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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 10, Number 6 (June 1995)

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  • Feature Articles
  • HOLLIS Enhancements Prioritization
  • Notes from the May Meeting
  • HOLLIS II open Meeting
  • Refurbished HP 520 printers available
  • Latest payment flagging completed
  • End of fiscal year approaching
  • Happy 100th meeting!
  • Status report: HOLLIS projects and enhancements
  • Notes and Reminders
  • Depository location code in item records
  • May enhancements to HOLLIS Plus
  • Cleaning up Medical Subject Headings
  • Invoice weeding complete
  • HOLLIS Enhancements Update
  • OIS Current Projects

    Feature Articles

    Results of Enhancements Prioritization Meetings
    by Jon Rothman
    All five previously announced HOLLIS Enhancements Prioritization meetings have now been held (a sixth meeting to prioritize reserves enhancements will occur on June 7th from 9:30-11:00 in the OIS Conference Room). For those of you who didn't make all fiv e meetings, here is a list of the enhancements which were prioritized in the meetings:

    #9194 O/P/R statement renumbering
    #9389 Add methodology to print receiving unit phone number fax number and email address on claims but not P.O.'s
    #9452 Recreate PN (Personal Name) index for staff mode

    #9196 Holdings record templating or copying
    #9232 Retain all unique 050s and 090s in duplicate resolution
    #9456 Index 050s and 060s in BF

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    Notes from the May Meeting

    HOLLIS II open meeting. Jon Rothman reminded everyone about the HOLLIS II open meeting scheduled for May 31st, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in Science Center A. Representatives from OIS will be talking about the process of planning for HOLLIS II. (From the Editor: a summary of this meeting will appear in Library Notes later in June.

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    Refurbished HP 520 printers available. It has become apparent that there are a number of refurbished HP Deskjet 520 printers on the market. This was the last printer which we were able to successfully attach to the library terminals, and has been discontinued. Hewlett Packard is now selling refurbished 520s for very reasonable prices, and they offer a limited three-year warranty. The new computer store, Micro Center, is carrying these printers for $149.00. The store does take purchase orders, but you would need to set up some sort of account with them. Keep in mind, that the Deskjet 520 has a parallel port, and requires the purchase of a serial-to-parallel convertor in order to work with the IBM terminals. Still, given the difficulty we have had in finding a printer to replace the Deskjet 520 in our libraries, buying the refurbished models may be the solution.

    Latest payment flagging completed 24,655 payments approved between 7/01/89 and 6/30/94 have been flagged as weedable. Fiche for these records have been distributed to those with subscriptions. These fiche should replace previous fiche which covered 7/01/89 to 12/31/93. Contact Linda Marean in OIS if you have questions.

    End of fiscal year approaching. It's that time again... Library units should begin making preparations for yet another end of fiscal year. (See the HOLLIS / end of fiscal year procedures memo appended to this newsletter.) HOLLIS end of fiscal year procedures are scheduled to begin on 30 June 1995 at 6:00 p.m. The HULPR system will remain in operation Friday until the normal shutdown time of 1:00 a.m. Saturday to allow circulation units to function normally. However no payment activity will be allowed after 6:00 p.m. on Friday. Users attempting to create or modify orders (OPRs), ACUs, or invoices will get hostile messages such as 'FILE NOT AVAILABLE Contact your own financial office for specific instructions. Contact Linda Marean in OIS if you have questions.

    Happy 100th meeting! 100 liaison meetings ago, HOLLIS was just an acquisitions system with lots of growing to do. Jon Rothman noted the names of a few hardy souls who have quite a few liaisons meetings under their belts: Kathy Anderson, Sarah Becker, Allen Bourque, Ellen Cohen, Horst Huber, Suzanne Kemple, Minna Kisler, Beata Panagopoulos, Russ Pollard, Ruth Rosenbloom, Dorothy Solbrig, and Març Wooster. Apologies if your name did not make the list.

    Status report: HOLLIS projects and enhancements. If a change to HOLLIS takes less than 30 hours of a programmers time to implement, it is considered an enhancement. More than 30 hours and it is considered a project. This distinction is important because approval and implementation of enhancements and projects are separate activities. Last year, the Automation Planning Committee (with input from HAAC and HOLLIS liaisons) developed a list of "final changes to HOLLIS" -- projects that OIS would pursue in the final years before the next generation HOLLIS system was developed. At this meeting, Kathy Klemperer, OIS Assistant Director for Systems Development, reported on the status of these final projects. Jon Rothman then followed with a brief discussion about enhancements and prioritization of enhancements in the area of indexing. A summary of Kathy's remarks on projects follows. A separate article about the enhancement prioritization process appears in the Feature Articles section of this issue.

    Status of HOLLIS projects breaks down as follows:

    Assumed on-going projects
    • adding libraries to the circulation system as needed
    • format integration (should be completed by 12/95)
    Projects in progress or completed
    • HOLLIS Plus
    • RISM (done)
    • End-user reporting
    • Casalini and Harrassowitz records in BF file(mostly done)
    • Course reserves catalog
    • In-library database use survey (done)
    • Canadiana (mostly done)
    • User comment (done)
    • PsycINFO (done)
    Projects next in queue
    • Government documents in the HU database
    • FETCHERRS (transfer of materials from the Harvard Depository)
    • Auction Catalogs database
    • Keyword search enhancements
      • raising keyword maximum hits to 1,000 (done)
      • qualification to keyword searches
    • New database search engine for non-HOLLIS databases
    • Finding aids project
    • New database search engine for non-HOLLIS

    Naomi Ronen asked about the fate of the other recommendations from the Large Index Searching in HOLLIS (LISH) report. (The LISH task group, formed in late 1992, was charged with recommending enhancements to improve the effectiveness of HOLLIS searching. A brief summary of the original LISH recommendations appears on page three of the November 1993 HOLLIS Newsletter.) Jon Rothman replied that the Automation Planning Committee prioritized only the two keyword enhancements from the LISH report. Other non-keyword search enhancements will not be implemented because they were not ranked highly in the "final changes" process last year.

    Feature Article
    Results of Enhancements Prioritization Meetings. All five previously announced HOLLIS Enhancements Prioritization meetings have now been held (a sixth meeting to prioritize reserves enhancements will occur on June 7th from 9:30-11:00 in the OIS Conference Room). For those of you who didn't make all five meetings,here is a list of the enhancements which were prioritized in the meetings:

    #9194   O/P/R statement renumbering
    #9389  Add methodology to print receiving unit phone number fax number and email address on claims but not P.O.'s
    #9452   Recreate PN (Personal Name) index for staff mode

    #9196   Holdings record templating or copying
    #9232   Retain all unique 050s and 090s in duplicate resolution
    #9456   Index 050s and 060s in BF records

    #9248   Improve ability to step through bills using "next" and "prev"
    #9042   Recall needed notice should have original due date if recall due date is later
    #9198   Proxy names on circulation notices

    Indexing: #9286   Add broader term entries from authority records to subject indexes
    #9062   Authority display in OPAC bug
    **New   Change TERM command to behave like REDO command

    #9173   Revisit HOLLIS downloading formats
    #9219   Holdings display changes
    #9286   Add broader term entries from authority records to subject indexes

    1994 Enhancements
    How they fared:

    • Library locations on PBIL Summary Screen (9277) Done
    • Improved Charge/Discharge Screens (9278) Not done
    • Better 'next' and 'prev' movement in bills (9248) Status: priority 1 in 5/95 ranking
    • Proxy names on circ notices (9198) Status: priority 3 in 5/95 ranking
    • Ability to designate "recall" or "hold" status in "has" list for books charged to lost. (9279) Done
    • Index abbreviated titles (9007) Done
    • Repeat a search across databases (9273) Done
    • Make default display type (short/long) database specific (9163) Done
    • Index untraced series (9274) Done
    • Search Options screens clarifications (9275) Done
    • Allow exclusion of references from qualified searches (9240) Done
    • Create new index for genre and form headings. (9247) Done
    • Index abbreviated titles (9007) Done
    • Index $o; Don't index $f. (9276) Status: Done (index $o); Some units rely on $f; to remove them from indexes has been dropped.
    • Authority display in OPAC bug (9062) Status: priority 2 in 5/95 ranking Acquisitions
    • Enhance o/p/r display (9199) Done
    • Improve paging in o/p/r (9160) Done
    • o/p/r statement renumbering (9194) Status: priority 1 in 5/95 ranking;
    • Display receipt information on holdings screen (9186) Status: Not possible in HOLLIS 1
    • Better paging in staff mode bibliographic/ holdings records . (9181) Done Cataloging
    • New cataloging-processing code for records from OCLC which will be edited in HOLLIS. (9245) Done
    • Change duplicate resolution rules for retention of 505 fields (contents notes). (9215) Done
    • Improve paging through bibliographic/ holdings records in staff mode. (9181) Done
    • Move single LOC field (9202) Status: Not possible in HOLLIS 1
    • Improve error messages in tech services mode (9175) Status: Improvements as cases arise

    ** Participants at the indexing meeting ranked enhancement 9466 (Index 780/785 fields in the author/title indexes) as their third favorite, but because its implementation would be controversial, it was the consensus of participants that OIS decide between implementing #9466 and substituting the 4th place finisher: (Make the Tech. Services mode command TERM act more like the OPAC command REDO.) Given the serious reservations about indexing 780s and 785s and the repeated decisions against indexing these fields by various groups throughout the history of HOLLIS, OIS has decided to replace #9466 with the new enhancement listed above.

    As always, enhancements may not be implemented in the exact order in which they were ranked. Many factors (e.g. complexity of the enhancement, programmer availability, other work going on in the same part of the system, etc.) influence the actual timing of implementation. If you have any questions, contact Jon Rothman in OIS.

    Notes and Reminders

    Depository location code in item records. Over the May 20-21 weekend, OIS updated over 900,000 HOLLIS item records representing items housed at Harvard Depository so as to reflect that location in their Depository Location field.

    Although our examination of the results of this process has not identified a single case in which an item has been incorrectly coded, batch operations of this type, on this scale, are very rarely perfect; so, if you see a record that appears to be wrong, please inform Charles Husbands or Daniel Bednarek in OIS.

    During the update we encountered over 50,000 items already properly coded as being at HD. That is good evidence that use of the Depository Location code has become routine since its introduction at the end of March. (CH)

    May enhancements to HOLLIS Plus. The following changes were made to HOLLIS Plus on Tuesday, 16 May:

    • A 'Search and Launch' facility which allows you to search for HOLLIS Plus resources by keyword. The search result includes a list of resources. Accompanying each resource entry is a document describing it. You can select an entry from this list and connect to the resource directly. Or, you can read the description before connecting.
    • A Carl UnCover questionnaire regarding article ordering. You get the questionnaire after you select UnCover but before a connection is made.
    • The COERS "Electronic Reference Services in the Harvard Libraries" document. This document is found under two menus: the alphabetical list of resources, and "Directories, Guides, and Reference Works" under "HOLLIS Plus resources by subject".
    • The "Harvard/Radcliffe Archival Repositories' Online Finding Aids" choice is now available. It is found under the alphabetical list of resources, and the "Directories, Guides, and Reference Works", "Gender studies", and "Law" selections under "HOLLIS Plus resources by subject".

    If you have questions, contact Julie Wetherill, MacKenzie Smith, or Joachim Martin in OIS. (JW)

    Cleaning Up Medical Subject Headings. Correction of medical subject headings (MeSH) is the final area of new development in the OCLC authority control process. OCLC has completed their correction algorithms and recently received an authoritative copy of the full MeSH file from the National Library of Medicine. OCLC began processing all MeSH headings in the HU database on May 22, 1995 and plan to complete the process by June 16, 1995. OCLC will send us correction transactions for those fields which need to be changed, along with matching authority records. From this point on, MeSH headings will be corrected along with other headings. OIS sends from the HU database all new records (except orders), records replaced by a utility record, and records with AFIX requests to OCLC on the 1st and 15th of each month. OCLC sends Harvard corrected fields and matching authority records on the 1st of each month. (RW)

    Invoice weeding complete. 38,434 Invoices completed before 7/1/94 have been weeded from the Invoice file. This process is normally done every June as part of the end-of-fiscal-year prcedures. No fiche are created when Invoices are weeded. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Marean in OIS. (LM)

    HOLLIS Training Schedule

    HOLLIS training for library staff takes place from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at 1280 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 404. Staff members may sign up for these training sessions as a series or as needed. Please contact Julie Wetherill in OIS (495-3724) to register for any of these sessions, or for more information. The schedule of HOLLIS training is regularly published in this newsletter, on the EMS electronic bulletin board, and in the Harvard University Library Notes.

    June 5/July 10  Session #1: Introduction to HOLLIS. Includes basic system structure, functions and record types, basic searching, and an introduction to machine-readable cataloging (MARC) formats.

    June 6/July 11  Session #2: In-Depth Searching. Includes detailed earching techniques and review of index structure.

    June 8/July 13  Session #3: Bibliographic Record Creation and Maintenance. Discussion of bibliographic record creation and maintenance, in HOLLIS, utility tape processing, sources of bibliographic data (including the LC books file).

    June 12/July 17  Session #4: Serial Holdings Record Creation and Maintenance. Detailed review of serial holdings record format, rules and standards for coding holdings data.

    June 13/July 18  Session #5: Order/Pay/Receipt Records. Review of O/P/R records, order creation, conventions for recording receipt of materials, production of claim memoranda.

    June 15  Session #6: Fund Accounting in HOLLIS. Includes invoice creation, recording of payment transactions, accounting unit record display and maintenance.

    June 20  Session #8: Introduction to the Circulation Subsystem. An overview of the HOLLIS patron file, item records, and basic charge, discharge, recall/hold, and billing functions in the circulation subsystem.

    July 25  Session #9: Introduction to the HOLLIS Online Public Catalog. A review of basic system structure, searching, record displays, and online help.

    HOLLIS Enhancements Update

    Changes completed since 3/25/95. This column describes completed enhancements to HOLLIS. If you have comments, questions, or would like more details about any of these changes, contact Jon Rothman at OIS, either by telephone at 5-3724 or by email at jon_rothman@harvard.edu.

    1. Added new loc code "net" and 856 field for URL's (Uniform Resource Locators) to accomodate network-based resources described in HOLLIS. [The Bibliographic Standards Committee is developing guidelines for cataloging electronic resources in HOLLIS. An open meeting on this to be scheduled.]
    2. Disappearing OPAC downloaded sets fixed. (See article in May, 1995 HOLLIS Newsletter, p. 5.)
    3. HN (HOLLIS Number) searches in the OPAC with a blank at the end resulted in an error message. Now trailing blank is stripped and search is successful.
    4. The REDO command in OPAC changed to save previous search with a blank at the end. This makes it unnecessary to key a blank at the end of the search (after using the right arrow key to get to the end) before adding additional words.
    5. Format Integration tag and indicator conversions implemented for incoming CONSER serials.
    6. Hierarchical place of publication (752) fields no longer dropped from incoming CONSER records.
    7. 6xx fields in authority records no longer treated like a generic tag group during duplicate resolution (i.e. the 6xx fields were not sorted in tag order in the resulting merged record). Now multiple occurrences of the same field will display together.
    8. Prevent multiple occurrences of LC local fields in authority records, LC local fields from incoming national authority records are retained only from the most recent record. Harvard local fields always be retained.
    9. Change to duplicate detection for name/title authority records — if the incoming record has a 100 or a 110 field with a subfield $t, both author and title text are used when identifying duplicates via the author index.
    10. A problem with retention of tracing information in circulation history reporting records has been fixed.
    11. Printing of yellow vouchers has been moved to the higher-quality Kodak "Lionheart" laser printer.
    12. Circulation search list production changed. Search lists produced the day after a charge to lost/missing now include the HOLLIS record number.
    13. Changes so that remote dial/telnet users of HOLLIS will "time out" using the new MVSIP telnet path.
    14. New loc code ‘arg' has been added for materials in the Gray/Arnold collection of the Botany libraries.

    In addition to the changes listed above, 8 additional small changes which affect the HOLLIS infrastructure were completed recently. "Infrastructure changes" are enhancements and bug fixes that are needed to ensure reliable operation of HOLLIS but which do not have directly visible or readily describable functional effects. (JR)

    OIS Current Projects

    This column tracks the large and medium-sized OIS development projects underway and pending. For more information on a particular project, contact the OIS staff member in the "Contact" column. (JW)

    Gov docs in HU R. Wendler   Waiting for test data from Bernan & Autographics - programming started.
    Recon, part 3 R Wendler MeSH corrections due 6/16.
    HOLLIS Distributed Reporting J Rothman 3/95 Update methodology, documentation, and statistics continues.
    NEDL (move materials to HD) J Rothman Implementation delayed until Sept. 1.
    Casalini/Harrassowitz(add data to BF) R Wendler 6/94 Harrassowitz needs to resolve some data problems before OIS can load the records.
    ACF2 (security enhancements in HULPBT, HULTST and HULPR) L Marean ?? Installed in HULPBT; in HULTST by mid-June.
    FETCHERRS (HD retrieval) C Husbands "Back room" functionality being spec'd. Circ display modifications in progress.
    HU to RLIN R Wendler 8/95 Meeting w/ libs to consolidate LI's. Programming begins ca. July.
    CICS upgrade C Husbands 12/95 Strategies being evaluated.
    UNIX server infrastructure and support T Robinson, K Klemperer 7/95 Develop and evaluate infrastructure for support of new server machines.
    Keyword indexing enhancements (from LISH report) J Rothman Increase KW max hits done. KW search qualification programming underway.
    HSDN dial H Reid On hold.
    HD automation K Klemperer 6/95 Stress testing in progress. Decision on scanner equip made.
    SEEC (new database search engine) K Klemperer Submit search engine recommendation to APC on 6/6. Preparing development strategy.
    Finding aids M Smith Task group's initial meeting on 6/7. 1st task: choose authoring software.
    DUC K Klemperer Production deferred. Will revisit in Fall.


    June 13
    ABCD-LIBRARY group
    12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m., Aiken 241.
    Rod Goins, Automation Coordinator for the Harvard College Library will speak about the College Library's plans to implement networked CD-ROm databases using Silver Platter's new client-server software, ERL.

    June 15
    Librarians' Assembly
    10:00 a.m. - 12 noon.
    Agenda and location TBA.
    Review of Ad-Hoc Committee on Rights and Responsibilities process and product. Proposal for a task force to present scenarios for restructuring the Assembly to increase representation, enhance programs, and facilitate communication. Proposal for election bylaws change. Nominations of new committee members.

    July 12
    HOLLIS Liaisons User Group
    9:30 - 11:00 a.m., Lamont Forum Room

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