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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 6, Number 1 (January 1991)

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  • Agenda for January Liaisons meeting
  • Feature Articles
  • Circulation Activity Reporting
  • HAAC Policy on Patron Information
  • Notes and Reminders
  • Limit Index Searches by INF
  • Suppliers of Recycled Paper
  • Problems with Appendix C
  • Payment Flagging
  • 'Payments by Ord No.' fiche
  • EMS update messages
  • Response Time Testing
  • Network Notes
  • Problems with Canon Printers
  • Vendor File changes

    Agenda for HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting #61
    January 9, 1991
    Lamont Forum Room, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.

    1. Announcements: T. Robinson
    2. Introduction to new databases: Extended Academic Index and Legal Resources index will be available in HOLLIS in early February. We plan to give a special preview at the January meeting. See you there!

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    Feature Articles
    Circulation Activity Reporting. OSPR is happy to announce that HOLLIS reporting now includes circulation activity of libraries that use the HOLLIS circulation subsystem. Examples of the reports that libraries can now request are:

    • reports which measure the volume of circulation transactions (items checked in and out, recalls and holds, and so forth);
    • reports which measure overall volume of circulation transactions broken down by such criteria as call number, bibliographic format, or category of borrowing patron (for example, undergraduate, faculty, graduate student); and
    • reports which list selected items that have circulated.

    The format of these new reports will be similar to the existing bibliographic reports, in that one can request both statistical reports and bibliographical list reports. Billing for these reports will also parallel current reporting billing practices.

    Circulation activity reporting does not cover every aspect of circulation reporting. In the future, circulation reporting will include information on billing and item records. OSPR will notify staff through this newsletter when these reporting features become available.

    Detailed documentation on circulation activity reporting will be available with the revision of Chapter 11 of the HOLLIS Reference Manual, currently scheduled for distribution in Spring of 1991. If you have questions on how to fill out a report request form for these reports (found in Appendix P), contact Kate Ellis in OSPR at 495- 3724.

    HAAC Policy on Access to Patron Information. HOLLIS patron information. The policy previously established by HAAC restricted patron file access to circulation supervisors in non-circulation units, in addition to appropriate staff in libraries using the HOLLIS circulation system. This has proven to be impractical for many Harvard libraries and the problem was made worse by the recent decision by the Office of Human Resources to stop distributing the "name and address" microfiche.

    access to the patron file based on the staffing and workflow for that unit. HAAC noted that the decentralization of this authority carries serious responsibilities for library managers. HAAC requested that OSPR draft and distribute a "Statement on the privacy of patron information in HOLLIS" and charged library managers and supervisors to take appropriate measures to insure that the privacy of library patrons is protected. The following guidelines are intended to assist library managers in fulfilling this responsibility.

    1. The HUL "Statement on the privacy of patron information in HOLLIS" (attached at the end of this newsletter) should be given to all staff who currently have access to patron information in HOLLIS. Appropriate steps should be taken to insure that the statement is read and understood by all relevant staff, including students when appropriate.
    2. An annual review of the statement should be required by all relevant library staff members. The statement will be incorporated into the HOLLIS Circulation Manual as an appendix. OSPR also plans to re-publish the statement each year as part of the HOLLIS Newsletter to remind library staff members of the privacy issues as they relate to patron information in HOLLIS.
    3. Terminals used to access patron information in public service departments should be positioned so that the terminal screen is not visible to the public. Needless to say, terminals with access to patron information should never be logged on and left unattended!
    4. Special security provisions will be applied to operators with access to patron information. There are four levels of security for patron information:
    • a: No access. This is the default for most operators.
    • b: Display patron records.
    • c: Create and update patron records.
    • d: Create and update patron records and display current loans for a given patron (the "has" command).

    Regardless of whether or not a library is participating in the HOLLIS circulation system, operator profile requests which specify patron file access (that is, any level above "a") require the signature of the head of the library (or in the case of very large libraries, the appropriate department head). Supervisors should carefully consider the work requirements of each individual staff member and request security privileges appropriately.

    For libraries which do use the HOLLIS circulation subsystem, authorization to create and maintain patron records, as well as to display current loan information for a given patron, should be limited to 1 - 2 qualified staff members. Display-only access to the patron file should be assigned only to library staff members who require access in order to perform their normal, daily work routines. Units not using the circulation subsystem can also request display-only access to the patron file for operators who have a legitimate reason for accessing patron information.

    Under all circumstances, access to the patron file should be kept to a reasonable minimum. Unique logon passwords should be assigned to each individual staff member. Group passwords should never be used. Passwords should be changed periodically (we recommend quarterly), and should always be deactivated when a staff member resigns. For more information concerning the enforcement of operator security contact the OSPR Security Administrator.

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    Notes and Reminders
    Limit index searches by INF (Information format). You can now limit string index searches by format INF (Information format). For example, the search


    will retrieve all information format records that have titles starting with "news". Note that all information format records are suppressed in the public catalog, so using this qualifier in catalog mode results in no items retrieved. As with all format qualification in string index searching you will also retrieve all authority record cross references which match your search even though they are not information format records. If you have any questions about this new qualifier or experience problems using it contact Julie Wetherill at 495-3724.

    Recycled printer paper. OSPR has learned of the availability of recycled paper that can be used in HOLLIS printers. This paper is off-white, continuous-feed, pin-feed, perforatable to 8-1/2 x 11 inches, though we are not sure of the weight, the sample we have seen appears to be somewhat lighter than the current, non-recycled stock.

    OSPR is not currently considering the use of this stock for any of its HOLLIS products, but individual units may be interested in using it for their own local screen-printing needs. If your unit would like more information about the availability, contact one of the following vendors.

    Century Paper(617)963-7000George West
    Supply product Center-Hvd.(800)370-3676Gloria

    HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY UNITS: If you are interested in having this paper made available in addition to the non-recycled kind, please express your interest to Tony Machado, 495-2405.

    Problems with Appendix C. It appears that some copies of the recently distributed Appendix C of the HOLLIS Reference Manual have pages printed out of order. Library staff should check copies of the appendix to insure that:

    • each copy of the appendix is 34 pages long; and that the page numbering proceeds in order from 1 to 34;
    • each has section C2 (Holding Unit Codes by Code) starting on page 14;
    • each has section C3 (Bibliographic Utility Codes ...) starting on page 21; and
    • each section contains codes appearing in alphabetical order.

    If you have a "bad" copy, please contact Eric Young at OSPR (495-3724). Once we know the scope of this problem we will replace the affected copies of the appendix. Thank you for your help.

    Payment statement flagging - an update. OSPR has completed the flagging of payment statements that were last updated from January 1, 1989 to June 30, 1989. In the process, 25,209 pay statements were flagged for potential weeding. According to the specifications set forth at the September Liaisons meeting (reported v. 5, no. 10 of the HOLLIS Newsletter), only payment statements on order records of SCOPE=2 were flagged. The fiche product relating to this process (HOLLIS PAYMENTS BY ORDER NUMBER, July 1985 - June 1989) was distributed in August. So weed away!

    HOLLIS 'payments by order number' fiche. The next cycle of pay statement flagging (scheduled for late January/early February 1991) will flag approved payments last updated from July to December 1989. As part of this upcoming cycle, OSPR proposes to begin a new cumulation of the HOLLIS "PAYMENT BY ORDER NUMBER" fiche. The current fiche set (July 1985 - June 1989) now occupies 105 fiche. A new cumulation (beginning July 1989) would be less costly and easier for OSPR to process. If any unit finds this change to be a problem, please contact Walter Stine in OSPR no later than January 15, 1991. This new fiche cumulation will be available before pay statement weeding can commence.

    Patron file update message in EMS. In response to requests from a number of users, OSPR has created a new "permanent" common message that will be updated regularly to reflect changes in the status of the HULPR patron file. The patron file is updated (approximately monthly) with information from the Office for Human Resources database of employee and student records.

    The permanent EMS message, entitled "Patron Record Update Status" will indicate both when the most recent update took place, and when the next scheduled update will occur. This information is also published in the "HOLLIS Processing Summaries" section of each HOLLIS Newsletter.

    Response Time Testing. Our December response time test indicates that operators using HOLLIS and HULPR continue to experience very good response rates. Keyword searches do take longer than most other kinds of transactions but none of the test keyword searches took longer than 6 seconds.

    Response time volunteers should mark their calendars for the next test on Tuesday, 8 January, 1991.

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    Network Notes
    Canon printer problems. Several libraries have been experiencing maintenance problems with Canon printers which were received and installed within the past 3 - 4 months. It seems that there is a manufacturing flaw which causes the green priming lever to break. Any attempts to prime the printer (see the December 1990 HOLLIS Newsletter) are not successful. The green lever offers no resistance and is ineffective in priming the printer. As a result, the printer may have a full ink cartridge but no ink makes it to the page.

    Printers with this problem must be shipped back to Canon for repair, taking anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks. We have expressed our extreme dissatisfaction with this situation and are attempting to negotiate provisions for printer loans as well as a general upgrade for all suspect printers, regardless of whether or not they are experiencing a problem yet. Report any problems to Steve Thornton as soon as possible so that we can keep Canon informed as to the extent of the problem.

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    Vendor File Changes in December
    New Vendors

    • CL-VUAIF
    • GW-BNSU
    • JA-THUHA
    • SW-SNML

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