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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 7, Number 9 (September 1992)

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  • Agenda for Liaison's meeting
  • Feature Articles
  • Three new databases in HOLLIS this Fall
  • Anthropological Literature
  • Physics Preprints
  • ATLA Religion Index
  • Notes and Reminders
  • New OIS staff member
  • Remember to logout!
  • RECON open meeting
  • Change to fixed field: VENDOR
  • Subfield 5 activated for RECON
  • Acquisition reports sent out
  • RECON-related enhancements
  • Countway circulation status
  • Update on Public Catalog enhancements
  • Wolbach's restrospective data added to HU
  • Password change reminder
  • Response time testing

    Agenda for HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting #79
    September 9, 1992
    Lamont Forum Room, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.

    1. Announcements: T. Robinson
    2. Fall 1992 Public Catalog enhancements: J. Wetherill
    3. RECON Project update: Robin Wendler, Karen Carlson Young

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    Feature Articles
    FALL 1992: NEW DATABASES IN HOLLIS 1992 FALL RELEASE. Three new databases will be available in the HOLLIS Public Catalog this fall. On Monday, 14 September, Anthropological Literature (AL), Physics Preprints (PP), and ATLA Religion Index (RI) are scheduled to be available for staff review but invisible to the public. One week later (21 September), the codes for these new databases will be listed on the HOLLIS database selection screen for public use. The review period from 14 to 20 September is a time when library staff, especially those in public services, can familiarize themselves with these databases and contact OIS if they see anything strange or inexplicable.

    What follows are detailed descriptions of each database and information about the distribution of staff and public documentation related to them. If you have questions about AL, PP, or RI that are not answered by this article, please contact Julie Wetherill in OIS.

    Anthropological Literature (AL)

    Tozzer Library publishes a quarterly print index entitled Anthropological Literature. The AL database is an online version of this printed index.

    Profile: Anthropological Literature

    Database code:.AL
    Database producer: .Tozzer Library, Harvard University
    Contact: .. . .Julia Hendon, Tozzer Library (495-2253)
    Coverage:.. . .1,000 journals and monographs series; 200 edited works, selective, 1988-
    Language:.. . .English, European languages
    Update interval: . .quarterly
    Size:. . .. . .. . .75,000 records in base file
    Subjects:.. . .archaeology, biological and physical anthropology, cultural and social anthropology, and linguistics; also included are citations from such related fields as:

    · Art · Folklore · Mythology · Botany · Genetics · Political Science · Demography · Geography · Psychology · Economics · Geology · Religion · Ethnohistory · History · Sociology.

    Record format:.article citation (Y)
    Index searches:. . .AU, TI, SU, KW, KAU, KTI, KSH, KPI
    Search limits:.. . .AU, TI, SU searches -- //yr (year of publication), //la (language)
    Access policy:.remote access restricted to Harvard I.D. holders.

    AL indexes articles if they are two or more pages in length from works in English or another European language. It also indexes works in other languages if they contain a title in a European language. AL does index obituaries when at least a partial bibliography is provided. AL does not index interviews, conference reports, and book, film,or video reviews.

    Search and display of AL records. Citations in AL are all in the HOLLIS 'Y' format (article citation). These records are similar to those in other citation indexes, such as Expanded Academic Index. AL records do not contain locations but the LOCATION command may provide a location display of Harvard libraries holding the source publication.

    AL citations do have some characteristics that HOLLIS users should be aware of. From 1983 (when AL coverage begins) to 1985, Tozzer used only a local subject heading scheme to describe the articles being indexed in Anthropological Literature. From 1986 forward, Tozzer used Library of Congress subject headings exclusively. Both schemes are searched using FIND SU or FIND KSH. This mixture of subject heading schemes can present a challenge (love those euphemisms!) to the searcher. When searching by subject remember that Tozzer's local scheme emphasizes geographic areas, ethnic groups, and broad anthropological topics. LC subjects cover a wider range and allow greater specificity for topics which are often subdivided in turn by geographic location. The following are a few examples of a Tozzer local heading and the corresponding LC heading:

    Tozzer localLC heading
    Poland--Archaeology--PotteryPottery, prehistoric--Poland

    Because of this mixture of headings, the subject heading (KSH) keyword search may be more effective than the regular subject search (SU) in retrieving words, such as 'Nigeria' in the above example, which may appear at the beginning or in the middle of a subject heading.

    All of the publications indexed in AL are held by Tozzer Library. The NOTES field in AL citations contains Tozzer's call number for the source publication. It may also contain other notes added by the indexer. Data from the NOTES field cannot be searched. If the user is interested to know if another Harvard library holds the item, he/she can use the LOCATION command (F6) to request location information. However, remember that AL indexes monographs in series and single edited works (as well as journals) and the LOC command usually will not be successful for these types of citations. The user must choose the HU database and search for the source publication directly.

    Physics Preprints (PP)

    Preprints are articles printed and distributed by the author(s) prior to their inclusion in an academic journal. The sources of PP data are the more than 4,000 preprints received each year by the Harvard University Physics Research Library. These preprints come from over 500 universities, institutes, and research centers worldwide.

    Profile: Physics Preprints

    Database code:.PP
    Database producer: .Physics Research Library, Harvard University
    Contact: .. . .Michael Leach, Physics Research Library (495-2878)
    Coverage:.. . .approx. 4,000 preprints added each year, 1991-
    Language:.. . .English, European languages
    Record format:.book (B)
    Update interval: . .daily
    Size:. . .. . .. . .approx. 3780 records in base file
    Subjects:.. . .the following topics in physics:

    · Atomic and molecular physics · High energy physics · Statistical physics · Biophysics · Mathematical physics · Relativity and · Computational physics · Nuclear physics . gravitation · Condensed matter theory · Particle physics.

    Index searches:. . .AU, TI, CO, KW, KAU, KAC, KTI, KTS
    Search limits:.. . .AU, TI searches -- //yr (year of publication), //la (language)
    Access policy:.no access restrictions

    Search and display of PP records. PP most resembles the HU database in the format of its records and the available index searches. Preprint records are all in format 'B' (books).

    Note that preprint records do not contain subject headings. The SERIES field contains a preprint series name (usually an abbreviation or acronym) and a number. If the preprint has been or will be published, a citation to the journal in which it appears is included in the LINKING NOTES field. The NOTES field contains information about the author(s) and sometimes about the grant support for the author's research. Neither the LINKING NOTES nor the NOTES field can be searched. The OTHER TITLES field in this database contains a repetition of the preprint series number (from the SERIES field earlier in the record).

    All of the names appearing after the AUTHORS prompt can be searched using the TRACE command. However, author names often include only a first initial instead of a full first name. The call number appearing in the LOCATION field reflects when the preprint was processed by Physics Research library staff. The number begins with the last two digits of the year followed by a hyphen and an accession number. All preprints are arranged by these numbers on the shelves in the Reserve Room, Physics Research Library, 450 Jefferson Lab, 17 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA. The LOCATION command works in PP like it would in HU -- it causes a location display for the single Physics location to appear on the screen.

    ATLA Religion Index (RI)

    The ATLA Religion Index database (RI), produced and copyrighted by the American Theological Library Association, indexes articles from journals in or related to the field of religion. The RI database is the online version of the semi-annual printed index Religion Index One: Periodicals (RIO). ATLA does publish a Religion Index Two: Multi-Author Works (RIT), but OIS has deferred adding the multi-author works for a later time. The Divinity Library is sponsoring this ATLA database in HOLLIS.

    Profile: ATLA Religion Index

    Database producer: .American Theological Library Association
    Contact: .. . .Matt Moore, ATLA, (1-708-869-7788)
    Coverage:.. . .500 journals, 1988-
    Language:.. . .English, European languages
    Update interval: . .irregular 1st year; quarterly 2nd yr+
    Size:. . .. . .. . .50,000 records in base file
    Subjects:. RI covers all religions and all theological points of view; some related subjects include:

    · Anthropology · Economics · Law · Politics · Archaeology · Education · Literature · Psychiatry · Art · Ethics/Bioethics · Medicine · Psychology · Current events · History · Nature· Sociology · Ecology · Languages· Philosophy · Third World

    Record format:.article citation (Y)
    Index searches:. . .AU, TI, SU, KW, KAU, KTI, KSH, KPI
    Search limits:.. . .AU, TI, SU searches -- //yr (year of publication), //la (language)
    Access policy:.remote access restricted to Harvard I.D. holders.

    Search and display of RI records. Citations in RI are all in the 'Y' (article citation) format. These records are similar to those in other citation indexes, such as Expanded Academic Index.

    RI records do not contain locations, but the LOCATION command should provide a location display of Harvard libraries holding the source publication. Most of the journals indexed by RI are held by one or more Harvard libraries.

    The article titles in RI sometimes end with indexer's notes in square brackets; these remarks are used to clarify the title or to indicate that the article contains maps, bibliographies, etc. These bracketed notes are in the RI title index and therefore can be searched. However, the terms included are not standardized. The subject headings used in RI citations are similar but not always identical to Library of Congress subject headings.

    Database access restrictions

    Anthropological Literature (AL) and ATLA Religion Index (RI) both have remote access restrictions. Users connecting to HOLLIS via dial-up or the Internet must have a valid regular Harvard I.D. in order to access AL or RI. There are no remote access restrictions for the Physics Preprint database (PP). There are no access restrictions to any HOLLIS database from dedicated Public Catalog terminals in libraries. For library staff using the HULPR system, there will be search only access to all three databases in technical services mode (LTAL, LTPP, LTRI).

    Documentation plans

    To accompany these new databases, OIS will be producing the following materials:

    • printed information sheets for each database;
    • printed lists of indexed source publications (RI and AL);
    • advertising flyers announcing these fall enhancements to the Public Catalog; and
    • updates to the HOLLIS Reference Manual.

    The information sheets, title lists, and advertising flyers will be distributed before the fall semester begins (September 21st). The staff documentation will be distributed shortly thereafter. Once these databases become available, you can request online descriptions of them by typing HELP AL, HELP PP, or HELP RI. Of course, there also will be online help for all of the index searches and displays.

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    Notes and Reminders
    its new office (1280 Mass. Ave, suite 404), we can review the HOLLIS product distribution policies. OIS has made every effort to maintain existing policies where possible, but our physical relocation has led to a few changes.

    OIS still uses the same three methods for distribution: bin pick-up, library messenger service, and university mail. Bin pick-up has only changed in that you must travel to our new office at 1280 Mass. Ave. (across from Widener), take an elevator to the fourth floor, enter suite 404, turn right, and take your products from the bin. This is still the fastest way to get your products. OIS posts a message to the EMS bulletin board each morning announcing when products are ready for pick-up and indicating any special products or delays.

    Deliveries by messenger service and university mail have also been affected by our relocation. At our new location, both services pick up products from OIS once each day, at approximately 1:30 p.m. Since the messenger and university mail now collect our products for distribution later in the day, your delivery may be delayed as well. We were all spoiled by the frequent pick up schedule in our old location (88 Widener) when we were conveniently situated next to the Widener mail room.

    Given the above changes, you may wish to change your method of receiving HOLLIS products. If you will be choosing between the library messenger and university mail, realize that university mail is the slowest of the three choices described above. Please contact Patti Fucci in OIS Operations if you want to change your method of delivery, or if you have other questions about HOLLIS product distribution.

    New staff in OIS. OIS welcomes our newest staff member, Patti Fucci, as the new Information Processing Specialist in OIS Operations. Patti will assist Lauren Caulton in supporting the daily operations of HOLLIS. Right now, Patti is focussing on the distribution of HOLLIS products. She also provides back-up telephone support for Eric, so you may hear her voice more often when you call. Patti comes to us from the OHR Employment and Training Office in Holyoke Center. Welcome Patti!

    HULPR security reminder. OIS continues to receive reports of terminals that have been left logged on to HULPR when the system comes down each night. This is a reminder that all library staff should make sure that they have logged off of their terminals at the end of each day, and in fact, at any time during the day when the terminal is unattended for any length of time.

    Of particular concern are terminals left logged on with HULPR signons that have authority to view and/or update circulation patron records. Repeatedly, operators are leaving terminals logged on and unattended with a patron record displaying on the screen. This is a serious breach of security and OIS urges supervisors to remind their staff of the necessity of protecting data in HOLLIS, and particularly of preserving the confidentiality of patron information. OIS will continue to monitor these security breaches, but we need the full cooperation of all staff members to keep HOLLIS data secure.

    RECON: September open meeting on authority control. There will be an open meeting on authority control for RECON on Thursday, September 10, from 2:00-4:00 in the Lamont Forum Room. Topics to be covered will include:

    · What headings will (and what won't) be corrected/verified by the authority control vendor?
    · How will corrections be done?
    · What RECON and non-RECON bibliographic records will be affected?
    · What authority records will be supplied to us by the vendor, how will these be loaded into HOLLIS, and what is the relation between these and authority records manually created in HOLLIS?
    · How might this affect current cataloging workflow and procedures in your unit?

    All interested staff are invited to attend. The primary audience, however, will be cataloging and technical services managers and staff. If you have questions, contact Robin Wendler in OIS.

    RECON: change to bibliographic fixed field. In preparation for RECON, a new bibliographic fixed field element will display in HULPR technical services mode beginning this September. The field will have the label VENDOR, and appear on the second line of the bibliographic field where the SRCH field used to be. The field will contain a code which tells the external source of the record. Codes began being assigned last year, so not all HOLLIS records contain VENDOR codes. Now, however, whenever a record originating in OCLC, RLIN, the BF file, or another outside source is added to HOLLIS as new, or replaces an existing HOLLIS record, the VENDOR field is set with the correct source code. This field cannot be changed online, so anyone with macros which tab through the fixed fields may want to make sure their macros are updated if necessary. (The number of fixed fields is the same, but protected fields are skipped when tabbing through the record.)

    Values you will see in the VENDOR field include the following:

    • AAS: American Antiquarian Society
    • ATL: American Theological Library Association
    • DLC: Library of Congress
    • OCL: OCLC
    • ORH: Recon, claimed in OCLC by Harvard staff
    • ORK: Recon, keyed by OCLC staff
    • RLI: RLIN

    A blank VENDOR code means that the record was created in HOLLIS and has not been replaced by outside cataloging, or that the record was loaded before the VENDOR code was assigned. This change is scheduled to be in place by 14 September. If you see anything unexpected or encounter any problems, please call Robin Wendler in OIS, 495-3724.

    RECON: new authority subfield. In anticipation of loading authority records into HU as part of the RECON project, the subfield 5 (institution which created reference or note) is being made valid in all authority format fields with tags greater than 199. This means that the subfield 5 will be valid in HOLLIS for some fields for which it is not valid nationally. Refer to the HOLLIS Tag Table to find out exactly which fields can have a subfield 5.

    Authority record fields marked with a subfield 5 will be kept even if the record is replaced by an LC record loaded from a vendor. This makes the use of the subfield both valuable and powerful. It is valuable in that it prevents information supplied by a Harvard cataloger from being lost during record merge. However, it can lead to redundant or conflicting information if, for example, LC chooses to set up the same form as a cross reference on their record; both the LC field and the Harvard field will appear in the final record, and in the indexes. This is the sort of conflict which will develop over time, and staff should be on the lookout for such problems and correct them.

    This subfield is scheduled to become valid in all authority format fields above tag value 199 on 15 September. If you have questions, contact Robin Wendler in OIS.

    HOLLIS Acquisitions Statistics Reports distributed. OIS recently distributed to Harvard libraries the 1991-1992 Acquisitions Statistics Reports. The HUL Collection Development Committee developed these reports several years ago for units participating in the HOLLIS acquisitions subsystem. These twelve reports, which are distributed at no charge, are most useful to libraries that use all facets of the acquisitions subsystem (order and receipt using the order/pay/receipt record and financial accounting using online invoice records and o/p/r payment statements). Libraries choosing only partial participation may find that these reports give an incomplete or misleading picture of their acquisitions activity.

    A memo containing detailed descriptions accompanies these reports. If you have any comments or questions regarding these reports, or if you are not interested in receiving them in the future, please contact Kate Mullen in OIS.

    Some RECON-related changes added to HOLLIS. On Sunday, August 2nd, OIS installed some new software in HULPR in preparation for the University Library retrospective conversion project, scheduled to begin this fall. These changes support the enhanced duplicate detection routines and global change feature that will be integral parts of RECON. They should be totally invisible. Since the 2nd of August, HOLLIS and HULPR operations have not suffered interruptions because of these changes, but if you see something strange, do contact OIS.

    Countway circulation status in the Public Catalog. Since 3 August, the circulation status of Countway Library materials has been available in the HOLLIS Public Catalog. In the HU database, records with Countway locations should have the prompt:

    Cn - Enter DISPLAY Cn for circulation information

    where 'n' is the circulation display number for Countway. Follow the directions and type DISPLAY Cn to see whether the item is on the shelf, charged out, at the bindery, on reserves, etc. Countway is the seventh Harvard library to participate in online circulation through HOLLIS. The others are: Lamont, Hilles, Cabot, Widener, Kennedy School, and Physics Research.

    A reminder to libraries thinking about participating in online circulation -- you must give OIS one year's notice to guarantee that OIS staffing time and resources will be available for your project. If you have questions please contact Kate Ellis in OIS.

    Update on Public Catalog enhancements. The summer of 1992 has seen several enhancements to the HOLLIS Public Catalog display. This article presents a summary of what has happened and what is in store for the fall.

    Completed enhancements

    Alphabetic sorting of library locations became available in July. All HOLLIS records have Harvard locations listed in alpha order, followed by all non-Harvard locations, which are also alpha sorted. In addition, the non-Harvard locations are preceded by the display literal: NON-HARVARD LOCATION.

    The /bks (book) and /art (article citation) format codes were added to index and single record displays in the Public Catalog (as well as index displays in technical services mode). This change was implemented primarily for databases such as PAIS, where book and article format records coexist. The codes have always been present in the HOLLIS records, but until now did not display.

    In August, OIS changed the message for serials with active subscriptions from Active subscription to Library currently subscribes to this title. Liaisons requested this change in hope that the new message will be more self- explanatory. As a reminder, this message is generated either by an order record with activity status 'B' (currently received) or by a holdings record with STAT value of '4' (active). The format of the bibliographic record does not matter, although serial format records for active serials most commonly have order and holdings records with these values.

    Enhancements due this fall

    OIS is continuing development efforts to insure that the HOLLIS database code appears on all screens in the Public Catalog. Currently, some error messages erase this code from the display, leaving the HOLLIS user with no indication of what database he/she is in.

    OIS will be adding three new databases to the Public Catalog this fall (more on this below). This makes nine HOLLIS databases listed on the "Welcome to HOLLIS" front screen. To accommodate these new databases, OIS, with the assistance of SSHUSH (Standing Subcommittee on User Services in HOLLIS), is redesigning the "Welcome to HOLLIS" screen. The changes will not be radical, but will hopefully lead to a more legible front end screen. The new design will become available on 21 September.

    Three new databases are scheduled to debut this fall: Anthropological Literature (AL), Physics Preprints (PP), and ATLA Religion Index (RI). All three are scheduled to be available for staff review on Monday, 14 September. One week later (21 September), the codes for these new databases will be listed on the HOLLIS database selection screen for public use. For more details about these databases, consult this issue's FEATURE ARTICLE . If you have any questions about these enhancements, please contact Julie Wetherill in OIS.

    SAO retrospective data added to HU. The Center for Astrophysics (CfA) Library, commonly referred to as the John G. Wolbach Library, has housed the partially combined collections of the Harvard College Observatory (HCO) and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) Library since the early 1970's. The collections were completely merged this spring. In an effort to further combine the collections and simplify library operations, both library administrations have agreed to utilize HOLLIS as the online system. OIS has loaded into the HU database 10,000 SAO cataloging records produced from their old GEAC system. These records represent works cataloged in the past 10 years.

    HOLLIS now includes information about the complete collections of the CfA except for non-current serials and HCO monographs prior to 1984.(D. Coletti)

    Quarterly password change reminder. HOLLIS liaisons are reminded that, while passwords for ALL operators should be changed on an annual basis, passwords for CERTAIN operators should be changed more frequently. OIS strongly encourages the practice of changing quarterly the passwords of:

    • operators authorized to approve invoices for payment,
    • operators authorized to create & update ACU records,
    • operators authorized to display patron records, and
    • operators authorized to use the (circulation) "HAS" command.

    To request a password change, please complete the "Change to Operator Profile" form, copies of which may be made from the master form in Appendix L of the HOLLIS Reference Manual. If you have any questions concerning passwords, or other matters of operator security, please contact the OIS Security Administrator, Kate Mullen, at 495-3724.

    Response time tests. Response time tests are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month. Upcoming tests are scheduled for: 6 October, 3 November, and 1 December. Volunteers should mark their calendars appropriately.

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