HOLLIS Administrative Advisory Committee
Meeting 30
September 14, 1989

1. System Development Project Inventory
2. End of an Era (Millie Koss Leaves HAAC)


Julie Blattner, Priscilla Caplan, Heather Cole, John Collins, Larry Dowler, Alan Erickson, Dale Flecker, Carol Ishimoto, Mildred Koss, Terry Martin (chair), Ted Pappadopoulos, Robin Wendler (recording), Susan Whitehead.

1. System Development Project Inventory

In the process of constructing a five-year budget projection, D. Flecker has constructed a list of possible system development projects for discussion by HAAC and other HUL groups. The purpose of these discussions is to expand the list and to derive relative priorities for future development. Some projects on the list can be done with funds in hand, while others will require additional commitments. At this time, we need to gauge the feeling of the community about the importance of various projects.

In other contexts, it has become clear that retrospective conversion is the foremost concern for the coming years. However, retrospective conversion, while it will require development resources, is very heavily dependent upon external factors such as funding, and must be planned for in a cooperative and flexible manner.

S. Whitehead expressed great interest in an improved keyword search engine. D. Flecker explained that software which would offer improved performance is currently under development. We must wait for further maturity in the products available before we can make an intelligent decision.

C. Ishimoto repeatedly stressed the value of improvements to bibliographic functions,including global heading change, improved authority control, and utility interfaces, to the entire library community.

H. Cole suggested another project, an upgrade of system reporting capabilities to provide more flexible reports producible in real time. D. Flecker found this to be an interesting area. The Office for Information Technology (OIT) is currently developing the Information Utility to provide a structure for accessing financial data, and the concepts may be applicable to the HOLLIS environment. However, the techniques involved could not be used to provide bibliographic data, only statistical information.

J. Collins suggested that although downloading data from the online catalog is a valuable capability, it would not benefit the majority of users, and therefore might not be the best use of scarce resources. D. Flecker stated that there are many different ways in which that project could be defined, to include a wide range of things with different efforts and benefits.

After further discussion, T. Martin asked the members to vote for their three top priority enhancements. The winners were

  1. Retrospective conversion/Vendor authority control
  2. Support for downloading from the online catalog
  3. Catalog access to circulation status (OSPR is already committed to this, but it cannot be done until circulation information has been transferred from the old Widener circulation system, otherwise the status would often be inaccurate.)
  4. A. Additional HOLLIS databases
    B. Gateways to external databases
  5. A. Improved interface to bibliographic utilities
    B. Network access to HOLLIS

These projects articulate facets of a consistent desire for more data and improved access.

2. End of an Era

Millie Koss has decided to resign from HAAC after a decade of service. She has done her time, and she will be missed.

The next (Post-Koss) HAAC meeting will take place on November 30th, 2:30, in the Law Library Conference Room.


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