HOLLIS/ALEPH Steering Committee


, Harvard University Library
, Cabot Science Library
, Law School Library (co-chair)
, Schlesinger Library
, Gutman Library
, Harvard College Library (co-chair)
, Harvard University Library
, Harvard College Library


In August 2005, version 17.01 of Aleph, an integrated library system developed by ExLibris, was implemented at Harvard. Ongoing Harvard developments are managed by the Harvard University Library (HUL), Office for Information Systems (OIS) under the oversight of the Aleph Steering Committee (ASC).

The Aleph Steering Committee is advisory to OIS and formally reports to the University Library Council (ULC). Recognizing that shared organizational responsibility is essential to optimal functioning, the Aleph Steering Committee is charged by the ULC with monitoring the development and operation of the integrated library system and with advising and recommending on policy issues and major development priorities.

The Aleph Steering Committee establishes and oversees a small number of functional based advisory groups and adhoc teams as needed*. These teams focus on the testing and assessment of new Aleph releases and provide feedback on vendor enhancements and developments.

The committee consists of up to eight members. Membership will be reviewed every two years. To assure a broad range of perspectives, the membership of the ASC (appointed by the ULC) encompasses a mix of functional areas, a mix of “tubs” and a mix of organizational levels including some overlap with ULC, the HUL Public Services Committee, the Digital Acquisitions and Collections Committee (DACC), and other related committees. Most members carry a liaison role with key constituencies and will be responsible for identifying relevant issues as well as for providing informed input to the ASC’s deliberations.

  • The ASC will meet on a quarterly schedule with additional meetings as necessary.
  • To keep well informed on the concerns of the library community, members of the ASC will rotate responsibility for attending and reporting back to ASC the discussions of the quarterly Aleph Liaisons meetings.
  • To keep the broader library community informed of their work summary level meeting notes are taken and made available on the HUL web site.
  • The ASC will submit an annual report to the ULC covering the year’s major activities, a review of the charge and membership and recommendations for future upgrade and development projects

*Current ASC standing advisory groups include: Acquisitions: monographs, serials and financial operations; Cataloging and authorities (includes serials); Circulation Advisory team. Current ASC affinity groups include: Aleph Liaisons; IT Liaisons; Macro Express Experts (MEXperts). Current project working groups include: Aleph Reporting team.


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