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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 10, Number 5 (May 1995)

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  • Next Hollis Liaisons Meeting (#100)
  • Feature Articles
  • Mitek "retirement" in May
  • HOLLIS Enhancements Lists have been distributed
  • Notes and Reminders
  • End of fiscal year approaching
  • HOLLIS Emergency Phone Chain collapse
  • ACF2 security in HULPR
  • Hulguest ftp site changes
  • Where are those pseudopatron names?
  • Item records and 630K Abends
  • Series authority records loaded
  • Latest format integration change
  • What's new on VINE?
  • HULPR downtime on 4/20
  • PsycINFO set downloading problem and fix
  • OIS Current Projects
  • Network Notes
  • Ink cartridges for Canon BubbleJet printers
  • McGill macro quirkiness
  • McGill release 2.6 now available

    Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#100)
    May 10, 1995
    Lamont Forum Room

    Announcements: Jon Rothman

    OIS development projects update: Kathy Klemperer

    Review of Hollis Indexing Enhancements: Jon Rothman
    Liaisons will review the indexing section of the enhancements list. OIS invites liaisons and other interested staff to come ready to suggest additional enhancements and choose the top three.

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    Feature Articles

    MITEK "retirement" in May
    by Heather Reid
    Several months ago, OIS migrated all in-library network access to HOLLIS and HULPR to IBM's MVSIP software. Our experience with this new pathway over the past few months has been very positive -- in particular, we have experienced a significantly higher level of stability than we were used to with the MITEK telnet path. On May 2, OIS plans to migrate all the remaining MITEK traffic to MVSIP. The group of users affected by this final migration step will be all out-of-library users telnetting directly to HOLLIS (hollis.harvard.edu or There also will be changes that affect library staff who use the telnet option from HOLLIS staff terminals. Please note that users connecting to HOLLIS through HOLLIS Plus are not affected. Users d ialing up to HOLLIS also are not affected.

    Here is the executive summary of how these two groups will be affected by the Mitek's retirement:

    • Out-of-library users telnetting to HOLLIS will notice these changes:

      • Users will no longer see the "Harvard University -- TELNET SERVER" screen when they telnet to HOLLIS. They will be connected directly to the menu screen that lists HOLLIS as an option.
      • HOLLIS will have "true quit" -- users will be able to close their telnet session to HOLLIS at any time by entering the command "exit".
      • The method of requesting telnet help will change. Users will be able to enter "#h" at any time to get help.
      • During the week of April 24th, out-of-library users telnetting to HOLLIS were presented with a warning message about the upcoming change, so hopefully there will be minimal disruption.

    • Library staff who use the telnet option from dedicated HOLLIS staff terminals will notice this change:

      • Some of the commands listed on the "TELNET PRIMARY OPTIONS MENU" will change:
        • OPEN command (O) will be renamed CONNECT (C)
        • CLOSE command (C) will be renamed DISCONNECT (D)
        • QUIT command (Q) will be renamed EXIT (X)

    On May 2nd, staff will not see any changes in the scripted connections to RLIN, EBSCO, ORBIS, and BARTON on the terminal main menu.

    If you have any questions about aspects of this change-over, please feel free to contact Heather Reid in OIS. People who experience problems connecting to HOLLIS after May 2nd should contact the NIC Help Desk at 496-2001.

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    HOLLIS Enhancement Lists have been distributed
    by Jon Rothman
    As announced in the April HOLLIS Newsletter, there will be another round of the HOLLIS Enhancements Prioritization process in May. Copies of the current HOLLIS Enhancements List (along with instructions for the prioritization process) were maile d out April 17th to everyone who receives the HOLLIS Newsletter.

    • Those who receive the lists, please share them with your co-workers. Feel free to make copies.
    • Other library staff, ask your co-workers -- some units have already received the lists -- others should receive them soon.
    • If you can not locate a copy of the lists in your unit, OIS has a limited number of extras. Contact Eric Young or Jon Rothman at 495-3724.
    Enhancements prioritization meetings have been scheduled as follows:

    Acquisitions Enhancements, sponsored by Acquisitions Roundtable
    May 17, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m., Belfer 124, Kennedy School of Government

    Cataloging Enhancements, sponsored by Cataloging Discussion Group
    May 12, 11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m., Lamont Forum Room

    Circulation Enhancements, sponsored by Circulation Liaisons
    May 16, 9:15 - 11:00 a.m., OIS Conference Room

    Indexing Enhancements, sponsored by HOLLIS Liaisons
    May 10, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m., Lamont Forum Room

    OPAC Enhancements, sponsored by CILU, COERS, RRIC and SSHUSH
    May 16, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m., Lamont Forum Room

    Instructions and a description of the process are included with the lists. One point of clarification: the outcome of each of these meetings will be a list of that group's three highest-priority enhancements. Attached to the enhancement list is an "offi cial" form that group representatives use to record the top three from their group. They then return this form to OIS. This form was attached to every copy of the enhancements list and some staff members have interpreted this to mean that individuals an d groups can submit their own top three enhancements. This is not how the process works. To keep this process rational, OIS will only accept ranking forms from the five designated groups. Staff who want to participate in the ranking process should atten d one or more of the five May meetings.

    If you have questions, feel free to contact Jon Rothman in OIS.

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    Notes and Reminders
    End of fiscal year approaching
    Library units should begin making preparations for yet another end of fiscal year. HOLLIS end of fiscal year procedures are scheduled to begin on 30 June 1995 at 6:00 p.m. The HULPR system will remain in operation Friday until the normal shutdown time of 1:00 a.m. Saturday to allow circulation units to function normally. However no payment activity will be allowed after 6:00 p.m. on Friday. Users attempting to create or modify orders (OPRs), ACUs, or invoices will get hostile messages such as 'FILE NOT AVAILABLE.' Contact your own financial office for specific instructions. Contact Linda Marean in OIS if you have questions.

    HOLLIS Emergency Phone Chain collapse
    Several people called OIS to complain about the poor performance of the phone chain the morning of Thursday, 20 April, during a short HULPR downtime. The success of the phone chain depends on each "link" passing the message on to the next link. OIS tele phones the first level libraries. First level contacts must telephone their designated second level contacts, and so on... On 20 April, staff at several first and second level libraries did not know about the phone chain and its procedures -- hence the chain failed. Further, some contacts failed to pass the message on to staff within their own unit.

    The way to improve phone chain effectiveness is for HOLLIS liaisons to post the phone chain and instructions where staff have ready access. Also, liaisons should brief staff who answer the phone about the phone chain and remind them to pass the message t o their co-workers after they get the call.

    In light of the April 20th collapse, OIS has rearranged the chain to make it more effective. Please note your office's location on the phone chain and the units on the next level. This is our only reliable method of passing information around the campus in a timely fashion. We cannot call each and every unit. Please review the phone chain with all of your staff and post it in a prominent location. If the contact person in your unit should be changed, please contact Eric Young in OIS.

    ACF2 security in HULPR
    OIS has been saying for a very long time that ACF2 Security is going to be started in HULPR, but now it really is going to happen -- (relatively) soon. ACF2 has been installed in one of our two test systems. Within the next week, it will be installed in t he second test system. Within 1 - 2 months of installing it in the second test system, we should be ready to install it in HULPR.

    What will this mean to you?
    The main effect of ACF2 security is that users will be able to change their own passwords when they logon to HULPR and will, in fact, be forced to change them at least every six months. OIS policy is that each employee should have their own Logon ID. In t his way, all work done under a Logon ID is associated with a specific person and that person will be in charge of setting the password. (We realize that Circulation Desks have some specialized needs and we will work with the Circulation Liaisons group to accommodate these.)

    Many of you are now or will soon be working on workstations in a 'Windows' environment, rather than on the older 'dumb' terminals. This kind of an environment makes it very desirable and practical to have more than one simultaneous session. We have learn ed that ACF2 can be set up to allow multiple sessions and we will do this to accommodate those working in 'Windows'.

    More information will be distributed as the time for the actual conversion gets closer. If you have any questions or concerns which you would like to discuss, please contact Linda Marean in OIS or by e-mail, linda_marean@harvard.edu.

    Hulguest ftp site changes
    In response to system security concerns at Harvard, the password for the hulguest ftp site has been changed and will no longer be publicly disseminated. Library staff who need to use the hulguest ftp site to retrieve workstation software should call OIS to find out the current password. It will be changed often in the future.

    The contract is finalized and INSPEC is now an official HOLLIS Plus resource. INSPEC indexes over 4,000 scientific and technical journals, dissertations, reports, and conference proceedings in physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computing an d control, and information technology. INSPEC is available by arrangement with OCLC's FirstSearch service. The FAS Division of Applied Sciences, Physics Department, HCL, and the Harvard College Observatory sponsored this new addition to HOLLIS Plus. Co ntact Kathy Klemperer in OIS if you have questions.

    Where are those pseudopatron names?
    Among the changes to item record display that went into production on 28 March is the inclusion in the charge information of the name of the patron to which the item is charged -- if that patron is a "pseudopatron". (I say "which" instead of "whom" since a pseudopatron is a place rather than a person.) A pseudopatron is identified by the value P in the "student code" of a patron record.

    The indication that a pseudopatron is involved is made in the item at the time of the charge. Consequently, if an item was charged to a patron that was only later coded as a pseudopatron, the patron name does not show in the item display today. Unfortun ately, there appear to be many instances of this situation in the database.

    Staff in charge of patron file maintenance may wish to verify that their pseudopatron records are correctly coded so that the name display feature will work for future charges. In some cases, a library may wish to recharge items to activate name display. If you have questions about this, please contact Charlie Husbands in OIS.

    Item records and 630K Abends
    For a brief period following the introduction of item record enhancements on 28 March, some operators experienced 630K abends while attempting item linking. The Abend occurred if the summary bibliographic display on the item screen required exactly three lines. This problem has been fixed.

    Series authority records loaded
    OIS has finished loading into HOLLIS the remaining 78,910 Library of Congress series authority records provided by OCLC as part of the heading correction process. If you have any questions about these records, please contact Robin Wendler in OIS.

    Latest format integration change
    On April 20th OIS changed the second indicator in fields 700, 710, 711, and 730 to blank if it was '0' or '1', and changed the second indicator from '2' to '0' or from '3' to '1' in field 240 (these 240 indicators occurred only in music records). On Apri l 21st changes went in which disallow use of these pre-format-integration values. If you enter a field with any of these values, the system will force you to change it. If you have any questions or encounter problems, please contact Robin Wendler in OIS .

    What's new on VINE?
    VINE, the campus-wide gopher information system, has been remodeled with a new menu structure, as well as a new search feature. The top-level directory structure has been categorized with data contained in one or several relevant directories. Jughead, a limited indexing facility which indexes Gopher servers, has been added to VINE as a new service. VINE can be accessed either by telnet (telnet vine.harvard.edu), gopher (gopher.harvard.edu), or from the Harvard World Wide Web Page (www.harvard.edu). If you have questions, contact VINE Manager Anne Marie Countie (495-1821 or by email: anne_marie_countie@harvard.edu).

    HULPR downtime on 4/20
    The HULPR system was unavailable until approximately 9:00 a.m. on April 20 due to the early morning failure of a job making changes related to format integration. OIS restarted the job, but underestimated the time it would take to complete. Once the job had started, it could not be stopped without corrupting the database. The job finally completed around 9:00 a.m. and HULPR returned soon after. All database changes related to format integration have now been made. OIS has taken steps to make sure this sort of problem does not recur. Many apologies for the disruption in service. If you have questions, contact Linda Marean in OIS.

    PsycINFO set downloading problem and fix
    The week of April 17th OIS became aware of a problem in emailing PsycINFO records out of HOLLIS.

    The symptom: You send a set of HOLLIS email records which never arrives. You did type your email address correctly. You may have contacted OIS or sent mail to library@harvarda and verified that the set is not in our "dead set" account.

    The cause: PsycINFO records contain abstracts with imbedded slashes (///). Occasionally, a downloaded PsycINFO record (in Style B) with a /// in just the right position causes the entire set to be discarded. In a set of 50 records (for example ) it only takes ONE PsycINFO record with this characteristic to ruin the set. There is no way of predicting which PsycINFO records will cause this problem. There is no way to recover the lost set.

    The solution: OIS has implemented a fix for the problem of public catalog lost sets. As of Friday, April 28 the "///" in PsycINFO abstracts should no longer cause discarded sets. The fix did not involve changing PsycINFO records -- just the in structions HOLLIS uses to forward the record set to e-mail.

    If you resume storing and sending and continue to suffer from lost record sets -- please contact Julie Wetherill or Jon Rothman in OIS.

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    OIS Current Projects

    This column tracks the large and medium-sized OIS development projects underway and pending. For more information on a particular project, contact the OIS staff member in the "Contact" column.

    ProjectContactStartTarget dateMajor milestones
    Gov DocsR. Wendler----Waiting for test data from Bernan & Autographics - programming started.
    Format integrationR. Wendler
    M. Smith
    ----Done. Conversion of HU, BF, RV, VS, TR done 4/20.
    HU to RLINR Wendler9/938/95Re-approved by ULC. Planning to merge Harvard LIs. Will begin sending current records, then working back.
    CICS upgradeC. Husbands11/9412/95Hold until 7/95. Awaiting word on extended IBM support for 2.1.2.
    Recon part 3R Wendler12/933/94All series authority records in HOLLIS. Still waiting for MeSH corrections.
    HOLLIS Distributed Reporting J Rothman5/932/95Update methodology, documentation, and statistics continues.
    Casalini/HarrasowitzR Wendler19936/94Harrassowitz needs to resolve some data problems before OIS can load the records.
    ACF2 L Marean12/935/95Installed in HULPBT, HULST by 5/12.
    FETCHERRSC Husbands6/936/95"Back room" functionality being spec'd. Circ display modifications in progress.
    Indexing enhancements
    (from LISH report)
    J Rothman7/93Early '95Implementation planning underway.
    HSDN dialH Reid1993--On hold.
    Server supportT Robinson
    K Klemperer
    19947/95Develop and evaluate infrastructre for support of new server machines.
    NEDLJ Rothman3/95--Specification in progress.
    HD automationK Klemperer'936/95--.
    SEICK Klemperer9/94--Developing project plan. Evaluating search engines.
    Finding aidsM Smith1/95--Setting up the task group.
    DUCK Klemperer1/95--Considering alternatives.

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    Network Notes
    Ink cartridges for Canon BubbleJet printers
    OIS has located one commercial source for ink cartridges for the Canon BJ80 printers. Visible Computer Supply Corp., at 800-323-0628, carries the cartridges for $13.95 each. The item number is 02-CAN 80IJ. This replaces the Canon cartridge BJI-801.

    For the Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 500 and 520 printers both use the same high-density cartridge, HP#51626A. This is available through the Technology Product Center, as well as from commercial vendors, though TPC's price is better, at about $23.95.

    McGill macro quirkiness
    Lars Klint from Tozzer Library recently reported that one of the macros he had recorded with McGill TCP3270 would disappear mysteriously once he disconnected McGill from HULPR. He was careful to save this new macro to a session profile before disconnecti ng, but it still disappeared. After some testing, it turns out that the McGill macro process cannot handle the equal sign (=) as part of a macro name. The content of the macro (that is, the text to be reproduced) can contain an equal sign. As far as OI S can tell, other special characters available from the keyboard do not produce this problem in McGill. If you have questions, contact Julie Wetherill or John Maher in OIS.

    McGill release 2.6 now available
    OIS has received McGill TCP3270 for Windows, version 2.6. Units interested in version 2.6 are invited to retrieve this upgrade from the HULGUEST FTP site. Contact Eric Young or Patti Fucci in OIS for the current HULGUEST password.

    Heather Reid, OIS Network Services Manager, asks that units who want the upgrade but need OIS' assistance with installation wait several weeks while OIS staff check version 2.6 to insure there are no bugs that might interfere with its performance.

    Note: there is no requirement that units upgrade to this new release. While version 2.6 does not appear to offer major new features, it does include modifications to existing features and a number of bug fixes. According to the feature overview that com es with the TCP3270 manual, version 2.6 offers:

    • Set of crystal clear bitmap fonts for resolutions from 640x480 to 1024x768
    • New 3D framing option when resizing and maximizing windows
    • New indicators in the OIA to show numeric and operator selectable fields
    • Many new PCPRINT options
    • Drag-and-Drop keyboard remapper

    In addition a file called "fixes.wri" included with the new release provides a long list of bug fixes.

    Later this Spring, OIS plans to host a demonstration of the new features and modifications offered by McGill version 2.6. An announcement about this event will appear in this newsletter and on HULINFO. If you have questions about version 2.6, contact J ohn Maher in OIS.

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