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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 10, Number 3 (March 1995)

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  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#99)
  • Notes and Reminders
  • Casalini records in BF
  • Corrections of series entries
  • HOLLIS Plus devices
  • HOLLIS Plus resources
  • Recon projects update Plus
  • Spine label process update
  • HOLLIS Hints
  • OIS Current Projects

    Next Hollis Liaisons Meeting (#99)

    March 15, 1995
    Gutman Conference Center

    Announcements: Jon Rothman
    Panel Discussion: "Tips and Tricks for Effective Use of Selected HOLLIS Plus Resources"
    Several library-sponsored HOLLIS Plus resources are the topics of this "tips and tricks" panel discussion. Harvard library experts will discuss useful features of several HOLLIS Plus databases which might not be apparent to occasional users. Members of the panel are:

    Erika McCaffrey from Baker Library
    on ABI/Inform
    Hugh Wilburn from the Loeb Design Library
    on the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
    John Carper from the Countway Library
    on Countway Plus
    Barbara Burg from Widener Research and Bibliographic Services
    on Hispanic American Periodicals Index and The History of Science and Technology
    Michael Leach from the Physics Research Library
    on Inspec
    Jeannette Yackle from the International Legal Studies Library at the Law School
    on the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals and the World Law Index

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    Notes and Reminders
    Casalini records in BF
    The first batch of bibliographic records from Casalini Libri has been loaded into the HULPR BF file. These records represent titles which come on form selection slips. You can find the records by searching for BF record numbers in the range AEK4963-AEK5 058. The records contain preliminary bibliographic data which can be migrated or merged into the HU file. New records will be loaded every two weeks. Please contact Robin Wendler in OIS if you have any questions about these records.

    Correction of series entries
    In early December Harvard sent the 1.7 million bibliographic records containing series entries in the HU file to OCLC for heading correction. OCLC has completed processing these series fields. OIS is currently loading the resulting 485,194 corrected fie lds. This process will take several days. When it is completed, the bulk of series entries in HU will be as correct as OCLC is going to make them. Records added to HU after the file was sent will be processed by OCLC in the normal stream with personal names, corporate names, and subjects, during the coming months.

    We have also loaded the first batch of 13,524 LC series authority records, of which half were merged with existing Harvard series authority records and half were added as new records. We will wait to load the remaining 78,910 LC series authority records until OIS has made a minor enhancement to the authority record merging process.

    If you see anything which strikes you as unusual, or if you have any questions about this process, contact Robin Wendler in OIS (email:robin_wendler@harvard.edu).

    HOLLIS Plus devices
    Just for informational purposes, here is a list of the libraries that have HOLLIS Plus terminals or workstations, according to our records.

    A-H Theological Baker Bio-Labs Blue Hill
    Botany Cabot Countway Design
    Fine ArtsGutman Harvard-Yenching Hilles
    KennedyKummel Lamont Law School
    McKay Schlesinger Widener--

    Contact Kathy Klemperer in OIS if your library should be on this list, but isn't.

    New HOLLIS Plus resources
    The following resources are now available in HOLLIS Plus as of 22 February:

    National Library of Medicine (NLM) Online Catalog
    RV (Harvard Course Reserves Database)
    Massachusetts Library and Information Network (Public libraries' online catalogs and other information)

    Recon projects update
    Below is a summary of the Harvard library retrospective conversion projects that have been completed or are in progress.

    CompletedCompletedIn process
    MCZCabot Widener / Houghton
    Gutman Design Countway
    Botany Dumbarton Oaks Tozzer
    Baker Littauer Law

    CompletedCompleted In process
    Design I Tatti Widener / Houghton (inc. Theatre and Map)
    Cabot Divinity Law
    Wolbach Tozzer Fine Arts
    Archives Birkhoff MCZ
    Kummel Baker Yenching (Western lang.)
    Gutman Littauer--

    Spine label process update
    The commercial label printing software used in conjunction with the HOLLIS spine label production process is scheduled for a relatively major upgrade during the Spring of 1995. This upgrade, according to manufacturer Vernon Library Supplies Inc., will fe ature pull-down menus, mouse support, and improvements to the support of proportional fonts in laser printing. The latest estimate is that the new version of Vernon's label printing software will be released in late March. OIS plans to acquire and test the new release as soon as it arrives. Libraries that are registered Vernon users will no doubt receive their own copies of this release. To insure no interruption in label printing, libraries may want to wait until OIS testing is complete before instal ling this new release. (In fact, libraries should not feel pressured to upgrade their version of Vernon unless they are interested in some of the new features.) Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions.

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    HOLLIS Hints

    by Julie Wetherill
    HOLLIS hints is an occasional Newsletter feature that presents helpful hints about HOLLIS system features. OIS is eager to collect suggestions for topics in this section. Please contact Julie Wetherill at OIS (495-3724) if you have a suggestion.

    Cataloging cheat sheet. A while back, Bill Hays of Widener Cataloging Services passed along to this Editor a "cheat sheet" he developed for Widener catalogers. So that the wider library community can benefit, a modified version of Bill' s original sheet is appended to this issue. The only caveat is that this sheet was developed for a cataloger's use -- there may be commands useful for acquisitions staff (for example) that are not included. Perhaps someone reading this issue has develop ed a similar tool for other library staff? Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions.

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    OIS Current Projects

    This column tracks the large and medium-sized OIS development projects underway and pending. For more information on a particular project, contact the OIS staff member in the "Contact" column.
    ProjectContactStartTarget dateMajor milestones
    Gov DocsR. Wendler----OIS walk-through soon. Programming aiming to be done for April.
    Format integrationR. Wendler
    M. Smith
    ----Conversion of HU, BF, RV, VS, TR continuing through early March.
    HU to RLINR Wendler9/934/95Working on project plan.
    CICS upgradeC. Husbands11/9412/95Hold until 7/95. Awaiting word on extended IBM support for 2.1.2.
    Recon part 3R Wendler12/933/94Series corrections and authorities being loaded. MeSH delayed due to bad file from NLM.
    HOLLIS Distributed Reporting J Rothman5/933/95Production begins 3/95.
    (automated reserves processing)
    D Bednarek
    C Husbands
    ----Miscellaneous activity
    Casalini/HarrasowitzR Wendler19936/94Casalini data in BF. Harrassowitz data in soon.
    ACF2 security changesL Marean12/935/95Preliminary testing okay. Will install in HULST on 3/15.
    (requesting HD materials through HOLLIS)
    C Husbands6/936/95Item processing and user dialog specs near completion
    HSDN dialH Reid1993--HULPR lines will move by 3/31.
    Server supportT Robinson
    K Klemperer
    19947/95Develop and evaluate infrastructure for support of new server machines.
    (indexing enhancements)
    J Rothman7/93Early '95Keyword stress test occurred 1/4. Analyzing results. HAAC discussed 2/15 and will continue discussion 3/22.
    HD automationK Klemperer'936/95--
    SEICK Klemperer9/94--Developing project plan. Evaluating search engines
    Finding aidsM Smith1/95--Developing project plan
    DUCK Klemperer1/95--Considering alternatives

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