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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 1 (January 1994)

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  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#91)
  • Feature Articles
  • Harvard University Home Gopher Established
  • Notes and Reminders
  • HOLLIS Services Contacts List Error
  • New HOLLIS Security Administration
  • Proposed Change to LG Database Contents
  • Change to REDO Command
  • Recon Roundup
  • Design and Wolbach Completed
  • Recon Year in Review
  • HOLLIS Training Schedule
  • HOLLIS Hints
  • HOLLIS Enhancements Update
  • OIS Current Projects
  • Network Notes
  • Farewell to Telexes!
  • Microcomputer User Group Meeting in February
  • CSSN Command Problem
  • A Change to SH Database Records
  • Canon Purge Units Update

  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#91)

    January 12, 1994
    Gropius Room, Loeb Design Library
    9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

    Directions: The Gropius Room is located in the Frances Loeb Design Library in Gund Hall. Go into the library. Go down the main staircase and turn right. The Gropius Room is down at the end of the aisle.

    1. Announcements: Tracey Robinson
    2. LG database - should we remove computing resources data?: Jon Rothman
    3. BRIDGE demo: Jon Rothman, Heather Reid

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    Feature Articles

    Harvard University Home Gopher Established
    by Amy Lozano

    Over a dozen Harvard University Gophers, services which provide access to local and world-wide information via the Internet, have sprung up recently. To make accessing these Harvard Gophers easier, a Harvard University Home Gopher has been established. This Gopher provides a single point of access to a range of individual Gophers run by different Harvard departments and affiliated institutions. These Gophers are also available on an individual basis. Gopher, a tool which facilitates browsing and searching for information on the Internet, has been growing in popularity at Harvard. The Harvard University Home Gopher provides access to local Gophers, to HOLLIS and VINE (campus information) via Telnet, and to information about Gopher from the University of Minnesota. An actual Gopher version of VINE will be available second semester as well via the Harvard Home Gopher. More information about the Gopher version of VINE will be available in future issues of this newsletter.

    Harvard Affiliated Gophers currently listed on the Harvard University Home Gopher (this list is growing quickly!):

    Arabidopsis Research Companion, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard
    Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher
    Botany/Zoology/Organismic & Evolutionary Biology Gopher
    Business School Publishing
    Countway Library of Medicine
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    Faculty of Arts and Sciences
    FlyBase Drosophila Database (at Indiana University)
    Harvard University Data Center
    Harvard University On-Line Course Catalogs
    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Theory Group Gopher
    National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
    School of Public Health

    To access the Harvard University Home Gopher, you need access to Gopher "client" software. Gopher client software is available for Macintosh and DOS personal computers (as well as other platforms) which are connected to the High Speed Data Network (HSDN). You also need to have software on your personal computer which allows you to Telnet and FTP. Software is available via anonymous FTP from the site boombox.micro.umn.edu ( in the directory /pub/gopher. For example, there is Macintosh software called TurboGopher which is available. This software is provided in "compressed" format and requires software to uncompress it before it can be installed.

    If you have problems uncompressing and installing the software, the first person to talk to is your local computer support person. You may have to know network information such as your IP number in order to configure the client software properly. If you have no local support person, you can call the Network Information Center help desk at 496-2001.

    Configure the client software to connect to gopher.harvard.edu (, port 70 to view the Harvard University Home Gopher. Many Gophers provided by individual schools or departments will also soon provide menu access to the Harvard University Home Gopher.

    Gopher is also accessible on many of Harvard's multi-user systems on which you may have a computer account (such as a FAS Science Center computer account).

    Please be aware that there is no way to telnet or dial directly to the Harvard University Home Gopher. Documentation about the Harvard University Home Gopher will be distributed through OIT and Library sites in the near future. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Lozano at 495-1821 or lozan@harvarda.harvard.edu. (AL)

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    Notes and Reminders

    HOLLIS Service Contacts List Error

    The HOLLIS Services Contacts List which accompanied the December HOLLIS Newsletter contained the wrong number for OIT technical assistance. Please change the telephone number to 496-2001 -- the new number for OIT's Network Information Center. The number 495-9388 is incorrect. (JW)

    New HOLLIS Security Administrator. As of December, Linda Marean, Head of OIS Operations Support, has assumed the title of HOLLIS Security Administrator. Staff should continue to address their requests for HULPR signon changes to "Security Administrator" in OIS (1280 Mass. Ave., Suite 404). However, for telephone assistance regarding any aspect of HOLLIS security, contact Linda Marean in OIS. (JW)

    Proposed change to LG Database Contents. In late 1991, OIS added information about Harvard computing resources to HOLLIS' Library Guide (LG) database. This information originally appeared as part of an OIT print publication Guide to Harvard Computing Resources. At that time, it was agreed that OIT staff would maintain this information. OIS has received reports of erroneous or outdated information in these records, but there is no definite date set for revision. Rather than offer incorrect information to our patrons, OIS would prefer to remove computing resource records from LG and possibly negotiate a transfer of this information to the VINE. At the January meeting, OIS will ask liaisons' opinions on this issue. In the meantime, contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions. (JW)

    Change to REDO command. A change has been made in HOLLIS to allow the REDO command to function across databases. Previously, REDO, which recalls the text of the last search issued to the command line, did not work after a user had switched to a different database. It is now possible to search in one database (say HU); switch to a different database (say OW); issue REDO to recall the search issued in HU, and press enter to perform that same search in OW. Remember, the same set of indexes are not available in every HOLLIS database. For example, in OW you can recall the subject search you performed in HU but it will not work in OW because these records do not contain subject headings. Also, once you leave catalog mode, HOLLIS will "forget" your previous search. This enhancement was second in the list of top five OPAC enhancements. Contact Jon Rothman in OIS if you have questions. (JR)

    Recon Roundup

    Design and Wolbach Completed. On December 9 OCLC Retrocon staff completed the conversion of 117,159 records in the Loeb Design Library main catalog and on December 15 the conversion of approximately 7,800 records in Wolbach Library was completed. This brings to five the number of monograph projects converted to date: Kummel, Cabot, Education, Design, and Wolbach. In addition, the serial projects for the Education and Museum of Comparative Zoology libraries are completed. Other monograph conversions currently underway or about to begin are: Widener/Houghton, University Archives theses, Law, and the Biblioteca Berenson and the Botany Libraries serials.

    The revised recon queue, based on OCLC's proposed increase in production beginning in January 1994, is now under discussion. Once the plan has been agreed to by the Recon Operations Advisory Committee and the Heads of the Libraries still in the queue, a copy of it will be included in the next issue of the HOLLIS Newsletter. (KCY)

    Recon Year in Review. This Editor has informally voted 1993 as the year of Harvard Library Recon. In honor of this designation, below are the highlights of Recon activity since its beginning in September 1992. Practically-speaking, this review aims to remind staff to which issues of the newsletter they should refer when interested in a particular Recon development. Permanent Recon-related changes to HOLLIS will be incorporated into the HOLLIS Reference Manual in the Spring of 1994.

    September 1992

    • HU base file sent to OCLC for authority processing (Oct issue, pg. 7)
    • Open Meeting on Recon authority control (Oct, Nov., Dec issues)
    • VENDOR replaces SRCH element of bibliographic fixed field; VENDOR indicates the external source of the bibliographic record (Sept., pg.10)
    • Authority subfield |5 defined for all authority fields higher than tag value 199; |5 protects fields when a record is replaced by an authority record loaded from OCLC Recon (Sept., pg.10)
    • New 948 field for reporting and tracking for reimbursements; 948 records who claimed/keyed the record, when, and for what library (Dec., pg.12)
    • Enhanced duplicate detection facility in HOLLIS; Global Change function implemented (Sept., pg.11)
    • Queue for conversion of monographs approved; conversion starts in Widener and Houghton (Nov., pg.3); also the Theater Collection, Map Room, University Archives, Microforms, and Government Documents (Jan., pg.3)

    October 1992

    • Introductions for the Recon Project Oversight Committee and the Recon Operations Advisory Committee (Oct., pg.1)

    November 1992

    • New guidelines for authority work done locally (Nov., pg.13)
    • 1st Recon Quarterly Report distributed December 1992 Detailed descriptions of Recon-related changes to duplicate detection/resolution (Dec., pg.12)

    January 1993

    • Frances Loeb Design Library joins the Recon queue (Mar., pg.3)
    • Aspects of Recon records in HOLLIS: encoding level "k" (less than full, OCLC -member) for keyed records (Jan., pg. 3); treatment of LC and local subject headings (Jan., pg.8)
    • Quality control sampling of Recon records begins

    March 1993

    • OW cleanup project; incoming Recon records are matched by call number with the CW call number index in OW (Mar., pg.14)
    • More refinements to HOLLIS duplicate detection and resolution -- date qualification, evaluation of 260 |b, and merging criteria on multiple, different call numbers (Mar., pg.14)
    • Recon serial conversion plan description (Mar., pg.15)

    April 1993

    • Linking unlinked item records begins (Apr., pg.10)
    • 1st 1993 Recon Quarterly Report appended to HOLLIS Newsletter (Apr. issue)
    • Monroe C. Gutman Library joins the Recon queue
    • Law Library joins Recon queue

    May 1993

    • Kummel Library joins Recon queue

    June 1993

    • 1st "Hump" passed; a half-million records added to HU from 9/16/92 to 6/16/93 sent off to OCLC for authority processing (Nov., pg.2)
    • 140,000 corporate heading corrections received from OCLC and processed (May, pg.7)
    • Law Library and Kummel Library join the Recon queue (May, pg.4)
    • OCLC starts sending Recon and current cataloging data via file transfer instead of magnetic tape; data received daily and processed weekly (Mar., pg.3)

    July 1993

    • OIS starts loading OCLC Recon and current cataloging daily (Jul., pg.2)
    • Recon serial conversion begins with the Museum of Comparative Zoology (Aug. issue)
    • New AFIX command to send a copy of a record to OCLC for authority processing (Jul., pg.14)
    • Cabot Science Library joins the Recon queue (Aug. issue)
    • Kummel monographs completed (1st conversion)

    August 1993

    • 1993 2nd Recon Quarterly Report distributed (Aug. issue)

    September 1993 AFIX command clarification (Sept., pg.9)

    • October 1993
    • Wolbach Library joins the Recon queue (Dec. issue)
    • Gutman Library joins serials Recon queue (Dec. issue)
    • Cabot and Gutman monographs completed; MCZ serials completed

    November 1993

    • On Thanksgiving Day, the 2nd "Hump" of Recon records is pulled and sent to OCLC -- records added to HU since 6/16/93 (Dec., pg.4)
    • HU reaches 4 million record mark (Nov., pg.6)
    • Gutman serials completed
    • Botany Library joins serials Recon

    December 1993

    • OIS loads into the 485,000 authority records from OCLC (Dec. issue)
    • 1993 3rd Recon Quarterly Report (Dec. issue)
    • Baker Library joins serials Recon
    • Wolbach monographs completed

    Not listed here are the many bug fixes, minor enhancements, and other activities performed by Recon and OIS staff "behind the scenes" of the Recon Project. If you have questions, contact Karen Carlson Young, Recon Project Manager (496-4011). (JW)

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    HOLLIS Training Schedule

    HOLLIS training for library staff takes place from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at 1280 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 404. Staff members may sign up for these training sessions as a series or as needed. Please contact Julie Wetherill in OIS (495-3724) to register for any of these sessions, or for more information. The schedule of HOLLIS training is regularly published in this newsletter, on the EMS electronic bulletin board, and in the Harvard University Library Notes.

    January 4/February 1   Session #1: Introduction to HOLLIS. Includes basic system structure, functions and record types, basic searching, and an introduction to machine-readable cataloging (MARC) formats.

    January 11/February 3   Session #2: In-Depth Searching. Includes detailed earching techniques and review of index structure.

    January 11/February 8   Session #3: Bibliographic Record Creation and Maintenance. Discussion of bibliographic record creation and maintenance, in HOLLIS, utility tape processing, sources of bibliographic data (including the LC books file).

     January 13/February 10 Session #4: Serial Holdings Record Creation and Maintenance. Detailed review of serial holdings record format, rules and standards for coding holdings data.

    January 18/February 11 Session #5: Order/Pay/Receipt Records. Review of O/P/R records, order creation, conventions for recording receipt of materials, production of claim memoranda.

    February 15 Session #6: Fund Accounting in HOLLIS. Includes invoice creation, recording of payment transactions, accounting unit record display and maintenance.

    On hold Session #7: EMS (Electronic Mail) Basic Functions. Discussion of basic electronic mail features, including creating and sending messages, reading messages, and the EMS bulletin board.

    February 17 Session #8: Introduction to the Circulation Subsystem. An overview of the HOLLIS patron file, item records, and basic charge, discharge, recall/hold, and billing functions in the circulation subsystem.

    January 20  Session #9: Introduction to the HOLLIS Online Public Catalog. A review of basic system structure, searching, record displays, and online help.

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    HOLLIS Hints

    HOLLIS hints is an occasional Newsletter feature that presents helpful hints about HOLLIS system features. OIS is eager to collect suggestions for topics in this section. Please contact Julie Wetherill at OIS (495-3724)if you have a suggestion.

    Cataloging no-no. OIS has found some errors in the use of field 740 to record a title traced differently. As an example, the following bibliographic record has a 740 field which contains not only a title but a note about its location on the title page verso.

    HU FMT: B ENCL: a C/DT: 05/06/92 U/DT: 12/08/93 STAT: n LGD: am DCF: | CHK: 3 LCMRC: | LCCLAS: R 0000 VENDOR: PDTYP: | PDT1: 1991 PDT2: CNTRY: kg LANG: kir ILLUS: I/LEV: REPROD: CNTNT: GOV: | CONF: | FEST: | INDX: | FICT: | BIO: | MODREC: | CATSRC: d
    020/1: : z 5655007428
    100:1 : a Erkinbaev, Sh. I.
    245:10: a Baldardyn zhugushtuu darttary
    260: : a Bishkek : b "Kyrgyzstan", c 1991.
    300: : a 105 p. 500/1: : a In Kirghiz.
    700/1:10: a Erkinbaeva, E. Sh.
    740/2:01: a Detskie infek t sionnye bolezni.
    740/3:01: a Title on t.p. verso: Baldardyn zhugushtuu oorulary.

    740/4:01: a Baldardyn zhugushtuu oorulary.

    The correct way to handle this is to add a 500 general note:

    500/2: : a Title on t.p. verso: Baldardyn zhugushtuu oorulary.

    and omit the "Title on t.p. verso:" from the 740 title field. If the "Title on... " remains in the 740, it will be indexed as part of the title in the TI index -- not a desirable outcome. Please contact Robin Wendler in OIS if you have questions. (RW)

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    HOLLIS Enhancements Update

    Recently Complete Changes to HOLLIS
    Changes completed since 10/29/93

    This column features brief descriptions of some of the smaller completed changes to HOLLIS which are not described more fully in individual articles. OIS projects and major enhancements will continue to be described in greater detail in newsletter articles. If you have comments, questions, or would like more details about any of these changes, contact Jon Rothman at OIS, either by telephone at 495-3724 or be email at rothmn@harvarda.

    1. Subject index entries will no longer be generated from the 681 field (Example Under / Note Under). Previously existing entries have been removed.

    2. The HULPR tapeout process has been changed so that 035 fields with first indicators other than 0 or 1 can be retained in output records. This allows OIS to make copies of the HOLLIS Anthropological Literature database to be used for the creation of CDROM and other products.

    3. HOLLIS has been modified to accommodate inconsistencies between LC and USMARC in authority record fixed field coding practices. These inconsistencies had resulted in the creation of many blind subject cross-references when the authority records from OCLC were loaded. The blind cross references have been removed from the index.

    4. It is now possible to perform an OPAC search "across databases" by using the REDO command. After a search has been performed in one database, CHoose a different database and issue REDO to retrieve the search text issued in the first database. This enhancement was #2 on the OPAC enhancements list.

    5. Until now it was not possible to regenerate the index which maintains links between o/p/r's and mlox'ed bibliographic records. We are now able to regenerate that index if necessary.

    6. Improvements have been made to HOLLIS duplicate detection and resolution for authority records.

    In addition to the changes listed above, 4 additional small changes which affect the HOLLIS infrastructure were completed recently. "Infrastructure changes" are enhancements and bug fixes that are needed to ensure reliable and efficient operation of HOLLIS but which do not have directly visible or readily describable functional effects. (JR)

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    OIS Current Projects

    This column tracks the large and medium-sized OIS development projects underway and pending. For more information on a particular project, contact the OIS staff member in the "Contact" column. (JW)

    Active Projects

    Bridge (gateway menu system) H. Reid 6/92 2/94 Tech. development ongoing. Demos for HOLLIS Managers, Liaisons, and Micro Users Group.
    Recon, part 3 M Smith 3/93 3/94 Loading most of humaps 1 and 2 results; rest due late Feb.
    End user reporting J Rothman 5/93 ?? Database design in progress.
    GARP (online reserves processing) D Bednarek
    C Husbands
    6/93 ?? Programming of basic functions begun; RB database defined in test region.
    User Comment Facility J Rothman 8/93 ?? Functional specification to HAAC for 1/26/94.
    In-Library Database Use Survey C Husbands 9/93 11/93 Plan for continuous data collection adopted; programming in process.
    MVS-IP (alternative to Mitek connection for networked devices) H Reid 9/93 ?? OIT has proposed using IBM's MBS-IP instead of purchasing another Mitek. Planning in progress.
    Online circulation for Gutman, Design, Wolbach D Bednarek
    L Marean
    J Wetherill
    12/93 8/94 Big circ kickoff meeting held 12/17; smart barcoding to commence by 2/94.
    TLP (Telecommunications Linking Program)--using LAN PC's to access OCLC with full functionality H Reid 9/93 2/94 Line will be installed Jan. 17th; planning for phased implement. ongoing.


    Projects on Hold

    FETCHERRS (Requesting HD materials through HOLLIS C Husbands Queued behind GARP by HAAC 6/15/93
    ACF2 Security changes (preventing HULPR access from many terminals using the same signon, among other things) J Rothman On hold.
    LISH (indexing enhancements) M Smith On hold (redo KW stress test for new processor).
    HU to RLIN R Wendler Task Group report going to ULC in Jan.
    HSDN dial H Reid On hold.
    HOLLIS MPG H Reid Awaiting implementation of IBM MVS-IP.

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    Network Notes

    Farewell to Telexes! Staff in the OIS Networking and Desktop Systems group de-installed the last four Telex terminals in use for HULPR activity. For readers relatively new to Harvard, the Telex terminal was the first HOLLIS terminal -- these workhorses were the device of choice for HOLLIS technical services work from 1985 until the Public Catalog came up in 1988. These last four machines -- located at Countway Library -- are now in storage. If you have a suggestion for their final disposition, please contact staff if the OIS Network Group. (The Editor suggested turning them into planters, but no one was interested.) (JW)

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    Microcomputer user group meeting in February. The second meeting of the HOLLIS Microcomputer Users Group will take place February 1st from 2:00 - 4:00 pm in the Wiener Auditorium at the Kennedy School. The topic for this meeting will be the BRIDGE (a front-end "gateway menu" to online data resources like HOLLIS, the VINE, Course Catalogs, CitaDel databases and more). There will be a demonstration of the BRIDGE and discussion of the underlying software platform it utilizes (Gopher), the networking environment in which the BRIDGE will operate, and future developments which will serve to make the BRIDGE accessible from desktop gopher clients. For some background, consult three documents describing the Bridge, planning for its implementation, and access issues, accompanied the December 1993 HOLLIS Newsletter. This meeting is open to all interested staff. Contact Heather Reid in OIS if you have questions.

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    CSSN command problem. In mid-December, OIS received several calls from staff having difficulty in accessing HULPR. The problem is characterized by the message "invalid transaction" following the sign-on commands CSSN, LTHU, or LIBR. Normally the mainframe interprets all sign-on commands in capital letters, but for some reason this does not happen in some cases. This is an elusive little bug that OIS has seen before, but its cause has been a mystery. Generally, only a few terminals are affected by this and the problem usually disappears within days. Those operators who suffer this problem should enter their CSSN, LTHU, and LIBR commands in upper case in order to proceed. If you suffer this problem, please contact OIS for assistance. OIS is investigating the problem and will report any findings. (LC)

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    A change to SH database records. OIS has made some changes to the fixed field values of SH subject authority records that will make it easier to use these records in the HU database. Many SH records contain subject heading codes (SUBCOD) and heading use codes (SUBJ) which are invalid combinations when the record is copied into HU. The operator must change these values in order to file the record, and in many cases the operator is not authorized to update these fields.

    OIS has changed the SH fixed field codes as follows: whenever the subject heading code was 'a' (LCSH) and the heading use code was 'a' (an invalid combination in HOLLIS), the use code was changed to the letter 'l'. Whenever the subject heading code was 'c' (MESH) and the heading use code was 'a' (also invalid), the use code was changed to 'm'. The only effect will be that operators do not have to change the code when they COPY these records into HU.

    Contact Robin Wendler if you have questions. (MS)

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    Canon purge units update. OIS has obtained a new supply of purge unit parts for the Canon printers. However, Canon is now charging us for this part. This order was filled at a special price of $36.89 per unit. Because of this dramatic change in cost (up until now they were free), OIS will begin to charge for the replacement of this part on July 1, 1994. It is not clear whether we will be able to obtain future orders at this price, or whether we will be asked to pay the list price of $61.61. (LC)

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    January 7, 1994
    Serials Cataloging Workshop
    9:30 am - 12:00 noon
    Media Classroom in Gutman Library
    Topics: Overview of the serials bibliographic record and how to catalog serials. Contact: Ruth Haas at 495-5684.
    * * See January 14th listing for alternate date. * *

    January 12
    HOLLIS Liaisons User Group Meeting
    9:30 - 11:00 am
    Gropius Room, Loeb Design Library

    January 12
    Leadership Strategies for Networked Organizations
    11:00 am - 12:30 pm
    Lamont Forum Room
    Speaker: Paul Evan Peters, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information

    January 14
    Serials Cataloging Workshop
    9:30 am - 12:00 noon
    Media Classroom in Gutman Library
    Topics: Overview of the serials bibliographic record and how to catalog serials. Contact: Ruth Haas at 495-5684.

    January 21
    Serials Cataloging Workshop
    9:30 am - 12:00 noon
    Media Classroom in Gutman Library
    Topics: CONSER's role at Harvard, serial records in HOLLIS, and serials on the INTERNET.

    January 27
    Copyright Law in the Age of Technology: a workshop for librarians.
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Land Hall, JFK School of Government
    Speaker: Laura N. Gasaway, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law, University of North Carolina. Registration required. Contact Mary Beth Clack (495-2422 or mclack@harvarda.harvard.edu).

    January 28
    Open panel discussion on copyright issues
    9:30 am
    Starr Auditorium, JFK School of Government
    Contact: Mary Beth Clack (495-2422 or mclack@harvarda.harvard.edu).

    February 1
    Microcomputer Users Interest Group
    2:00 - 4:00 pm
    Wiener Auditorium, JFK School of Government
    Topic: the Bridge (see note on page 10 of this issue)

    February 9
    HOLLIS Liaisons User Group Meeting
    9:30 - 11:00 am
    Lamont Forum Room

    March 9
    HOLLIS Liaisons User Group Meeting
    2:30 - 4:00 pm, Lamont Forum Room

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