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Index to HOLLIS Newsletter, Vol. 8 1993

020 field
     11 digit ISBN's and (V8 N4 1993)
050 field
     in process message  (V8 N8 1993)
     losing 090 when 050 present  (V8 N10 1993)
382 field in LG record   (V8 N3 1993)
     LG database  (V8 N8 1993)
752 field
     index debut problem  (V8 N10 1993)
     new index  (V8 N11 1993)
     using global change on (V8 N1 1993)
843 subfield 7
     reproductions and  (V8 N6 1993)
948 field
     MLOX and  (V8 N4 1993)
     introduction to (V8  N9 1993)
access control
     disabled (V8 N8 1993)
AFIX command
     clarification  (V8 N9 1993)
     definition  (V8 N7 1993)
ALA confidentiality policy (V8 N10 1993)
Anthropological Literature (AL)
     updated quarterly  (V8  N1 1993)
ATCH abend  (V8 N8 1993)
authority control
     Recon and serial titles (V8 N7 1993)
Automation Planning Committee
     purpose  (V8 N5 1993)
     summary of activities  (V8 N11 1993)
barcode scanner   (V8 N12 1993)
BARTON access   (V8 N5 1993)
BF   see LC Books File
Bridge project   (V8 N3 1993)
     access issues   (V8 N12 1993)
     description  (V8 N12 1993)
     resources in  (V8 N12 1993)
     update  (V8 N10 1993)
Business Resumption
     terminals on HSDN  (V8 N1 1993)
     update (V8 N1&10 1993)
Canon printer
     in short supply (V8 N1 1993)
     no longer recommended  (V8 N5 1993)
     price reduction  (V8 N2 1993)
     primer repair   (V8 N2&3 1993)

catalog mode
          ERICdatabase  (V8 N9 1993)
     LG 382 field display (V8 N3 1993)
     PAGE command   (V8 N7 1993)
     TR database availability (V8 N7 1993)
cataloging processing
     new processing option  (V8 N7 1993)
     notification reports frequency (V8 N4 1993)
     Divinity circ status in catalog (V8 N7 1993)
     from a microcomputer  (V8 N3 1993)
     terminal link to service unit   
          removed   (V8 N7&8 1993)
COPY command
     MeSH records and (V8 N2 1993)
Course catalog  (V8 N6 1993)
     access (V8 N6 1993)
     history of project (V8 N5 1993)
Course Reserves Project
     downloading records and (V8 N10 1993)
     overview  (V8 N10 1993)
DERIVE command
     authority record and  (V8 N10 1993)
     Hewlett Packard Deskjet 500 and  (V8 N4 1993)
     network connection and  (V8 N3 1993)
     new IBM 3151 cartridge  (V8 N11 1993)
     as interim PC connection before
          HSDN  (V8 N9 1993)
     error-checking modems and   (V8 N2 1993)
     OIT FAQ sheet on dialup problems  (V8 N1 1993)
Distributable Union Catalog   see DUC
Divinity Library
     circulation status in catalog (V8 N7 1993)
     fall 1993 updates  (V8 N8 1993)
     2nd supplement (V8 N6 1993)
     alternatives to   (V8 N5 1993)
     reduced-size supplement planned  (V8 N2 1993)
duplicate detection
     Recon refinements   (V8 N3 1993)
     updating orders (V8 N7 1993)

     testing connection (V8 N5 1993)
electronic transfer of payments    see ETP
     investigating alternatives (V8 N1 1993)
end of fiscal year instructions   (V8 N10 1993)
End-User Reporting Project
     needs volunteers (V8 N3 1993)
     new reporting elements  (V8 N12 1993)
     planning   (V8 N1 1993)
     status  (V8 N7 1993)
enhancements  (V8 N8 1993) 
     1993 list  (V8 N10 1993)
     indexing category voting summary  (V8 N11 1993)
     new review process (V8 N7 1993)
     prioritization  (V8 N5 1993)
     prioritization results (V8 N12 1993)
     review guidelines  (V8 N10 1993)
ERASE SPINE command  (V8 N3 1993)
ERIC database  (V8 N9 1993)
     884x abend and  (V8 N6 1993)
     progress report (V8 N1 1993)
     1994 schedule (V8 N6 1993)
     PAGE command and  (V8 N7 1993)
format integration
     new schedule  (V8 N10 1993)
     OCLC documentation and   (V8 N6 1993)
function keys
     network HULPR connection and (V8 N3 1993)
GARP see Course Reserves Project
     3270 gopher closed (V8 N4 1993)
     client software (V8 N4 1993)
     public clients (V8 N4 1993)
Gutman Library
     EBSCO and order updates  (V8 N7 1993)
Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500
     OIS support for (V8 N5 1993)
     ordering information  (V8 N5 1993)
HOLLIS (system)
     downtime (V8 N1 1993)
     network access  (V8 N3 1993)
HOLLIS Enhancements
     020 validating fixed (V8 N6 1993)
     060 field on BF records   (V8 N7 1993)
     074 field now repeatable  (V8 N7 1993)
     AFIX command now takes ENCL b
          records (V8 N8 1993)
     authority BIBUSE field change (V8 N7 1993)

authority subfield 5 display (V8 N7 1993)
     cataloging notification reports bug (V8 N11 1993)
     circulation security change  (V8 N8 1993)
     downloaded record sets delayed  (V8 N8 1993)
     duplicate detection and 250 field (V8 N7 1993)
     electronic products data bug (V8 N7 1993)
     ETP 884x abend fixed  (V8 N6 1993)
     fixed field printing on reports (V8 N7 1993)
     HAS index display change (V8 N7 1993)
     help screen for index not available (V8 N7 1993)
     high-quality memo printing (V8 N6 1993)
     holdings info reporting bug fixed  (V8 N6 1993)
     INVID and linked payment bug fixed  (V8 N61993)
     irretrievable index entries bug fixed  (V8 N6 1993)
     LCCN in duplicate detection bug fixed  (V8 N6 1993)
     linking notes display fixed (V8 N7 1993)
     MLOX now moves 948 field (V8 N6 1993)
     NMM loc added   (V8 N11 1993)
     o/p/r data now better formatted in
          reports  (V8 N6 1993)
     overdue flat fee  (V8 N10 1993)
     patron address bug (V8 N11 1993)
     patron ASRA abend fixed  (V8 N6 1993)
     photo ID patrons and circulation
          notices (V8 N9 1993)
     photo ID's patron group for Widener (V8 N8 1993)
     PL index added (V8 N11 1993)
     problem patron records and borrowing (V8 N11 1993)
     RLIN 001 field format change (V8 N7 1993)
     RLIN number normalization  (V8 N9 1993)
     SET TAP parameter  (V8 N10 1993)
     STORE error message changed (V8 N9 1993)
     tape out process change  (V8 N7 1993)
     term bill enhancement   (V8 N6 1993)
     terminal and service unit divorce (V8 N8 1993)
     terminal connectivity for McGill
          package (V8 N10 1993)
     TR database in catalog mode (V8 N10 1993)
     weeding deleted item linkages (V8 N7 1993)
     Widener-type call number bug fixed (V8 N6 1993)
     avoid screen-length fields (V8 N7 1993) 
     creating authority cross references (V8 N10 1993) 
     crediting invoice payments  (V8 N7 1993)  
     DERIVE command and authority
          records (V8 N10 1993)  
     dial up and error-checking modem (V8 N2 1993)  
     IBM 3151 end-of-field delimiter (V8 N5 1993)  
     producing automatic claims (V8 N10 1993)  
     record editing hints  (V8 N8 1993) 
     uniform title indexing peculiarity  (V8 N8 1993)

HOLLIS Managers' Meeting
     Fall 1993 minutes (V8 N1 1993)
HOLLIS Phone Chain  (V8 N12 1993)
     errata (V8 N4 1993)
     revision(V8 N3 1993)
HOLLIS Services Contacts List(V8 Nos4&12 1993)
HOLLIS/VINE terminals (V8 N2 1993)
HU database
     4 million records (V8 N11 1993)
     file size limit (V8 N11 1993)
     new list (V8 Nos7&8 1993)
HULPR (system)
     downtime (V8 N1 1993)
     HSDN access (V8 N1 1993)
     network billing (V8 Nos.3,4& 5)
     network connection options (V8 N3 1993)
     security changes planned (V8 N3 1993)
HULPR (via network)
     nulls and blanks problem (V8 N6 1993)
IBM terminals
     3151 cartridge consequences (V8 N12 1993)
     3163 backordered (V8 N11 1993)
     3163 off support (V8 N10 1993)
     diacritics (V8 N4 1993)
     new 3151 cartridge.(V8 N11 1993)
Information Utility (IU)
     end user reporting and (V8 N7 1993)
Internet Fair(V8 N10 1993)
     11 digit numbers in 020 field (V8 N4 1993)
item record
     Recon cleanup of unlinked (V8 N4 1993)
keyword searching
     stopword "of" (V8 N3 1993)
Large Index Searching in HOLLIS Report
     see LISH
LC Books File (BF)
     050 field in process message (V8 N8 1993)
     1988 records weeded  (V8 N2 1993)
     reports from (V8 N7 1993)
LC subject headings
     Recon and (V8 N1 1993)
LG   see Library Guide (LG)
     change in owndership (V8 N6 1993)
     change in scope (V8 N7&8 1993) 
     commands (V8 N6 1993)
     heavy traffic on (V8 N4 1993)
Library Guide (LG)
     Recon and collection descriptions (V8 N8 1993) 

suppressing 382 field display(V8 N3 1993)
     indexing enhancements from (V8 N11 1993)
Listserv commands(V8 N6 1993)
Map collections in HOLLIS (V8 N1 1993)
medical subject headings
     in SH database . (V8 N1&2 1993) 
     Recon and(V8 N1 1993)
     laser printing of (V8 N6 1993)
Microcomputer Users Group
     agenda of 1st meeting (V8 N10 1993)
     proposal for Group.  (V8 N3&8 1993)
     summary of 1st meeting(V8 N11 1993)
     circulation access (V8 N3 1993)
     diacritics from (V8 N3 1993)
     HOLLIS system access (V8 N3 1993)
     network access to HULPR (V8 N3 1993)
     when to turn off (V8 N4 1993)
MIT online catalog  see BARTON
MLOX command
     saving 948 fields  (V8 N4 1993)
Morse music scores in HOLLIS (V8 N1 1993)
MPG terminals
     temporary menu change  (V8 N2 1993)
National Master Microforms
     loc added (V8 N11 1993)
     billing for HULPR via HSDN.(V8 N3&4 1993)
     Canon BJ80 printer in short supply (V8 N1 1993)
     Cornell PCIP software (V8 N4 1993)
     guidelines for reporting problems  (V8 N4 1993)
     Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500
          recommended (V8 N5 1993)
     HOLLIS/VINE terminals (V8 N2 1993)
     HULPR via HSDN, options (V8 N3 1993)
     IBM 3151 cartridge consequences (V8 N12 1993)
     IBM 3163 off suppor  (V8 N10 1993)
     interim HULPR connection options (V8 N9 1993)
     lack of mux ports for new installs (V8 N2 1993)
     McGill TCP3270 software (V8 N10 1993)
     MPG terminal menu problem (V8 N1 1993)
     ordering a Hewlett Packard Deskjet
          500  (V8 N5 1993)
     outstanding service calls (V8 N1 1993)
     PC/TCP(V8 N3&6 1993)
     terminals on HSDN (V8 N1 1993)
Network Information Center (V8 N10 1993)
     services (V8 N8 1993)

Network Notes
barcode scanner (V8 N12 1993)
     BJ80 price reduction(V8 N2 1993)
     BJ80 printer repairs(V8 Nos2&3 1993) 
     guidelines for reporting problems(V8 N4 1993)
     HP Deskjet 500 printer.(V8 N4&5 1993)
     HP Deskjet performance praised.(V8 N12 1993)
     HULPR network billing(V8 N5 1993)
     IBM 3163 backordered.(V8 N11 1993)
     IBM 3163 terminals off support.(V8 N10 1993)
     interim choices to PC hookups to HULPR(V8 N9 1993)
     last Canon BJ printers(V8 N1 1993)
     new IBM 3151 cartridge.(V8 N11&12 1993) 
     nulls/blanks and HULPR via        
          network    (V8 N6 1993)
     outstanding service calls(V8 Nos.1&3 1993)
     re-using HOLLIS equipment (V8 N9 1993)
     turning off a PC(V8 N4 1993)
Newkey software(V8 N3 1993)
NIC  see Network Information Center
NMM loc added(V8 N1 1993)
nulls and blanks (V8 N6 1993)
o/p/r (order record)
     12/90 weed.(V8 N5 1993)
     automatic claims from (V8 N10 1993)
     EBSCO updates to(V8 N7 1993)
     payment flagging and SCOPE value(V8 N1 1993)
     data loads and workflow(V8 N7 1993)
     file transfer from(V8 N3 1993)
     file transfer to (V8 N4 1993)
     schedule of records to and from (V8 N5 1993)
of (keyword stopword).(V8 N3 1993)
     1994 fee schedule. (V8 N6 1993)
     contacts list (V8 N12 1993)
     organizational chart..(V8 N4 1993)
     reorganization(V8 N5 1993)
     staff changes (V8 N8&11 1993)  
OIS Library Services group
     enhancement prioritization(V8 N5 1993)
     mainframe upgrade (V8 N10 1993)
     Network Information Center(V8 N8&10 1993) 
ORBIS access(V8 N5 1993)
OW database
     Recon cleanup of.(V8 N3 1993)
PAGE command(V8 N7 1993)
     added to options area. (V8 N9 1993)
     change in format (V8 N8 1993)
patron charges index

display change. (V8 N7 1993)
patron file
     change in update frequency (V8 N10 1993)
     data load announcements (V8 N11 1993)
     downtime. (V8 N8 1993)
     HAS index display change (V8 N7 1993)
     photo ID's and. (V8 N11 1993)
     privacy statements (V8 N10 1993)
     summer school load (V8 N7 1993)
payment flagging
     06/92 flagging.(V8 N6 1993)
     fiche problem . (V8 N7 1993)
     how to weed (V8 N6 1993)
     microfiche from(V8 N1 1993)
     problem with 07/90-12/91 payments(V8 N1 1993)
     SCOPE value and(V8 N1 1993)
PC/TCP software
     HULPR connection and(V8 N3 1993)
     nulls and blanks problem. (V8 N6 1993)
     nulls and blanks problem.(V8 N6 1993)
     Canon BJ80 in short supply(V8 N1 1993)
     Hewlett Packard Deskjet 500. (V8 N4 1993)
     HP Deskjet praised. (V8 N12 1993)
     ordering HP Deskjet 500 (V8 N5 1993)
     memos on laser printer(V8 N6 1993)
     1993 1st Quarterly Report  (V8 N4 1993)
     1993 2nd Quarterly Report. (V8 N8 1993)
     1993 3rd Quarterly Report(V8 N12 1993)
     2nd hump pulled(V8 N12 1993)
     authority processing problems (V8 N11 1993)
     authority record loading status (V8 N12 1993)
     authority work and shelving serials (V8 N7 1993)
     cataloging notification reports and (V8 N4 1993)
     changes to duplicate detection.(V8 N3 1993)
     changing LG records (V8 N8 1993)
     corporate heading corrections loaded (V8 N6 1993)
     daily processing and workflow (V8 N3 1993)
     data by file transfer  (V8 N3 1993)
     Design Library joins.(V8 N3 1993)
     encl of records (V8 N1 1993)
     flow of data description.(V8 N9 1993)
     heading corrections processed  (V8 N11 1993)
     new home for Widener and Houghton
          cards. . .(V8 N7 1993)
     OCLC file transfer frequency (V8 N5 1993)
     OCLC file transfer to.(V8 N4 1993)

OW database cleanup.(V8 N3&4 1993)
     quality control begins(V8 N1 1993)
     quality control report. (V8 N3 1993)
     record processing increases(V8 N1 1993)
     record validation problem .(V8 N8 1993)
     serial recon begins(V8 N10 1993)
     statistics.(V8 N3&8 1993)
     subject headings and(V8 N1&8 1993)
     unlinked item cleanup(V8 N4 1993)
Recon for serials
     identifying serial recon records(V8 N10 1993)
     plan approved (V8 N3 1993)
     plan description(V8 N3 1993)
Religion Index (RI)
     backfile loaded (V8 N9 1993)
     electronic delivery.(V8 N5 1993)
     LC Books File(V8 N7 1993)
     new elements .(V8 N12 1993)
     new fee structure(V8 N7 1993)
     Recon and (V8 N4 1993)
     coding rules change  .(V8 N6 1993)
Response Time
     out of newsletter(V8 N10 1993)
     instead of DUC(V8 N1 1993)
SCOPE field
     payment flagging and(V8 N1 1993)
     ALA policy on confidentiality .(V8 N10 1993)
SET SPI command. (V8 N3 1993)
shelflist cards
     printing problems(V8 N2&8 1993)

SPINE command(V8 N3 1993)
spine labels (V8 N2&11 1993)
     beta test results(V8 N7 1993)
     beta test sites (V8 N4 1993)
     description (V8 N4 1993)
     downloading(V8 N4 1993)
     history of investigations.(V8 N4 1993)
     instructions(V8 N3 1993)
subject headings
     MeSH in SH database(V8 N2 1993)
     treatment in Recon records(V8 N1 1993)
TAPE command
     file transfer and(V8 N4 1993)
TR database
     catalog mode for (V8 N7 1993)
     catalog mode, liaisons opinion(V8 N8 1993)
training program reevaluation(V8 N6&7 1993)
     schedule change .(V8 N5 1993)
training interest group..(V8 N7 1993)
unlinked item record
     Recon cleanup of.(V8 N4 1993)
utility records
     new processing option(V8 N7 1993)
Veritas INformation NEtwork   see VINE
Vernon label printing software
     justification.(V8 N4 1993)
     ordering(V8 N3 1993)
     access to(V8 N2 1993)
     HOLLIS/VINE terminals(V8 N2 1993)
     official debut(V8 N2 1993)
     soft launch (V8 N1 1993)
     06/92 invoices.(V8 N8 1993)
Widener-type call number
     change to validation (V8 N5 1993)
Yale online catalog see ORBIS
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