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Index to HOLLIS Newsletter, Vol. 6 1991

752 field
     proposed index in HOLLIS  (V6 N7 1991)
access control (V6 Nos. 2,3,4 1991)
Accounts Payable
     link to HOLLIS planned  (V6 Nos.10,11 1991)
ACU reports
     to be produced weekly (V6 N6 1991)
AI (Expanded Academic Index)
     debut  (V6 N3 1991)
     description  (V6 N2 1991)
     holdings display  (V6 N4 1991)
     panel discussion (V6 N7 1991)
ALA policy on confidentiality  (V6 N9 1991)
     C (holding unit codes)  (V6 N1 1991)
ARL training and user surveys   (V6 N3 1991)
authority records
     change to fixed field  (V6 N5 1991)
BF (LC books file)  (V6 N7 1991)
     demonstration  (V6 N12 1991)
     funding  (V6 N12 1991)
     progress report  (V6 Nos.10&11 1991) 
     usage summary (V6 N12 1991)
bibliographic record
     editing from dial-up  (V6 N2 1991)
     USMARC changes  (V6 N9 1991)
     o/p/r division bug fixed  (V6 N6 1991)
business resumption planning
     discussion by HOLLIS managers (V6 N6 1991)
Canon Bubblejet printer
     availability   (V6 N3 1991)
     malfunctions (V6 N1&2 1991)
catalog mode
     new HULPR escape code (V6 N6&7 1991)
cataloging processing
     out of newsletter  (V6 N10 1991)
circulation subsystem
     new patron record student code  (V6 N10 1991)
     reporting  (V6 N1 1991)
     requesting participation   (V6 N9 1991)
     change in Harvard policy (V6 N3 1991)
COPY command  (V6 N3&4 1991)

DERIVE command  (V6 N3&4 1991)
     functional specification  (V6 N2 1991)
     how not to use it  (V6 N6 1991)
     instructions  (V6 N12 1991)
     translation of accent grave  (V6 N7 1991)
     translation of Greek beta  (V6 N7 1991)
     etiquette   (V6 N3 1991)
     HULPR1 terminal type (V6 N3 1991)
     problems  (V6 N5 1991)
     reference questions on help line (V6 N6 1991)
Distributable Union Catalog
     1991 supplement missing page  (V6 N5 1991)
     second supplement  (V6 N4 1991)
     appendices on white paper  (V6 N12 1991)
     OSPR costs up  (V6 N10 1991)
     staff doc survey  (V6 N11 1991)
     status report  (V6 N4 1991)
DSTM (delete statement) command
     change to  (V6 N7 1991)
     internet connection  (V6 N4 1991)
electronic mail
     at Harvard  (V6 N9 1991)
     sending HOLLIS records (V6 N8 1991)
EMS (electronic mail)
     length of bulletin board (V6 N6 1991)
     message list problem (V6 N2 1991)
     patron file information and  (V6 N1 1991)
     private messages  (V6 N12 1991)
     signon customization (V6 N5 1991)
end of fiscal year 
     procedures  (V6 N5 1991)
     reports  (V6 N3 1991)
enhancements list (V6 N4 1991)
     full review  (V6 N5 1991)
     full review, part 2 (V6 N6 1991)
     new working groups  (V6 N6 1991)
     task group update (V6 N7 1991)
     on HOLLIS menu (V6 N5 1991)

     change to courier password  (V6 N2 1991)
     password policy  (V6 N10&11 1991)
     1992 schedule (V6 N6 1991)
flats (musical)
     indexing display of  (V6 N3 1991)
function keys
     F6 keycaps (V6 N9 1991)
     LOC command on F6  (V6 N9 1991)
     programming  (V6 N4&6 1991)
Germany subject heading problems  (V6 N12 1991)
     patron file access  (V6 N1 1991)
holdings format
     changes (V6 N5 1991)
holdings record
     limits to capacity (V6 N2&3 1991)
HOLLIS (system)
     downtime (V6 N4 1991)
     holiday schedule (V6 N5&8 1991)
     problems  (V6 N7 1991)
HOLLIS hints 
     BF database error message  (V6 N12 1991)
     default subfield coding (V6 N6 1991)
     EMS message listing (V6 N2 1991)
     inserting fields with repeat numbers 
         (V6 N6 1991)
     renumbering o/p/r statements (V6 N5 1991)
          error message (V6 N3 1991)
     size of holdings fields  (V6 N9 1991)
          SEARCH (V6 N3 1991)
HOLLIS managers meeting
     Spring 1991 meeting summary  (V6 N6 1991)
HOLLIS network
     cost of equipment (V6 N2 1991)
     support issues  (V6 N4 1991)
     terminal installations  (V6 N12 1991)
HOLLIS Records by E-mail  (V6 N8 1991)
     locations now part of emailed article
          records  (V6 N9 1991)
     support issues  (V6 N9 1991)
HULPR (system)
     change to hours of operation  (V6 N2 1991)
     dial-up etiquette  (V6 N3 1991)
     downtime  (V6 N4 1991)
     holiday schedule   (V6 N5&8  1991)
     new catalog mode escape code (V6 N6&7 1991)
     problems (V6 N7&8 1991)

signon security changes  (V6 N10 1991)
HULPR1 terminal type (V6 N3&4 1991)
IBM 31XX terminals (V6 N2 1991)
     3151 SEND key  (V6 N9 1991)
     new 3151 model (V6 N9 1991)
     shutdown instructions  (V6 N7 1991)
     change to secondary text (V6 N3 1991)
     display enhancements summary  (V6 N6 1991)
     sharps and flats  (V6 N3 1991)
     access to outside systems (V6 N2&4 1991)
     description  (V6 N9 1991)
     generic TELNET on HOLLIS menu (V6 N8 1991)
     options on HOLLIS menu  (V6 N5&7 1991)
     RLIN on HOLLIS menu  (V6 N8 1991)
keyword searching
     new search engine  (V6 N12 1991)
     stress test (V6 N3 1991)
LG (Library Guide)
     adds computing resources (V6 N12 1991)
     information format  (V6 N1 1991)
LOC (location field)
     catalog mode display (V6 N9&10 1991)
     LOC order in catalog mode  (V6 N7 1991)
     resequencing  (V6 N5 1991)
     subfield K  (V6 N2 1991)
     subfield K list  (V6 N4 1991)
location display  (V6 N6 1991)
     change to  (V6 N11 1991)
     changes to options and function keys 
          (V6 N9 1991)
     full description  (V6 N8 1991)
LR (Legal Resource Index)
     debut (V6 N3 1991)
     description  (V6 N2 1991)
     holdings display  (V6 N4 1991)
LR (Legal Resource Index)
     panel discussion   (V6 N7 1991)
     upgrade (V6 N3 1991)
MERGE command
     instructions  (V6 N12 1991)
MIGRATE command
     instructions (V6 N12 1991)
multiple statements   (V6 N8 1991)
multiple versions
     change to serial cataloging policy   (V6 N7 1991)
     taping out serials and  (V6 N8 1991)
Network notes
     barcode scanning techniques  (V6 N5 1991)

     Canon BJ80 printer  (V6 Nos.1,2,3,4,11 1991)
     cleaning terminal screens  (V6 N7 1991)
     cost of HOLLIS equipment (V6 N2 1991)
     network requests in writing  (V6 N10 1991)
     network training session  (V6 N9 1991)
     new IBM terminal  (V6 N2&9 1991)
     OCLC via HOLLIS terminal  (V6 N2 1991)
     shutting HOLLIS terminals down (V6 N7 1991)
new data
     American Antiquarian Society   (V6 N9 1991)
     Andover-Harvard retrocon records  (V6 N8 1991)
     pre-1977 Widener records   (V6 N6 1991)
o/p/r (order record)
     12/88 weed  (V6 N2 1991)
     12/88 weed fiche problem  (V6 N4 1991)
     12/89 weed  (V6 N12 1991)
     creating multiple statements  (V6 N8 1991)
     division bug fixed  (V6 N6 1991)
     'all ports unavailable' problem  (V6 N2 1991)
     access problems (V6 N11 1991)
     system and service summary (V6 N5 1991)
operator profiles
     losing default values (V6 N10&11 1991)
     staff changes  (V6 N11&12 1991)
other database project
     adding AI and LR  (V6 N2 1991)
PA (PAIS International)  (V6 N9 1991)
     oddities  (V6 N10 1991)
patron file
     HAAC policy on access (V6 N1 1991)
     privacy statement  (V6 N1 1991)
     update in EMS  (V6 N1 1991)
patron record
     new P student code  (V6 N10 1991)
pay statement flagging  (V6 N1 1991)
     06/90 records flagged  (V6 N9 1991)
     payment by order number fiche (V6 N1&2 1991)
PP (Physics pre-prints)  (V6 N7 1991)
     recycled paper for  (V6 N1 1991)
PRISM   (V6 N9 1991)
     ILL implemented  (V6 N10 1991)
privacy of patron data in HOLLIS  (V6 N9 1991)
profile preservation
     using default values  (V6 N12 1991)
public documentation
     fall 1991 (V6 N9 1991)
     questionnaire distributed  (V6 N7 1991)
     records by e-mail  (V6 N9 1991)
record number
     changes to  (V6 N10 1991)
     circulation activity (V6 N1 1991)

     end of fiscal year  (V6 N3 1991)
     new bibliographic financial reports  (V6 N11 1991)
          message  (V6 N3 1991)
     access problems  (V6 N12 1991)
     on HOLLIS menu (V6 N5 1991)
     limit by information (INF) format  (V6 N1 1991)
     filling out the forms (V6 N4 1991)
     patron file access  (V6 N1 1991)
     remember defaults  (V6 N5 1991)
     system-wide changes planned  (V6 N10 1991)
     creating standard serials in HOLLIS  (V6 N4 1991)
     multiple versions policy change (V6 N7 1991)
     retrospective cataloging in HOLLIS 
          (V6 N3 1991)
     taping out of  (V6 N8 1991)
SET command
     switching databases and  (V6 Nos.10&11 1991)
SH (LC subject heading) (V6 Nos. 3&5 1991)
     caveat correction  (V6 N9 1991)
     caveat  (V6 N8 1991)
     debut  (V6 N4 1991)
sharps (#)
     indexing/display of  (V6 N3 1991)
shelflist cards
     laser-printed cards  (V6 N8 1991)
     proposed enhancement  (V6 N12 1991)
spine labels   (V6 N8 1991)
STORE command
     where is it valid  (V6 N9 1991)
TAPE command
     change  (V6 N8 1991)
     description  (V6 N12 1991)
technical assistance line
     reference questions on (V6 N6 1991)
     description  (V6 N9 1991)
     on HOLLIS menu  (V6 N8 1991)
Timeout on public terminals (V6 N10 1991)
TR (training file)
     catalog mode for  (V6 N4 1991)
     change to security  (V6 N11 1991)
     needs survey  (V6 N7 1991)
          message (V6 N3 1991)
vendor file
     procedures  (V6 N12 1991)
     12/88 orders  (V6 N5 1991)
     12/89 order weed  (V6 N12 1991)
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