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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 10, Number 9 (September 1995)

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  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#102)
  • Feature Articles
  • Fall 1995 HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus enhancements
  • ACF2 Security in HULPR
  • Notes and Reminders
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Digital Finding Aids Project talk in September
  • Fall 1995 HOLLIS public documentation
  • LG update reminder
  • New Faxon access path
  • Farewell, 846L! Goodbye, 846S! Hello, error messages!
  • Network Notes
  • The IBM 3163 Clock is ticking . . .
  • OIS Current Projects

    Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#102)

    September 13, 1995
    2:30-4:00 pm
    Harvard Faculty Club Library

    1. Announcements: Jon Rothman
    2. HOLLIS Plus becomes a world wide web service: Kathy Klemperer (OIS Assistant Director for Systems Development) will demonstrate the new world wide web version of HOLLIS Plus.

    HOLLIS Liaisons 100th Anniversary Party

    Help OIS celebrate the 100th HOLLIS Liaisons meeting
    (it happened this summer and was noted but not celebrated until now).

    When: Following the September Liaisons Meeting, from 4:00-5:00pm)
    Where: The Harvard Faculty Club -- Library

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    Feature Articles

    Fall 1995 HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus enhancements
    by Julie Wetherill
    Traditionally, early September is the time for the release of new enhancements to the HOLLIS Public Catalog. This year HOLLIS Plus enhancements have been rolled into the fall release. What follows are descriptions of the enhancements scheduled for release in early September. Also discussed are a few projects that may be completed in time for a second, late-fall release.

    HOLLIS enhancements

    HOLLIS Public Catalog developments will be appearing at different times this fall. In early September, the circulation status of Kummel Library materials will become available. Also, Kennedy School Library course reserves information will become available in the RV database. OIS is also advertising the existence of the Public Catalog exit command and the new 1,000-record keyword search limit even though these enhancements have been in HOLLIS now for several months.

    Later this fall OIS expects to implement patron-initiated Harvard Depository requests in HOLLIS, although a release date has not been set. Book and book review data is scheduled to be added to Religion Index. Also planned is an experimental implementation of keyword search qualification. "Experimental" because there is a strong possibility that keyword qualification will increase HOLLIS system response time to such unacceptable levels that OIS will have to remove it soon after it is implemented. Earlier this year, HAAC (HOLLIS Administrative Advisory Committee) approved implementation with the understanding that the only way to really test keyword qualification's affect on system resources is to install it in the Public Catalog and watch what happens. So keep those fingers crossed and stay tuned to HULINFO and this newsletter for further information.

    HOLLIS Plus databases

    HOLLIS Plus will have several new features this fall. Most important, there are two new groups of databases that will be made available. The College Library is supporting the following SilverPlatter databases and has agreed to make them available via HOLLIS Plus:

  • Biosis
  • EconLit Medline
  • GeoRef
  • MLA International BibliographySociofile

    Timing for these SilverPlatter databases will be determined by HCL's implementation schedule. OIS expects to make these resources available on HOLLIS Plus as soon as possible after September 1st.

    The University Library recently reached an agreement with RLG on a package of RLIN and Eureka services for Harvard libraries. Included is access to five Eureka databases in addition to the four Eureka databases already offered via HOLLIS Plus. All Eureka databases are being sponsored by the Harvard College Library. They include:

  • RLG Bibliographic File (existing)
  • Hispanic American Periodicals Index (existing)
  • Dissertation Abstracts
  • History of Science and Technology (existing)
  • Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalog
  • Inside Information (existing)
  • Government Periodicals Index
  • Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies
  • OIS tentatively plans to add the new Eureka databases to HOLLIS Plus during the first week of September. Look for announcements on HULINFO about this event.

    HOLLIS Plus on the World Wide Web

    HOLLIS Plus will become available as a world wide web site as an alternative to the current gopher version. OIS believes that the world wide web will become increasingly important as a strategic tool for accessing information services that are important to libraries. Making the web version available now will ease this transition in the future. The HOLLIS Plus web site is scheduled to become available during the first week of September.

    Given that there is not much preparation time before the fall semester begins, and that the resource contents of the gopher and web versions do not differ significantly at this time, there is no need to convert public access devices immediately. The gopher version will continue to be maintained and supported as long as any libraries are using it. Any libraries interested in converting their public devices to using the web version should feel free to contact OIS's Network Services group for advice and assistance.

    During the first part of September, OIS will be sending out letters to library directors explaining the details of the web version. We will also make available documentation for the system requirements for running a web browser, and there will be an invitation to library staff to try out the web version before it becomes available to public users. Finally, OIS is preparing a white paper that places the world wide web into the context of our strategic directions for providing public access to information resources. Keep watching HULINFO and this newsletter for further announcements and documents.


    If you have questions, contact Julie Wetherill in OIS. Consult an article in the Notes & Reminders section of this issue for information about public documentation plans for this fall.

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    ACF2 security in HULPR
    by Linda Marean
    The changes to HULPR security that have been on hold since last year are now close to implementation. OIS has successfully installed ACF2 security in its two test systems and plans to move ACF2 into HULPR in October. Why ACF2? University auditors like ACF2 because it forces operators to change their passwords every six months. OIS likes ACF2 because it reduces some of the burdens on the HULPR Security Administrator (Linda says thank you) and more importantly, needs to be in place when OIS next upgrades the CICS operating system (on which HOLLIS/HULPR run).

    Under ACF2, you will still enter the command CSSN to logon to HULPR just as you do now. However, the screen you see will be the one shown below:

    Figure 1 New HULPR logon screen under ACF2

    The cursor will be positioned after the arrow beside 'LOGONID'. Key in the same logon NAME as you have been using in HULPR, then tab to the next line to enter your password. The first time you logon, whatever you enter here will be your HULPR password. You should use that same password for all subsequent logons. An ACF2 password must be at least 6 but no more than 8 characters, must be a combination of letters and numbers, and cannot contain the logonid. It is not sensitive to upper or lower case. If your current password meets these requirements, you may reuse it. To logoff of HULPR, enter CSSF LOGOFF from a clear screen, just as you do now. (Note that under ACF2, you cannot truncate the word 'logoff'.)

    After you have keyed in your logonid and password, press enter. If you have successfully logged on you will receive a screen like the one shown below.

    Figure 2 New HULPR signon confirmation screen under ACF2

    The ACF2 message appears on the fourth line of the screen instead of the bottom (as with the old signon process). The cursor will still be positioned on the top line and you should type in the correct HULPR transaction identifier (LTHU, LTOW, etc.) and command just as you have done in the past. Or, clear the screen and then enter your command.

    Your password will expire after 6 months. After 6 months, you will receive a message saying that your password has expired and you must enter a new one. You can also change your password any time you want to. To change a password, either because it has expired or because you choose to do so, first enter your logonid and current password as above; then tab to the line which says 'NEW PASSWORD', key in your desired new password, tab to the next line which says 'enter twice' and enter the same password again. This new password will remain valid for six months.

    Although a security form will no longer be required in order to change a password, you will continue to complete the same Security Worksheet and Operator Profile forms (Appendix L, HOLLIS Reference Manual) and submit them to the Security Administrator at OIS in order to add or change a logonid (operator name), to change the security authorizations for an existing logonid, or to delete a logonid. However, no password needs to be entered on these forms.

    OIS will provide further information about the timing of ACF2 implementation at the September HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting, on HULINFO, and in the October issue of this newsletter. If you have questions, contact Linda Marean in OIS.

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    Notes and Reminders
    Harvard-Radcliffe Digital Finding Aids Project talk in September
    The September 12th ABCD-Library group meeting will host a presentation by MacKenzie Smith on the Harvard the Harvard/Radcliffe Digital Finding Aids Project. This project is an institution-wide effort to create SGML-encoded archival and manuscript finding aids for publication on the World Wide Web. The presence of these finding aids on the internet will greatly enhance the ability of scholars to find out what particular collections contain before venturing into the library, as well as saving considerable time and energy on the part of the archivists. The plans of the project group will be presented, as well as the decisions made so far as to the technology required for creating and publishing this information. The September meeting will be held in Aiken 241, at 12 noon.

    Fall 1995 HOLLIS public documentation
    For HOLLIS:

    For HOLLIS Plus:

  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (new) Also, eleven new databases are scheduled to become available in HOLLIS Plus this fall (see the Feature article on the HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus fall release for details). OIS is finalizing plans for production of brief information sheets about these databases, but these sheets will not be ready until later this fall. Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions.

    LG update reminder
    With the 1995 fall semester about to begin, this is a reminder for libraries to update their Library Guide (LG) records with any new information about their hours of operation or services. Also, libraries involved with retrospective conversion should review the LG descriptions of the portion of their collection "in HOLLIS" and "not in HOLLIS" in case this information has changed. If you need more information about editing LG records, contact Julie Wetherill in OIS.

    New Faxon access path
    Faxon has informed OIS that they want to replace the dedicated line which currently provides connectivity to their systems with an Internet connection. They would like this to happen by September 30th. If you use the Faxon system and would like to be a user of this new access path, please contact Heather Reid in OIS as soon as possible.

    Farewell, 846L! Goodbye, 846S! Hello, error messages!
    Acquisitions and receipts staff should be aware of two changes to HOLLIS that take effect Thursday, 31 August. Two common abends have been replaced by messages. The changes provide clearer on-screen indication of what is wrong and are less disruptive to workflow. The negative side is that because they as less disruptive, they stand a chance of being overlooked unless staff know what they mean. Either case can happen when editing an OPR record.

    The 846L abend has been replaced by "UPDATE NOT DONE: OPR RECORD TOO BIG". This means that an attempt to add notes or statements to an OPR would have caused the OPR to exceed the maximum allowable length. Changes made since the last successful DONE will not have been applied. The screen will be cleared and the default command on the command line will be FIND [HOLLIS record number] so the operator can look at the OPR again to verify its status and determine what to do next.

    The 846S abend has been replaced by "UPDATE NOT DONE: INVOICE IS FULL". This means that the operator tried to create a payment statement on an OPR which will not fit on the currently active invoice because it already has the maximum allowable number of statements (99). Changes since the last successful DONE will not have been applied. The screen will be cleared and the default command on the command line will be INV invoice# so that the operator can look at the invoice again to verify its status and take corrective action--probably the creation of a new invoice record.

    Under either error condition, the integrity of the OPR and the invoice record is preserved. However, any data added to the record since the last successful DONE will be lost. Contact Charlie Husbands or Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions.

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    Network Notes
    The IBM3163 clock is ticking . . .
    As you are hopefully already aware, our IBM3163 terminals will go off support as of June 30th 1996. (Please note that IBM3151 terminals will continue to be supported). What will "going off support" mean? Most importantly, when your current service contracts for IBM3163 terminals expire on Dec 31st 1995, IBM will only renew them through June 30th 1996. Thereafter, terminals which break or malfunction will most likely not be fixable. If you depend heavily or solely on IBM3163 terminals for either technical services or public access (or both) you should be actively planning to deal with this upcoming change in support policy. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your current telecommunications options, please feel free to call or e-mail Heather Reid in OIS.

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    OIS Current Projects
    This column tracks the large and medium-sized OIS development projects underway and pending. For more information on a particular project, contact the OIS staff member in the "Contact" column.

    ProjectContactTarget dateMajor milestones
    Gov Docs data in HUR. Wendler--Waiting for test data from Bernan & Autographics - programming started.
    HU to RLINR Wendler10/95Negotiating for better functionality with RLIN.
    CICS upgradeC. Husbands6/96Selection of strategy due by 9/15.
    Recon part 3R Wendler--MeSH corrections in. MeSH authority records waiting on HOLLIS enhancement.
    HOLLIS Distributed Reporting J Rothman3/95Implementation of new update method underway; new documentation in progress.
    (add data to BF)
    R Wendler6/95Harrasowitz needs to resolve some data problems before OIS can load the records.
    (security enhancements in HULPBT, HULPST and HULPR)
    L Marean10/95Installed in HULTST. Installation in HULPR set for October.
    FETCHERRSC Husbands10/95HD interface spec done. User dialog/circ display programming done.
    Keyword indexing enhancements
    (from LISH report)
    J Rothman--KW search qualification implementation due Fall '95.
    UNIX server infrastructure and supportT Robinson
    K Klemperer
    --Develop and evaluate infrastructure for support of new server machines.
    move materials to HD)
    J Rothman9/95Programming done.
    HD automationD Bednarek8/95HD network connection is in place. Miscellaneous programming underway. FETCHERRS being spec'd.
    SEICK Klemperer1/96
    Selected OCLC SiteSearch. Selecting hardware platform. Negotiating SiteSearch license.
    DUCK Klemperer--Production deferred. Will revisit in Fall.

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