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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 12 (December 1994)

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  • Agenda for December's meeting.
  • Feature Articles.
  • TN3270 software which supports ALA character set.
  • Notes and Reminders.
  • Register HOLLIS Plus workstations.
  • New on the VINE.
  • Harvard now has a Web Home Page.
  • Changes to HOLLIS Plus.
  • PsycINFO status report.
  • Pay statements flagged for weeding.
  • HOLLIS Enhancements Update.
  • Network Notes.
  • Ciata's departure, and replacement.
  • Network support.

    Happy Holidays !
    Agenda for HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#97)
    December 14, 1994
    Lamont Forum Room, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

    1. Announcements: Jon Rothman
    2. PsycINFO: Julie Wetherill
    3. Format Integration: Robin Wendler

    Feature Articles
    Update On ALA-character set supporting TN3270 software. There are currently three PC-based TN3270 packages that provide network access to HULPR and support the ALA character set: the Cornell TN3270 (a.k.a. PCIP), the McGill TCP3270 for DOS and the McGill TCP3270 for Windows. The two McGill packages are licensed software for which Harvard has purchased a site license entitling any university-affiliated user to install the package on their PC. The Cornell package is public-domain software which is no longer supported by its developer, Cornell University.

    For quite some time now, OIS has been aware of a limitation in the Cornell package which prevents its use on any workstation running ODI packet driver software (this software is widely used in Novell LAN environments). This limitation has meant that libraries have had to chose between use of ODI and use of PCIP (most libraries using PCIP are running the Clarkson packet driver software in place of ODI.) Other PCIP limitations include an incompatibility with BOOTP -- a commonly used network management protocol which allows for the sharing of network resources -- and the fact that any attempt to do screen prints from within PCIP of records containing diacritics will have unpredictable results. At best, the diacritics will print as garbage. At worst, the diacritic characters will be interpreted by the printer as control codes and will result in changes in font size, multiple form feeds, etc.

    Recently, OIS ran into another PCIP incompatibility. During installation of PCIP on some new PCs acquired by the Countway Library it became clear that PCIP was incompatible with the brand of ethernet card installed in the machine (i.e. HP). Hewlett Packard is a reputable manufacturer of ethernet cards and this particular card presented no problems when other TCP/IP software was utilized on the machine. It seems safe to conclude that the problem lies with PCIP.

    These various limitations are no doubt in part explained by the fact that Cornell University is no longer updating PCIP. Hence, its compatibility with newer software and hardware is not guaranteed. We cannot rule out, and indeed should expect, that the number of such incompatibilities will rise as the software becomes more and more out of date. Libraries who are just now planning to move to networked PCs for HULPR access should think carefully about building up a dependency on PCIP. Libraries already using PCIP should take into consideration the problems outlined above and be aware that at some point these or other limitations may force them to migrate to another package.

    If you, or your computer support personnel would like to discuss any of these issues further, please feel free to contact Heather Reid (heather_reid@harvard.edu or 495-3724).

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    Notes and Reminders
    Registering HOLLIS Plus in-library devices. Terminals and workstations that are going to be used for access to HOLLIS Plus in libraries should be registered with OIS. This will have two effects:

    • these devices will be able to telnet to the common UNIX HOLLIS Plus gopher client,
    • they will be excluded from user validation for licensed databases.

    Any in-library devices may be registered, as long as they are either in a public place or being used by library staff.

    To register a terminal or workstation, you will need to fill out a registration form. Please note that the form has A printed copy of the form is attached to this newsletter. You can also get this form by ftp as follows: ftp to elmer.harvard.edu. Use "hpguest" as the login name. When asked for a password, press (ENTER). You will want to get the file named "form".

    Complete the form and send it either in paper to Patti Fucci at 1280 Mass. Ave. Suite 404, or by e-mail to p_fucci@harvard.edu. You will receive a note or a call when your device is registered. It should take no longer than 5 days.

    New services available on VINE. The Harvard Crimson, the University daily newspaper, is now offering its lead story, page three feature, top sports story and lead staff editorials on-line as an experiment. This limited Crimson is accessible through VINE, by choosing the "Harvard Newspapers and Newsletters" directory from the main VINE directory.

    Also now available under the "Harvard Newspapers and Newsletters" directory are the monthly OIT Technology Window, and a limited version of the weekly Harvard Independent.

    VINE has added a directory containing six different weather reporting sources under "Weather Forecasts and Information."

    Harvard University now has a World-Wide Web Home Page. If you have a World-Wide Web browser (Mosaic, NetScape, Cello, or the like), open up the URL http://www.harvard.edu. After an initial trial period, this Home Page is now available to the whole Internet. The Harvard Home Page is designed to be a set of pointers to departmental or organizational Home Pages at Harvard, rather than a true Campus-Wide Information System. The VINE, which is a gopher, plays the role of CWIS at Harvard. The Harvard Home Page allows you to connect to the VINE.

    If you have comments or suggestions for improvement, please use the comment facility provided on the Home Page, or send e-mail to www-admin@harvard.edu.

    Changes to HOLLIS Plus. This message is of interest to those libraries that have HOLLIS Plus terminals or workstations that use the common UNIX gopher client. That is, the terminals reach HOLLIS Plus by telnetting to hplus. Starting on Nov. 29, a timeout feature was added to the HOLLIS Plus common client that returns the screen to the main HOLLIS Plus menu after 7 minutes of idleness. This means that if a user walks away from HOLLIS Plus, it will return to the main menu, and the next user will be less likely to be confused by coming up to one of the lower-level menus. Because of this change, you may notice that the terminal beeps when it's timing out.

    Only workstations using the HOLLIS Plus common client are affected in this way. Contact Kathy Klemperer in OIS if you have questions.

    PsycINFO status report. The PsycINFO database officially became available in the HOLLIS Public Catalog and HULPR Catalog Mode on Monday, 21 November. A printed information sheet describing this new database will be distributed in December. A brief overview of PsycINFO features is scheduled for the December HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (Wednesday, 14 December, 9:30-11:00 am in the Lamont Forum Room). If you have questions, contact Robin Wendler or Julie Wetherill in OIS.

    Payment statements flagged. On Wednesday, Nov. 23, 30,722 Payment Statements approved before 12/31/93 were flagged as "weedable" and may be weeded. Fiche reflecting these statements have been distributed to those with subscriptions. If you have any questions about payment statement weeding, please contact Linda Marean in OIS or via e-mail, linda_marean@harvard.edu.

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    HOLLIS Enhancements Update
    This column features brief descriptions of some of the smaller completed changes to HOLLIS which are not described more fully in individual articles. OIS projects and major enhancements will continue to be described in greater detail in newsletter articles. If you would like more information contact Jon Rothman at OIS or by email at ROTHMN@HARVARDA. Changes completed since 10/26/94.

    1. Recall and hold status now appear in the "has" list for items that have been charged to lost. This enhancement was ranked #5 on the Circulation enhancements list.
    2. If an item which had been charged to lost or missing was subsequently charged to another patron, the charge to the original patron (who had lost the item) was not removed from the patron charge index and would still appear in the has list for the original patron. This has been corrected.
    3. A bug preventing the proper creation of a bill/fine record during the renewal of an overdue item has been corrected.
    4. Up until now, when the MLOX command was used to move the LOCs from one record to another, a pointer from the old bibliographic record number to the new one was created only if there were order linkages on the LOCs. A change has been made so that now a pointer from the old bibliographic record number to the new one is created whenever an MLOX is performed, regardless of linkages. This means that the new record will be retrieved by a search on the old record number.
    5. Subject heading use codes were being incorrectly set for incoming authority records which had not been used as subjects. The problem has been corrected and codes are being set correctly in new records. The incorrect records which had already been loaded are being replaced. There will be an announcement when the reload is complete.
    6. A bug in the loading of Canadiana records which resulted in the loss of the first character of the 010 field has been fixed and the incorrect records have been replaced.
    7. A change in the data received from Human Resources had resulted in some legitimate users being denied access to restricted databases in the HOLLIS OPAC. A change has been made to correct this problem
    8. A bug was recently discovered where, for an occasional user of the HOLLIS catalog via telnet, any command entered resulted in the "COMMAND UNKNOWN OR NOT VALID FROM THIS SCREEN" message. This problem has been corrected.
    9. Previously if a user entered an ACU record with an error then pressed enter without making any changes after the error message it would result in an 878L ABEND. This has been corrected.
    10. The text of the "pyr" and "ppay" coded notes were changed to remove the words "in triplicate".
    In addition to the changes listed above, 4 additional small changes which affect the HOLLIS infrastructure were completed recently. "Infrastructure changes" are enhancements and bug fixes that are needed to ensure reliable operation of HOLLIS but which do not have directly visible or readily describable functional effects.

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    Network Notes.
    Ciata's departure and replacement. As most of you are no doubt already aware, Ciata Victor left OIS at the end of November. A search committee has been formed to interview candidates for the vacancy now open in the OIS Networking and Desktop Systems (NDS) group and this committee met for the first time on Monday, 5 December. The members are:

    • Heather Reid -- OIS
    • Daniel Bednarek --OIS
    • Lesly Corrielus -- OIS
    • Lauren Caulton -- OIS
    • Frankie Hoff --Wadsworth House
    • Julie Wetherill -- OIS
    • Beata Panagopoulos --Kennedy School
    OIS is hoping to proceed with the hiring process ASAP and to have made a job offer by the end of this month. This is ambitious timing -- especially given the holidays -- but we will do our best to make it.

    Network support. Until a new staff member is hired, network support will be provided by Lesly Corrielus, Lauren Caulton and Heather Reid (NDS Manager). Since Lesly and Lauren will be particularly busy during this period when we are down one person, when you call OIS with a network-related problem make sure to identify the reason for your call, rather than asking for a specific person. For example -- "I'm calling with a terminal problem" or"I'm having trouble getting to HULPR from my PC." This will enable us to better share the work and to avoid the situation in which a problem sits waiting for a particular staff person who may be out of the office for an extended period of time on other calls.

    We appreciate your patience during this transition time. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Heather Reid in OIS or via email, heather_reid@harvard.edu.

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