HOLLIS Administrative Advisory Committee
Meeting 64
February 16, 1994

1. Demo of the BRIDGE
2. 655/755 indexing workgroup
3. HOLLIS projects list
4. Updates


Marianne Burke, Bob Buckwalter, John Collins, Michael Fitzgerald, Dale Flecker, Rodney Goins, Carrie Kent, Ted Pappadopoulos, Lynne Schmelz (chair), Jon Rothman, Dorothy Solbrig, Mark Van Baalen, Judy Warnement, Charles Willard

Absent: Robin Wendler

Guests: Heather Reid

Future Meetings:

          March 16, 1994 -- 10-12 a.m.       OIS Conference Room 
          April 27, 1994 -- 10-12 a.m.       OIS Conference Room 
          May 18, 1994 -- 10-12 a.m.         OIS Conference Room 
          June 15, 1994 -- 10-12 a.m.        Countway Library 

1. Demo of the BRIDGE

Heather Reid demonstrated the beta-test version of the Bridge. HAAC was asked whether or not it had opinions on the question of the position of HOLLIS on the main Bridge menu. Lynne Schmelz suggested that this should be postponed for discussion at another meeting. Charles Willard asked whether the Gopher requires that menu items be listed alphabetically, and was told it does not. HAAC discussed whether the option "q" for quit should be available on the Bridge common client. There is a conflict between the needs of future users of the common client who should be able to quit all the way out of the Bridge, and public terminal users who should not be able to quit all the way out of the Bridge. One possible solution is two versions of the common client. Then there was a discussion of the problems with resources to which a user telnets from a remote gopher reached through the Bridge (in other words telnet resources which are not listed on the Bridge menu and which, therefore, are not scripted.) In this case the Ctrl-x combination to return the user to the Bridge doesn't work because the command is only implemented in the scripts. OIS has someone working on a possible way to make Ctrl-x work for all telnet resources reached through the Bridge, even those not directly scripted.

Ted Pappadopoulos wondered if all of these problems won't go away when people start using local clients on workstations. The answer is no, because: 1) in-library terminals will still use common client; 2) even from a desktop client the telnet scripts will be executed from the UNIX machine where the Bridge lives. Mark Van Baalen suggested that these problems are largely the result of the nature of the HOLLIS terminal network and that as we move to intelligent workstations things will get better. Heather Reid pointed out that work is underway to provide a timeout so that a Bridge terminal which is left connected to a remote resource for more than a few minutes will return to the Bridge. Judy Warnement reminded us of the correct name for the Botany/Zoology/Organismic & Evolutionary Biology Gopher.

2. 655/755 indexing workgroup.

Michael Fitzgerald presented the Bib Standards review of the report of the 655/755 indexing workgroup, which has proposed that a new 655/755 index should be added to HOLLIS for Form/Genre. The question was raised of who would go through and update non-book records already in HOLLIS, and Michael said that the issue would be resolved by the workgroup. The Chair asked whether the catalogers on HAAC had opinions as to the desirability of the proposal of the workgroup. Michael pointed out that the information is currently kept in the Library Guide and adding the information to HOLLIS would make it no longer necessary to maintain and update it there. The Workgroup will come up with a list of mandatory form/genre designators (such as CD-ROM) and preferred, but not mandatory, terms (for use in cases where the various thesauri differ, e.g., Videotape vs. Video tape vs. Videotapes) to be used in HOLLIS. Bib Standards will see that the list is distributed to units. As soon as this is done, libraries can begin coding the field. HAAC approved the report.

3. HOLLIS projects list.

The discussion of the OIS projects list which was started at the last meeting continued.

The mid-March deadline to be current in heading correction processing will not be met because OCLC has not completed development work needed. The work is scheduled to be completed by mid-June. Until the work is done, 15% of the personal name headings on those records added to HU since September 1992 will not be corrected. The development of series heading correction has been slowed due to an LC proposal to stop creating series authority records in most cases.
Design, Gutman, and Wolbach will be coming up at the end of the summer.
HSDN dial pool
Targeting to move HOLLIS lines by the Fall.
End-user reporting
There have been many changes in this project recently. Moving the Information Utility (IU) off the mainframe to a UNIX platform is now planned. Given this, OIS will not be moving HOLLIS end-user reporting system into the mainframe but rather will go directly to the UNIX platform. OIS will also be looking into the selection of front-end query tools; these would allow people to query the reporting data without any need to understand the software environment in which the reporting system will operate.
Course reserves
Work is underway to do the mainframe portion of this project. Test version up in March -- production beginning of May. Downloading some weeks after production . There are some libraries planing to go into production for summer term.
The line to OCLC is in. We are awaiting configuration of Harvard routers by OIT. This work must be done before line is fully functional.

Key word enhancements are on hold. The User comment facility is waiting for resources. The in-library database survey (a random survey screen to determine the distribution across faculties of the use of access-restricted databases) is imminent. Bob Buckwalter asked about direct patron recall from HD (FETCHERRS). Dale said that the project is in line behind course reserves, as HAAC had decided last year.

4. Updates

HOLLIS II. Dale Flecker reported that a public paper summarizing the work of the APC will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. Target for implementation of next generation of HOLLIS is end of recon, which is expected to be complete by the end of 1996. One of the recommendations that APC has accepted is that we should soon settle on a final list of changes for HOLLIS, the idea being that at some point you stop investing in HOLLIS and begin investing in developments which will carry over into the new system. Dale suggested that discussion of this final list should take place at the next HAAC. Open meetings to discuss the APC paper will be scheduled in March/early April.

More Resource Records. There were discussion at ALA with Harrassowitz and Casalini about acquiring data from them for titles on blanket order, standing order, and for those titles corresponding to selection cards. We would receive brief records to be put in BF file. The discussion at ALA went well and since there's virtually no development work the assumption is that this will happen soon.

Harvard-wide Technology Projects. There are two OIT/OIS/OFS joint projects: desktop tools for SQL queries and a Kerberos security server.

Special collections. A group will be formed to examine the functionality required for support of special collections materials in HOLLIS II. The group will produce a white paper outlining what HOLLIS II needs to provide and what functions lie outside the scope of our local library system. A charge for the group will be written soon.

RECON. We have agreed to a speed up of RECON by about 33%. This will result in RECON being done by the end of 1996. It also cuts several million dollars off the total price of recon.


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