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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 10, Number 1 (January 1995)

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  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#98) Agenda
  • Feature Articles
  • Enhancements to o/p/r records navigation
  • Notes from the December Meeting
  • Printer, printer, who's got a printer?
  • Reporting HOLLIS terminal problems
  • Search for a new Networking and Desktop Systems specialist
  • Release 2.6 of McGill TCP 3270 for Windows now available
  • What is ABCD and why should you care?
  • Hollis Plus registration
  • Two millionth Recon record
  • Payment records flagged
  • Distributed Reporting Project--the pilot
  • Out-of-state locations and order of dislplay
  • HOLLIS Liaisons to meet every other month
  • PsycInfo tidbits
  • Format integration--the January 1995 phase
  • Notes and Reminders
  • HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus logos available
  • Quarterly password reminder
  • OIS Current Projects
  • Calendar

    Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#98) Agenda

    July 11, 1995
    2:30-4:00 pm
    Gutman Conference Center

    1. Announcements: Tracey Robinson
    2. HOLLIS Distributed Reporting demonstration: Martha Creedon

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    Feature Articles
    Enhancements to o/p/r record navigation
    by Jon Rothman
    Two changes to HULPR's handling of o/p/r records became available as of 15 December. These changes were developed by OIS, in consultation with representatives from the Acquisitions Round Table, to address some highly-ranked acquisitions enhancement reque sts. The changes are:

    1. In response to a longstanding request to "improve paging in o/p/r records", the STMT command now takes three new parameters in addition to the statement number. Previously the command took only a statement number as a parameter (for example "STMT 3"). When the command was executed the o/p/r record redisplayed starting with the requested statement number. As of 15 December the following parameters can also be used with the STMT command:
      • STMT P -- redisplay starting with the last payment statement in the division,
      • STMT R -- redisplay starting with the first receipt statement in the division,
      • STMT L -- redisplay starting with the last statement of any kind in the division.
    2. In response to another longstanding request, the VENDOR and NV (note to vendor) fields now display on all screens of an o/p/r display (previously these fields displayed only on the first screen).

    Try these new features out and let us know what you think. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact Jon Rothman in OIS.

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    Notes from the December Meeting
    Printer, printer, who's got a printer?
    Heather Reid announced that Hewlett Packard has stopped production of the HP DeskJet 520 printer. OIS had recommended the DJ 520 as the "printer-of-choice" for IBM terminals because it runs quietly and supports the ALA character set. Hewlett Packard sug gests replacement of the DJ 520 with the HP DeskJet 540. Unfortunately, the DJ 540 has no external switches (that is, buttons or touch pads) whatsoever. Control of the DJ 540 is achieved completely through software which, of course, is something that co mes only with desktop computers, not dumb terminals. Pending further investigations, it looks like OIS is once again without a printer to recommend for use with IBM terminals. [From the Editor: Hewlett Packard will continue to honor the three-ye ar limited warranty on existing DJ 520s. Printers can be serviced by Harvard Tech Services at 175 North Harvard Street in Allston (495-8324).]

    Heather noted that the Technology Product Center no longer stocks the DJ 520 and suggested that units needing a terminal printer might try contacting outside vendors in case they still have some DJ 520s in stock. Another option would be the IBM Proprinte r, which also supports the character set, but is very noisy. Of course, the DJ 540 should work normally when connected to a desktop microcomputer -- and in fact, units have reported success in using DJ 540s with PCs running McGill TCP3270 terminal sessio ns to HULPR. In fact, DeskJets are only one of many printers compatible with microcomputers -- printer options are severely limited only with the IBM terminal.

    Ingrid Ahlberg noted that Widener Collection Development was connecting new DJ 540s to microcomputers and moving DJ520s to HOLLIS terminals. [From the Editor: as Ingrid later discovered, connecting a DJ 520 to a terminal requires a $99.95 paralle l-serial converter and a $25 RS-232-C serial cable. This information appears in printer ordering instructions appended to the June/July 1994 HOLLIS Newsletter.]

    Beata Panagopoulos asked about the DJ 540's performance when attached to a PC with an OCLC connection. How would she send a form feed request to the printer? Heather could not provide a definitive answer at this meeting because OIS had only just learned about the new model DeskJet.

    OIS will continue to investigate terminal printers options. If you have questions, contact Heather Reid in OIS.

    Reporting HOLLIS terminal problems The OIS Network group are short staffed and have their hands full lately with a multiplicity of installations and problem calls. To insure that all terminal problems are handled with the greatest expedience, Heather Reid suggested some guidelines to foll ow when a library is reporting a problem:

    1. Assign one person to be in charge of reporting HOLLIS terminal problems to OIS. In many units, the HOLLIS Liaison has this responsibility, although OIS recognizes this is not always possible. Frequently, the same terminal problem is rep orted by several different staff members -- resulting in redundant calls or visits by OIS network staff. "Funneling" questions and problem reports through one person also increases that person's local network expertise and reduces time spent by individual staff members troubleshooting network problems.
    2. When calling in a trouble report to OIS, please do not ask for Lesly, Lauren or another specific staff member. Instead, indicate that you are reporting a HOLLIS terminal problem and need a HOLLIS Trouble Report filled out. Messages t o a specific person may go unanswered for a period of time and not get proper, immediate attention.

    Heather stressed the importance of notifying the OIS Network group well in advance of any impending HOLLIS terminal moves so that they can be ready to assist if necessary. Without prior warning, OIS may not have the right equipment on hand to facilitate the move. Suzanne Kemple pointed out that libraries in the College often do not know in advance that HCL Automation will be doing work on a given day. Heather acknowledged that this issue was on the agenda of an upcoming meeting between OIS and HCL Auto mation staff.

    Search for a new Networking and Desktop Systems specialist Heather Reid announced that interviews for Ciata Victor's position were taking place and said that she hoped to issue a job offer and have a replacement by the end of December 1994. [Editor's note: OIS is happy to report that Heather has succeede d and, in fact, filled the position well ahead of her own deadline. John Maher, formerly of the Countway Library, will join the Network and Desktop Systems group on Thursday, 5 January.]

    Release 2.6 of McGill TCP3270 for Windows now available Almost on the heels of release 2.5 (August 1994) comes McGill TCP3270 version 2.6. [McGill is the TN3270 Windows client used by a growing number of library units to establish a HULPR session over the network.] Heather noted that OIS will install the lat est release of McGill on its own workstations and observe its performance for a few weeks before recommending it to library units. However, new releases occurring every few months will make it difficult to continue this procedure.

    What is ABCD and why should you care? ABCD is a voluntary organization devoted to computing-related issues of interest to the Harvard community. This is an ad-hoc group with no official ties to other departments in the University. ABCD is comprised of many "subgroups" devoted to specific ar eas of interest. Heather introduced ABCD at this meeting because the most recently-formed subgroup is a library working group -- to be chaired jointly by Heather Reid and MarÁ Wooster. Although it is not clear what direction this group will take, Heathe r suspects more attention will be paid to the gap between computer support services and the needs of libraries. Perhaps this new forum will again try to address issues originally intended for the ill-fated library microcomputer users group.

    The first meeting of the ABCD library working group will be on January 10th, 12 noon at Aiken Computation Lab, Room 241. All interested staff are welcome. And, if you are interested in learning about ABCD activities, inquire at that meeting about joinin g the ABCD-L listserv (apparently you cannot join ABCD-L without subscribing in-person at an ABCD meeting). Contact Heather Reid in OIS if you ../../../../../ questions.

    HOLLIS Plus registration Kathy Klemperer reminded everyone about the benefits of registering in-library HOLLIS Plus devices. A registered device will be exempted from access control to restricted databases and ../../../../../ access to the Unix common client. (The common client presents a simplified terminal interface to HOLLIS Plus and is most useful for public access terminals.) A registration form was appended to the December 1994 HOLLIS Newsletter. Send your registration requests (by paper or e-mail) to Patti Fucci in OIS (via email: p_fucci@harva rd.edu). Staff should avoid calling OIS to register devices -- the information on the form is necessary to the registration process.

    Kathy also announced that the ftp site for the HOLLIS Plus registration form was not working very well and a new anonymous site was being set up. OIS will inform everyone via HULINFO and this newsletter when the new site is available. If you ../../../../../ questions about HOLLIS Plus registration, contact Kathy Klemperer in OIS.

    Two millionth Recon record Karen Carlson Young of the HUL Recon office announced that the two millionth record input by the Retrospective Conversion Project was entered on 29 November.

    Payment records flagged As of 23 November, 30,754 payment statements modified no later than 12/31/93 ../../../../../ been flagged for weeding. Next on the weeding schedule are order records with a December 1992 cutoff -- scheduled to be weeded in January 1995. Contact Linda Marean in O IS if you ../../../../../ questions.

    HULOIS@HARVARD.EDU There is now a general e-mail account for the Office for Information Systems. Its address is hulois@harvard.edu. If you do not know who to contact in OIS, feel free to send any questions, comments, or suggestions to this account. However, to insure a t imely response, OIS encourages staff to send comments and questions to specific OIS staff members whenever possible. To assist in identifying the right person to call, OIS will soon be revising the OIS Contacts List.

    Distributed Reporting Project--the pilot The project to put HOLLIS reporting in the hands of library staff is beginning a pilot phase. For two months, 14 staff members will be using GQL client software on their PC workstations to request reports from a database of extracted HOLLIS data stored o n a Unix server. The HOLLIS data is stored in the relational database called Sybase. This pilot phase will allow OIS and participating staff to learn about GQL's potential and fine-tune the "distributed reporting" process. OIS will demonstrate distribu ted reporting to at the January HOLLIS Liaisons meeting and make it a production service some time in February 1995.

    Out-of-state locations and order of display
    The Public Catalog enhancement to display Harvard locations in alphabetical order, followed by any non-Harvard locations, became available in July 1992. Since that time, retrospective conversion of Harvard's more remote libraries (Dumbarton Oaks, Bibliot eca Berenson) has added out-of-state holdings alongside of campus locations on many HOLLIS records. Patrons are finding, for example, a Biblioteca Berenson location on the first screen of a record but not checking subsequent screens for a copy available locally. Some of these patrons then make an interlibrary loan request for the Berenson copy or give up altogether.

    The Standing Subcommittee of HAAC on User Services in HOLLIS (SSHUSH) discussed this issue in the Fall of 1994 and recommended that the new location sort order be: in Massachusetts, outside of Massachusetts, and non-Harvard. Since the original enhancem ent to provide a Harvard/non-Harvard sort order came from HOLLIS liaisons, OIS wanted to review this proposal with the group before taking further actions.

    Diane Garner suggested that the "page x of y" message be made more prominent to remind the patron about subsequent pages. Tracey Robinson observed that other library catalogs display all locations on a single screen to avoid this problem -- probably not an option at Harvard, however. Suzanne Kemple noted that another SSHUSH recommendation -- that MORE replace CONTINUES on the dashed line above the options area -- might draw attention to a multipage display. Maxine Berson's suggestion -- that HOLLIS dis play the total number of locations in a bolded message on the first page -- was endorsed by many liaisons present. In the end, liaisons endorsed the SSHUSH recommendation and asked OIS to investigate adding a total number of locations message to the firs t page of the short and long displays. Both items will be added to the HOLLIS enhancements list.

    PsycINFO tidbits
    Julie Wetherill reviewed for liaisons the final draft of the public information sheet for the PsycINFO database and highlighted a few of the PS database's interesting features, including:

    • the LOCATION command will work (that is, it will find Harvard locations) for books and book chapters as well as journal articles;
    • PsycINFO supplies major subject terms (after the SUBJECTS label), searchable by FIND KSM and minor terms (after the KEYWORD SUBJ label), searchable by FIND KSH; a key phrase describing the work is also part of the KEYWORD SUBJ field and ca n be searched using FIND KSH;
    • the FIND KPI search will retrieve book chapters based on keywords in the book's title (as well as finding articles by keywords in a journal's title);
    • PsycINFO supplies document type codes (displayed in the NOTES field) which can be searched by FIND KSH; you can display a list of type codes by entering the command HELP DOCUMENT CODE while in the PS database.

    There was some confusion about how PsycINFO applies its major and minor subject terms. Suzanne Kemple suggested that PsycINFO, like ERIC, uses the same terms for both major and minor subjects, depending on the emphasis within the document. However, offi cial PsycINFO documentation makes no such claim. If anyone can shed light on this practice, contact Julie Wetherill in OIS.

    Format Integration--the January 1995 phase
    Robin Wendler presented the plans for format integration changes to HOLLIS 010 - 888 variable fields. This phase involves making all tags, indicators, and subfields usable in all bibliographic formats. Any resulting redundant fields, indicators, or su bfields will be made obsolete. Names and/or descriptions of some remaining fields will be changed to reflect these changes. A paper handed out at the meeting, titled Format Integration - January 1995 Phase, provides a detailed description o f how these format integration changes will affect HOLLIS. The paper is appended to this issue. [From the Editor: since the December liaisons meeting, OIS has scheduled a January workshop on this phase of format integration. All staff are invited to attend -- 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Thursday 19 January in the Lamont Forum Room. At this wo rkshop OIS will review the changes presented in the Format Integration - January 1995 Phase paper and provide updates to the status of this project.]

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    Notes and Reminders
    HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus logos available
    The HOLLIS Plus Working Group addressed the issue of signs back in late Fall 1994. The Group agreed that OIS should make a machine-readable copy of the HOLLIS Plus logo available to units interested in making signs for HOLLIS Plus devices. In fact, OIS now has scanned images of both the HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus logos available in TIFF and EPS formats. There is a color and black/white version of each -- logos are approximately 1" x 1" in size. Anyone interested in thes e logos should send a blank, formatted high density diskette to Eric Young in OIS (1280 Mass Ave., Suite 404) with a note specifying what type and format of image you want. These images also will be available via ftp once the OIS anonymous ftp site is op erational. Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you ../../../../../ questions.

    Quarterly password available
    Just a reminder to liaisons of the need to change passwords for the following types of operators:

    • authorized to approve invoices for payment,
    • authorized to create and update ACU records,
    • authorized to display patron records, and
    • authorized to use the (circulation) HAS command.

    OIS expects that the passwords for most operators need be changed on an annual basis, but the passwords of operators with the above authorization(s) should be changed more frequently. To request a password change, complete the "Change to Operator Profile " form, copies of which can be made from the master form in Appendix L of the HOLLIS Reference Manual. Liaisons should also be warned that in the relatively near future, new security procedures will prevent staff members from sharing single HULPR signons (that is, two or more staff members will not be able to logon to HULPR simultaneously with the same signon). Units are encouraged to establish separate HULPR signons for all operators now in advance of these security changes. If you ../../../../../ questions about security, contact Linda Marean in OIS.

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    OIS Current Projects

    This column tracks the large and medium-sized OIS development projects underway and pending. For more information on a particular project, contact the OIS staff member in the "Contact" column.
    ProjectContactStartTarget dateMajor milestones
    Gov DocsR. Wendler----Functional specifications under review.
    Format integrationR. Wendler
    M. Smith
    ----'95 phase - workshop on 01/19. Implemented tag changes and conversions in Jan.
    HU to RLINR Wendler9/934/95Working on project plan.
    CICS upgradeC. Husbands11/9412/95Hold until 7/95. Awaiting word on extended IBM support for 2.1.2.
    Recon part 3R Wendler12/933/94Series and MeSH due 2/95.
    HOLLIS Distributed Reporting (previously known as end user reporting)J Rothman5/932/95Pilot phase underway.
    (automated reserves processing)
    D Bednarek
    C Husbands
    6/93--Batch program continues.
    Casalini/HarrasowitzR Wendler19936/94Awaiting production files for Cassalini. Need LCBRFRM from Harrasowitz.
    ACF2 security changes
    (preventing HULPR access from many terminals using same signon, among other things)
    L Marean12/932/95Preliminary testing okay. Will install in HULST in 12/94
    (requesting HD materials through HOLLIS)
    C Husbands6/936/95Specifications being updated.
    (indexing enhancements)
    J Rothman7/93Early '95Keyword stress test done. Reviewing results.
    HSDN dialH Reid1993Fall '94HOLLIS lines done. HULPR lines awaiting further OIT work.

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    10 January ABCD-L (a voluntary organization devoted to library computing-related issues of interest to the Harvard community)
    12:00 noon, Aiken Computation Lab, Room 241

    11 January HOLLIS Liaisons User Group Meeting
    2:30 - 4:00 p.m., Gutman Conference Center

    18 January Technical Services Managers' Round Table
    12:00 - 1:00 p.m., KSG, Taubman Building, Room 240
    Topic: Government Documents Tape Load Project
    Special Guest: Diane Garner
    Contact: Beata Panagopoulos, 496-1775 or via e-mail: beata@ksgfin.harvard.edu

    19 January Workshop on format integration, January 1995 phase.
    10:00 am - 12:00 noon, Lamont Forum Room.
    Open to all interested staff. This workshop will review the changes planned for HOLLIS and provide updates on project status.

    20 January Cataloging Discussion Group
    11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Lamont Forum Room
    Topic: Cooperative cataloging projects (ex. CONSER, CCC, NACO)

    25 January McGill Workshop for Staff
    10:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Lamont Electronic Teaching Center
    An introduction for staff on use of the McGill TCP3270 Windows client. One of three hands-on classes that will focus on using McGill to connect to HULPR. All interested staff are invited, but space is limited. To register, contact Eric Young in OIS (e-mail: eyoung@harvarda.harvard.edu).

    26 January McGill Workshop for Staff
    2:30 - 4:00 p.m., Lamont Electronic Teaching Center
    An introduction for staff on use of the McGill TCP3270 Windows client. All interested staff are invited, but space is limited. To register, contact Eric Young in OIS (e-mail: eyoung@harvarda.harvard.edu).

    8 February McGill Workshop for Staff
    10:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Lamont Electronic Teaching Center
    An introduction for staff on use of the McGill TCP3270 Windows client All interested staff are invited, but space is limited. To register, contact Eric Young in OIS (e-mail: eyoung@harvarda.harvard.edu).

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