Aleph Steering Committee
Standing Subcomittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy
Minutes of the Meeting, 21 July 2003

Attending: Ann Sitkin (chair), Mollie Della Terza, Elizabeth Eggleston (secretary), Ruth Haas, James Lin, Helen Schmierer, Steven Riel, Bruce Trumble
Absent: Anne Engelhart, Lynda Kresge, Tina Kussey, Janet Rutan
Distribution: HULINFO

Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog: Revision

On behalf of the Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series and Continuations (SSSSC), Helen Schmierer presented the latest draft of the revised document, Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog. This document was previously issued as Appendix D of the HOLLIS Holdings Editing Guide. Revisions have been made to the terminology used in the document so that it is consistent with that used in Aleph. Other revisions include deleting sections that are no longer applicable and adding guidelines on the use of newly available fields.

The Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Polciy discussed the draft and raised some issues that are not currently treated in the draft, namely, dealing with split runs (different issues of a single copy of a serial are permanently shelved in different locations), use of the 007 and 843 field, etc.

SSSSC will continue work on the document and present a new draft at the Sept. meeting of the Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Polciy.

Annual Report of the Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Polciy

Ann Sitkin, chair, presented the Standing Subcommittee's annual report at the June 18 meeting of the Aleph Steering Committee. The recommendation, included in the report, that Standing Subcommittee have a formal communications link with the Aleph OPAC Advisory Team was transmitted to Kathleen Donovan, the chair of that team, who has expressed an interest in pursuing the idea. Ann Sitkin will work with Kathleen Donovan to establish and define the role of a liaison between the Standing Subcommittee and the Aleph OPAC Advisory Team.

Name Change

Standing Subcommittee members discussed renaming the subcommittee to better define its function.

Members voted to change the name to the Standing Subcommittee on Standards and Policy for Bibliographic, Authority and Holdings Data.

Authority Records Standards Document

The draft document on Authority Records was again discussed. Ann Sitkin will add statements on minimal requirements for authority records. The Task Force on Subfield 5 will meet with Ann Sitkin to finalize the Task Force's work. A final draft of the document will be presented at the next meeting of the Standing Subcommittee.

Copy Numbers

Helen Schmierer presented a paper that discussed copy information in Aleph and in the HOLLIS Catalog and relationships between fields for the recording of copy information in Aleph holdings and item records. The Standing Subcommittee discussed the pros and cons of using various fields to record and display copy information, and, in view of the difficulty involved in making it possible for copy numbers to display appropriately in the public catalog, how important it is for the public display to include that information.

Helen Schmierer will explore the matter further and the Standing Subcommittee will discuss copy information again at a later meeting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Aug. 11, 2003 [subsequently changed to September 8], 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon.

The tentative schedule for next year’s meetings is as follows:

September 8, 2003
October 6, 2003 [rescheduled to October 20]
November 10?, 2003
December 8, 2003
January 5, 2004
March 8, 2004
April 12, 2004
May 10, 2004

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