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Electronic Resources and Services Working Group


Reporting to the Digital Acquisitions and Collections (DAC) Standing Committee the E-Resources and Services Working Group (The Working Group) coordinates and conducts the evaluations of prospective and current university-wide electronic resources with the full participation of Working Group members, and the HUL community. The Working Group oversees the E- Resource Stewardship Program designed to facilitate the ongoing management and oversight of electronic resources on the Harvard Libraries portal. The Working Group also acts as steward, through standing sub-teams, for many of the major interdisciplinary e-resources licensed by the Harvard University Library. Additionally, the Working Group identifies and monitors issues of e-resource functionality and content and serves as an information exchange and resource for Harvard University librarians. The Working Group consults, advises and collaborates with other University Library committees and councils, and undertakes related duties as charged by the DAC Standing Committee. To accomplish its charge, The Working Group serves the following major functions:

  • Directs and conducts evaluations by forming temporary subcommittees of Working Group members and expert librarians outside of the Group.
  • A project manager will be designated to provide oversight on the logistical aspects of the evaluation process not related to content.
  • Working Group members contribute subject expertise and professional experience with e-resources that enrich evaluation of technical issues.
  • All evaluations produce detailed written reports with recommendations submitted to the DAC Standing Committee.
  • At the DACís request, Working Group members attend DAC meetings to present findings and recommendations and answer questions.
  • Manages the Stewardship Program for electronic resources.
  • The Working Group runs a Stewardship Oversight Committee to coordinate the stewardship program, develop best practices for stewardship, monitor the programís progress, and to respond to the needs of stewarding libraries.
  • The Working Group itself functions as steward for major interdisciplinary and heavily used resources, via a network of standing sub-teams assigned to resources.
  • Identifies and monitors e-resource functionality for major resources and conducts meetings with vendors of interest to the HUL community.
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for sharing expertise and knowledge among colleagues in HULís decentralized environment.
  • The Working Group provides time for efficient collaboration and execution of tasks and projects by meeting monthly.
  • Working Group members serve two year terms that may be renewed.

ERSWG continues the work of the former COERS (Committee on Electronic Resources). The Working Group charge was evaluated and approved by DAC in January 2008. Please see the ERSWG with Future Priorities Background Report for more information.


Leslie Donnell, Kennedy School of Government Library, Co-Chair (2004/2005-2007/2008) *
Laureen Esser, HCL, Co-Chair (2004/2005-2007/2008)
Dorothy Barr, Ernst Mayr Library (2007/2008-)
Sarah Dickinson, Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design (2000/2001-2007/2008)
Meghan Dolan, Littauer Library (2004/2005-2007/2008) *
Gregory Finnegan, Tozzer Library (2002/2003-2007/2008) *
Renata Kalnins, Andover-Harvard Theological Library (2005/2006-2007/2008)
Elizabeth Lambert, Law School Library(2005/2006-2007/2008)
Poping Lin, Baker Library(2007/2008-)
Carol Mita, Countway Library (2005/2006-2007/2008)
Patrice Moskow, Gutman Library (2002/2003-2007/2008)
Noelle Ryan, Office for Information Systems (ex-officio)
Paul Vermouth, Widener Library (2001/2002-2007/2008)

ERSWG email list (

* members of the Stewardship Oversight Committee


2007: September 21, August 17, June 15, April 27, March 16, Feb. 16, Jan. 26

2006: Nov. 17, Oct. 20, Sept. 15, Aug. 25, June 16, May 19, April 21, Feb. 17, Jan. 27

2005: Nov. 18, Oct. 21, Sept. 16, July 15, June 17, May 20, April 15, Feb 18, Jan. 21

2004: Nov. 19, Oct. 22, Sept. 17, Aug. 20, July 16, June 18, May 21, April 16, March 19, Feb. 20, Jan. 23

2003:Dec. 19, Nov. 21, Oct. 17, Sept. 19, July 25, June 27, May 23, March 28, Feb. 28, Jan. 31

2002: Nov. 22, Sept. 27, July 26, May 24, April 26, March 22, Jan. 25

2001: Dec. 14, Nov. 30, Sept. 28, Aug. 24, July 27, June 8, April 27, March 20, Feb. 13

Future Meetings

  • April 18, 2008
  • May 16, 2008
  • June 20, 2008




Annual Reports

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