library of Congress. Network Develoment and MARC Standards Office. Guidelines for Coding Electronic Resources in Leader/06.  Revised December 2003.

Aleph documentation at Harvard

Publications and Documents: Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series and Continuing Resources



The Standing Subcommittee has as its responsibilities:

  1. The formulation of policies needed to implement bibliographic, holdings and authorities standards used in the production of bibliographic data in the HUL library catalog, based on MARC21 and North American Cataloging standards (e.g. AACR2 in its current edition, Library of Congress Subject Headings, Library of Congress Classification, MeSH, and OCLC and RLIN requirements).
  2. Consideration of bibliographic, holdings and authorities issues referred to it by University Library units, with recommendations for action as appropriate.
  3. Review and evaluation of relevant national and local bibliographic standards, both actual and proposed.
  4. Oversight of the HUL Bibliographic Standard, which is the statement of bibliographic standards and principles to be followed in the production of bibliographic data for HUL bibliographic systems.
  5. Guidance in determining areas in which individual units may make independent treatment decisions
  6. Sponsor the presentations of the Cataloging Discussion Group.



Ann Sitkin, Law School Library (Chair)
Susan Pyzynski, Houghton Library
Elizabeth Eggleston, HCL Cataloging Support Services (Secretary)
Anne Engelhart, Schlesinger Library
Ruth Haas, Widener Library and CONSER Office
Lynda Kresge, HCL Database Management
James Lin, Harvard-Yenching Library
Steven Riel, Weissman Preservation Center
Janet Rutan, Frances Loeb Library
Bruce Trumble, Widener Library
Robin Wendler, OIS

Meeting Minutes


The Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy was established as a standing subcommittee of the HOLLIS Administrative Advisory Committee; February 2000, the subcommittee was defined as a standing subcommittee of the HOLLIS Steering Committee.

Please address any corrections or suggestions to Ann Sitkin, Chair, Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy.

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