HOLLIS/Aleph Steering Committee
Standing Subcomittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy
Minutes of the Meeting, 8 December 2003

Attending: Ann Sitkin (chair), Mollie Della Terza, Elizabeth Eggleston (secretary), Anne Engelhart, Ruth Haas, Lynda Kresge, Tina Kussey, Steven Riel, Helen Schmierer, Bruce Trumble
Absent: James Lin, Janet Rutan
Guest: John Hostage
Distribution: HULINFO

SSSSC Document Revisions

007 Field
The Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series and Continuations has changed the instructions in the document, 007 Physical Description Fixed Field in Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog, to indicate that the 007 field is repeatable.

Holdings Records for Scattered Copies

The Standing Subcommittee briefly discussed holdings records for scattered copies of serials and reaffirmed that for serials a separate holdings record should be made for each copy.

Electronic Resources

The draft of the revised document on Cataloging Electronic Networked Resources at Harvard  will be brought to the next meeting.

CAT Team - Aleph Advisory Team for Cataloging/Holdings/Authorities

The CAT Team has updated several documents in the Cataloging/Holdings/Authorities section of the Aleph documentation site; among others, documents updated include Series Authority Data in Aleph  and Getting Started in Aleph.

The need to update the document Holdings Records: Incorporating MARC 21 in Aleph  was discussed and a working group comprised of Elizabeth Eggleston, Steven Riel and Janet Rutan was appointed to revise the document. The revised document will be used in conjunction with Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog: Standards and Guidelines.

Authority Records in Aleph

Bruce Trumble presented a revision of the Standing Subcommittee’s document on authority records. The document has been rewritten to apply only to authority work for personal names, corporate names, conference names, uniform titles and series authorities. Subject authorities are to be dealt with separately.

The Standing Subcommittee discussed the revised document and made several suggestions for changes. A draft incorporating further revisions will be discussed at the next meeting.

Copy Numbers in Holdings Records

Helen Schmierer presented a new draft of the Standing Subcommittee’s instruction on entering copy numbers in holdings records in Aleph.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held January 5, 2004, from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon.

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