HOLLIS/Aleph Steering Committee
Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series
and Continuing Resources
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New Workflows for Electronic Journals, March 16, 2006

Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog: Standards and Guidelines, revised for terminology and standards update, December 2003

007 Physical Description Fixed Field [R] in Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog, revised November 2003

Abbreviations for Captions in Holdings Data: Supplement to Abbreviations found in Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Appendix B, March 9, 2004.

MARC 21 Holdings: Examples, April 11, 2005.

MARC 21 Holdings Presentation, May 31, 2005.

Memorandum in Re: RLN Fields in HOLLIS/Aleph Holdings Records, April 26, 2004.

Original Cataloging of Remote Electronic Resources, March 23, 2007.

CONSER Task Force Report (October 5, 1995)

Other Documents of Interest

HUL Bibliographic Standards, revised version June 1, 2004.

Library of Congress. Network Development and MARC Standards Office. MARC 21 Format ...

Library of Congress. Network Development and MARC Standards Office. Guidelines for Coding Electronic Resources in Leader/06.  Revised December 2003.

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Cataloging Internet Resources: a Manual and Practical Guide [Nancy B. Olsen, editor]. 2nd ed.  Dublin, OH: OCLC, c2003. "Last revised: August 2003" - Abstract and revision notes.

Aleph documentation at Harvard

Report of the HAAC Working Group on Cataloging Network-Based Resources. Rev. February 10, 1995.


The Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series and Continuing Resources has as its responsibilities:

  1. Formulating and recommending policies and standards for the bibliographic description of and access to serial publications, series and continuing resources.
  2. Formulating and recommending best practices and guidelines for completeness of holdings data in the HOLLIS Catalog within the framework of the MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data.
  3. Oversight of Holdings Records in the HOLLIS Catalog: Standards and Guidelines, including timely review for currency.
  4. Reviewing and evaluating changes and guidelines formulated as part of our national documentation and programs, including the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, in its current edition including revisions, and CONSER, as well as recommendations from other national bodies or programs, such as NACO, when such changes or practices relate to serials, series or continuing resources.
  5. Identifying areas in the HOLLIS Catalog needing action or clarification and preparing documentation and/or referring issues to appropriate bodies for action.
  6. Organizing and presenting training for staff working in the areas of serials, series or continuing resources.


Cathy Conroy, Law School Library
Ruth Haas, CONSER Office and Widener Library, Chair
Patricia Hatch, Office for Information Systems
Beata Panagopoulos, John F. Kennedy School of Government Library
Noelle Ryan, Countway Library of Medicine

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