HOLLIS/Aleph Steering Committee
Standing Subcomittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy
Minutes of the Meeting, 9 February 2004

Attending: Ann Sitkin (chair), Mollie Della Terza, Elizabeth Eggleston (secretary), Anne Engelhart, Ruth Haas, Tina Kussey, Steven Riel, Janet Rutan. Helen Schmierer, Bruce Trumble
Absent: Lynda Kresge, James Lin,
Guests: John Hostage, Beata Panagopoulis
Distribution: HULINFO

Authority Records in Aleph

Bruce Trumble presented the lastest revisions to the authority record document. Some editorial revisions were suggested. Bruce will add a title page, table of contents, and make corrections; then he will send the document to the Standing Subcommittee members for final approval. It will be put up on the Standing Subcommittee's web page as a PDF. An announcement will be sent out on HULINFO when this is done.

Cataloging Networked Resources

Reporting for the Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series and Continuing Resources (SSSSC), Ruth Haas presented the revised document on Cataloging Networked Electronic Resources at Harvard. This revision represents a continuation of policies from the earlier document.

The Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy discussed the document and suggested minor revisions. Discussion was raised on the issues of the required form/genre headings for networked resources and on the use of the holdings record reporting field, H09. Questions on these issues will be considered after more information is available.

OPAC Issues

The Aleph OPAC Advisory Team is working on adding more complete labels for the OPAC display of fields 780 and 785. The wording and display of these labels is specified by the inidicator values on each field. Problems have arisen in that the label length in the OPAC is limited to nineteen characters. Some of the text specified in MARC 21 is up to twenty-two characters, making it necessary to abbreviate some words. The recommendation of the Standing Subcommittee on Bibliographic Standards and Policy to the OPAC Team is simply to ensure that the labels are understandable. The liaison to the Aleph OPAC Advisory Team, Elizabeth Eggleston, was directed to remind the Aleph OPAC Advisory Team about similar labelling considerations with the 246 field.

Holdings Records

The Standing Subcommittee discussed a restructured draft of the document Holdings Records: Incorporating MARC 21 in Aleph.  The discussion will be continued at the next meeting

987 field

Helen Schmierer announced that OCLC is no longer requiring the 987 field in Chinese-language records. The Standing Subcommittee discussed whether to continue requiring the 987 field in Aleph. The matter will be revisited at a later meeting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Mar. 8, 2003, from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon.

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