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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 10, Number 11 (November 1995)

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  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#103)
  • Feature Articles
  • New HUL discussion list
  • Books in Print on HOLLIS Plus
  • HOLLIS Keyword Qualification Experiment
  • Notes and Reminders
  • Changes to HOLLIS Plus
  • Table of McGill ALA key assignments
  • Post-ACF2 implementation update
  • Downloading Authority Records from RLIN
  • LIBINFO is now closed
  • HU database grows to 6.5 million records
  • A dead insect that we've failed to bury
  • Harvard joins Internet Cataloging Project
  • Corrupt records in AI
  • HOLLIS Training
  • OIS Current Projects

    Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#103)

    November 15, 1995
    9:30-11:00 am
    Boylston Hall, Boylston Auditorium

    1. Announcements: Jon Rothman
    2. Panel Discussion:
      "Early Experiences with Cataloging Electronic Resources in HOLLIS

      The increasing numbers of texts, images, indexes, and other resources available in electronic form are influencing every aspect of library work. A HAAC Task Force early this year investigated the desirability of integrating network resources with other library resources in the Harvard Union Catalog. Recommendations from the task force recognized that many libraries will want the option of cataloging some network resources together with traditional materials in HOLLIS. Speakers will summarize the recommendations and discuss some of the techniques, implications, and pitfalls of mainstreaming selection, acquisition, and cataloging for network resources. Bring your questions.

      Speakers will include:

    3. Jeffrey Beall, Widener Library Cataloging Services
    4. Ann Sitkin, Law School Library Cataloging Services
    5. Hugh Wilburn, Loeb Design Library Public Services
    6. Robin Wendler, OIS, will summarize the task group's recommendations and will serve as moderator for the discussion.

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    Feature Articles

    New HUL discussion list
    by Julie Wetherill
    OIS has established a new e-mail discussion list called HUL-CLIENTS. HUL-CLIENTS' goal is to provide a forum for Harvard library staff interested in issues related to desktop client software used to access HOLLIS, HULPR, and HOLLIS Plus. Possible topics of discussion would include: McGill TCP3270 and Cornell PCIP client access to HULPR, gopher and World Wide Web client access to HOLLIS Plus. Staff using other types of clients to access any of the services supported by OIS are welcome to participate also.

    OIS will use HUL-CLIENTS to announce software releases, bug warnings and fixes, etc. as we become aware of them. Other subscribers are encouraged to do the same.

    HUL-CLIENTS is a *discussion list*; its success depends on the participation of subscribers. OIS staff will monitor list activity, but there are no guarantees that OIS will be able to provide answers to questions.

    HUL-CLIENTS is a closed, unmoderated list. Only members of the Harvard community can subscribe and only subscribers can post messages. The Listowner is Julie Wetherill in OIS. Subscription instructions follow.

    Subscribing to HUL-CLIENTS:

    1. Send mail to: listproc@elmer.harvard.edu
    2. Text of message: subscribe hul-clients < your name >

    Sending a message to HUL-CLIENTS:

    Send mail to: hul-clients@elmer.harvard.edu

    1. Be sure to include a subject line

    If you have questions, contact Julie Wetherill in OIS.

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    Books in Print on HOLLIS Plus
    by Julie Wetherill
    The Books in Print (BIP) database is the newest resource available in HOLLIS Plus. BIP was added by request of the University Library Council (ULC); cost of the subscription has been divided among HUL library units.

    Books in Print contains 1.8 million records of in-print, out-of-print, and forthcoming books from over 44,000 North American publishers. Books in Print is a copyrighted product of Reed Reference Publishing, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc., and is available via HOLLIS Plus by arrangement with the OCLC FirstSearch service. Books in Print is updated weekly; 900,000 new releases and revisions are added each year.

    According to OCLC, Books in Print records contain "complete, publisher-verified information [that] includes publisher, price, publication date, ISBN, and more." Descriptions also include the standard author, title, subject headings, and sometimes abstracts. While using BIP, enter the request
    h booksinprint record to get a list of displaying fields and corresponding search codes. A sample record appears below.

    Record 4 of 4______________________________________(Page 1 of 1)
    COPYRIGHT:   BOOKS IN PRINT   (r),  (c)  R.R. Bowker,   Reed Elsevier Inc.
    |ACCESSION:   0252619
    ISBN/PRICE:    0836217179 TP;    USD 8.95 R
    PUB STATUS:  Active Record
    AUTHOR:         Larson, Gary
    TITLE:             The Chickens Are Restless
    IMPRINT:         Kansas City : Andrews & McMeel,   Oct. 1993
    PHYS DESC:   96 p. : ill.
    LANGUAGE:    eng
    PUB ORDER NO:   Andrews & McMeel
    BOWKER PC:        PB Paperbound |_____________________________________________________________________________
    HINTS:  Another page . type F or B.  Another record . type record number.
    Return to Record List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . just press Enter.
    ACTIONS:       Help    Search    Print    Email    Order    Forward    Back
    RECORD NUMBER (or Action):

    Searching BIP
    While using BIP, enter the request h booksinprint labels to see a list of search codes and examples.

    As is true of INSPEC (the first FirstSearch database available in HOLLIS Plus), Books in Print offers a variety of searching choices. There are two general types of searches: keyword (au:, ti:, etc.) and bound phrase (au=, ti=, etc.). Use keyword searches to find significant words in BIP records, without needing to know the exact order or position of words. Type s [search label]:[word or words] and press < ENTER > to search by keyword. For example: s sh:eclipse.

    Use a bound phrase search when you want to search all or the first part of author name, title, etc. Always perform a wordlist lookup before searching a bound phrase. Type w [search label]=[all or first part of phrase] and press < ENTER >. For example: w sh=eclipse. BIP will list headings that match or are close alphabetically to what you typed. Type the line number of the heading you want to search and press < ENTER >.

    You can limit BIP searches by language and publication year. Simply type limit or the letter l to start the limit process before or after you enter a search. While using BIP, enter the request h limit for more information about limiting searches.

    Accessing BIP
    To access Books in Print, select the "HOLLIS Plus Resources listed alphabetically" choice from the HOLLIS Plus main menu. By contract, access to Books in Print via HOLLIS Plus is restricted to Harvard University students, faculty, and staff. FirstSearch is available 23 hours every day except Sunday. The following are the times FirstSearch is NOT available, Eastern Time (ET): Mon. - Sat.: 2a.m. - 3a.m. ; Sun.: 2a.m. - 6a.m.

    BIP Documentation

    Last year, OIS distributed copies of the FirstSearch Reference Card and Advanced Reference Card as part of the implementation of INSPEC in HOLLIS Plus. In April of 1995, OCLC eliminated the basic Reference Card in favor of a " Quick Reference Guide table tent" but the Advanced Reference Card (in revised form) still exists. Libraries that use FirstSearch or Epic probably already have these documents. Libraries needing the Advanced Reference Card can contact OIS to get a master copy (we do not have the quick reference "table tent"). OIS is now working on a general FirstSearch user guide that will be available electronically from within HOLLIS Plus. There are also plans to create a specific Books in Print guide. Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions or a suggestion about the contents of these guides.

    (J. Wetherill)

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    HOLLIS Keyword Qualification Experiment--Update
    by Jon Rothman
    Implementation of HOLLIS keyword search qualification (on an experimental basis as described in the October, 1995 HOLLIS Newsletter and below) is tentatively planned for the week of December 4, 1995.

    OIS expects that the new qualification options will be made available and announced to staff for a brief period (probably 1 or 2 days) prior to public announcements. After the staff trial period (assuming that system performance and load on the mainframe computer remain within acceptable levels), the experiment will be announced to the public (OIS will distribute flyers, etc.). OIS and OIT will monitor HOLLIS and the mainframe computer closely. If, at any time during the experiment, we determine that keyword qualification is causing unacceptable performance and/or machine loads, the new qualification features will be disabled. The exact details of the implementation plan are still being discussed and will be announced as they are finalized. Look for messages on HULINFO over the next few weeks.

    Initially, keyword qualification will be made available only in the HU database. If system performance allows, keyword qualification will be enabled for the other databases at a later time. The following limits will be made available on keyword searches in HU:

    //la= (language) excluding //la=eng (english)
    example: KTI=MASQUERADE//la=pol

    //fo= (format) excluding //fo=bks (books)
    example: KSH=PUMPKIN//fo=map

    //yr=NNNN (year), limiting to a specific year.
    example: KW=FRIGHTENING//yr=1993

    //yr=NNN? (year), limiting to a specific decade.
    example: KW=FRIGHTENING//yr=196?

    No other limits will be available on keyword searches.

    For more information/background on this experiment, see the article "HOLLIS Keyword Qualification Experiment" in the October, 1995 HOLLIS Newsletter.

    If you have questions or comments, please contact Jon Rothman in OIS.

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    Notes and Reminders

    Changes to HOLLIS Plus
    On October 24th, OIS made several changes to the gopher version of HOLLIS Plus. These changes, made at the request of the HOLLIS Plus Working Group, include:

    • The main menu has been redesigned to consist of labelled sections. (Note that on a character-based client, the numbering of the menu items is a bit odd, but we believe that the improved organization outweighs this inconvenience.)
    • The "Library Catalogs at Other Institutions" item has been removed from the main menu (this will be true of the Web version also).
    • Selection of a resource takes the user to an intermediate screen, allowing the user to choose either "connect to [resource]" or "About [resource]". We intend to offer search guides at this point also, as soon as they are written. These would be specific search guides for Eureka, HOLLIS, FirstSearch and ERL databases. (The model for this is INSPEC, which already has a FirstSearch User Guide).
    • Minor details: The "Architecture" category has been changed to "Art and Architecture", and the Avery Index now appears in the "humanities" subject category as well as "Art and Architecture".
    Library staff are encouraged to try out the gopher version and pass any comments back to OIS and the Working Group by using the suggestion box located on the HOLLIS Plus main menu. If you have questions, contact Joachim Martin or Kathy Klemperer in OIS.

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    Table of McGill ALA key assignments
    Attached to this issue is a table of default diacritics and special characters assignments defined in the McGill TCP3270 ALA keyboard. You can get a list of key assignments within McGill (Options/Keyboard Mapping/List Assigned Functions) or from an appendix at the back of the McGill user manual, but this table includes the actual character along with its name and McGill key assignment.

    This is not an official McGill document. Kathy McNamara, HUL Serial Recon Supervisor, put this table together for Recon staff in OIS. Since such a table does not exist in the official McGill documentation, the Editor thought it might be useful to share with technical services staff. Please note that this table reflects default ALA key assignments, so if staff in your unit have redefined portions of McGill's ALA keyboard, this table may not be as helpful.

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    Post-ACF2 implementation update
    As all of you are well aware, ACF2 security has been installed in HULPR. The change-over was difficult for some, but the worst seems to be behind us now. OIS is grateful to everyone for their patience while suspended Logonid's were reset and Password confusion was straightened out. From now on, the procecure on the next page is the one you will use to sign onto HULPR.

    Your normal procedure will be to key in your Logonid after the arrow beside 'LOGONID', Tab to the arrow beside Password, key in your Password and hit < Enter >.

                                HULPR SYSTEM SECURED BY CA-ACF2 CICS 6.0

    TERMINAL:   YN40
    NODE:            NACS0065

    DAY:              FRIDAY

    SYSTEM DATE:     AUGUST 18, 1995
    SYSTEM TIME:      10:43 AM

    LOGONID:      ===>
    PASSWORD:   ===>

    NEW PASSWORD: ===>
    (enter twice)              ===>



    The NEW PASSWORD section of the screen is used only when you want or need to change your password. You may change your password at any time; you must change it after it has been in use for 6 months. To change a password, key in your Logonid and current password just as if you were signing on; before you hit Enter, Tab to 'NEW PASSWORD' and enter your desired new password, then Tab to '(enter twice)' and key it in again exactly the same. An ACF2 password must be at least 6 but no more than 8 characters, must be a combination of letters and numbers, and cannot contain the Logonid. It is not sensitive to upper or lower case. The new password you choose must be different from your old password.

    After you have keyed in your Logonid and password, hit enter. If you have successfully Logged on you will receive a screen like the one shown below.


    ACFAE139 ACF2/CICS: YN0D     SIGNON OK:  USER=MAREAN _________________________________________________________________

    The cursor will be in the upper left corner and the text shown above will be down several lines. You can enter your desired HULPR command here, or you can clear the screen and then enter a command.

    To sign off of Hulpr, enter cssf logoff from a clear screen. Note that you cannot shorten the word 'logoff' nor can you say 'logout' instead of logoff.

    Although a Security form will no longer be required in order to change a password, you will continue to complete the same "Security Worksheet" and "Operator Profile" forms (Appendix L, HOLLIS Reference Manual) and submit them to the Security Administrator at OIS in order to add a new logonid, to change the lecurity authorizations for an existing logonid, or to delete a logonid. However, no password needs to be entered on these forms.

    When a new Logonid has been established, the user of the new Logonid will enter a password the first time the person signs on. For a first-time use of a new Logonid, key in the Logonid, Tab to 'PASSWORD', key in your desired password and press < enter >. You do not do anything with the NEW PASSWORD section of the screen.

    Those who use a macro to sign on to Hulpr should be aware that the macro will not work six months from now. The system will require a new password when the present one expires. The macro will not be able to change the password for you. You may sign on manually to change the password, but the macro will also need to be changed to use the new password.

    The more recent problems with suspended logonids have been mostly associated with the problems of communicating the password and the procedure for signing on among multiple people using one logonid. If new logonids are needed to alleviate these problems, the OIS security administrator (Linda Marean) can set them up. It is fine to request a new logonid and specify that it be the same as an existing logonid, without completing the entire "Security Worksheet" and "Operator Profile" forms. These requests are fine to make via e-mail, to linda_marean@harvard.edu.

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    Downloading Authority Records from RLIN
    Libraries which catalog in RLIN may now use the PUT command to bring authority records from the LC Name Authority File into HOLLIS. While the OCLC name authority process will send us most necessary authority records, this PUT technique may be valuable

    1. for conference names, uniform titles, or author/titles, which are not covered by the OCLC process,
    2. when you need to enter an authority record to record local information or local cross-references,
    3. when you feel cross-references are important enough to be needed right away.

    Using the PUT command will cause the record to be added to HOLLIS usually within 24-36 hours.

    NOTE: SINCE IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO EDIT AUTHORITY RECORDS IN RLIN FOR LOCAL USE, YOU MUST CALL THE RECORD UP ONCE IT IS IN HOLLIS in order to a) set the heading use fixed fields correctly (A/T and/or SUBJ) and b) to add whatever local information you need. If you do not set the the heading use codes in HOLLIS, the record will appear in the author index in technical services mode, but will not display in the public catalog.

    If OCLC subsequently sends a copy of a record PUT from RLIN, the OCLC copy will replace the RLIN one, except that any local data will be retained. Local data includes any field marked with a subfield | 5 and a library code, as well as the 950, 959, and 969 fields. This is desirable; just make sure you add a | 5 to any local cross-reference or note.

    This capability is available now to those RLIN libraries using the PUT command. Please contact Robin Wendler in OIS.

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    LIBINFO is now closed
    To avoid unsolicited messages, LIBINFO, is now a closed list (i.e. only subscribers can post messages). However, this could cause problems for subscribers whose e-mail addresses have changed form since they first subscribed to LIBINFO.

    In order to block nonsubscribers from posting, LIBINFO must compare a your address against its official subscription list. If your current address does not exactly match the one known to LIBINFO, your posting will be rejected. Your address can change over time -- more often than you would imagine. And, it can sometimes change without your knowledge. So, if you post to LIBINFO and your message bounces back, you should resubscribe. The LIBINFO list moderator will then delete your previous subscription so you will not get double postings.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Note that LIBINFO is still an unrestricted list (anyone can subscribe). Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions.

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    HU database grows to 6.5 million records
    On 29 September, a Widener Recon record titled England and Sir Horace Plunkett (BDM4576) became the 6.5 millionth bibliographic record in the HU database. Given that approximately 125,000 Recon and current cataloging records are added monthly, HU should hit seven million bib records sometime in early 1996.

    On a related note, the OW database (Older Widener materials) reached a new low of 330,313 records in mid-October. Linda Marean, OIS Operations Support Manager, predicts that OW will drop below 300,000 records by early 1996.

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    A dead insect that we've failed to bury
    OIS life being hectic as it is, we've only lately realized that we forgot to share some good news. The bug that could allow an operator to have access to someone else's invoice when logged on to a networked terminal has been swatted. (Cf. "A REALLY GOOD reason to use the EINV command" in the August newsletter.) Now, when it checks to see who just logged on, the system will clear the saved invoice number unless the operator is the same one who was there before. This means you will not have an accidentally active invoice sitting around from someone else's old session. You must establish a current invoice for yourself before making payments. One additional reminder on this subject: to establish an invoice, it is necessary to display it and DONE it. Just clearing the screen won't do it.

    You may have noticed that when you DONE an invoice, its number now displays following the default command INV. This is because the programmer who fixed the other bug found the failure to display the invoice number so annoying he fixed things so it does. OIS hopes staff find this unscheduled change helpful. Contact Charlie Husbands in OIS if you have questions.

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    Harvard joins Internet Cataloging Project
    Harvard has recently become a participant in the OCLC Internet Cataloging Project. This project involves a nationwide, coordinated effort among libraries and institutions of higher education to create, implement, test, and evaluate a searchable database of USMARC format bibliographic records, complete with electronic location and access information (USMARC field 856) for Internet-accessible materials.

    Our local project coordinator is Jeffrey Beall, cataloger in the Cataloging Services Dept. in Widener Library. His role in the project is, among other tasks, to serve as a single point of contact for all project communications and to coordinate Harvard's participation in the project.

    Records for Internet-accessible materials are cataloged in HOLLIS using the "net" LOC. (The November HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting will include a presentation about cataloging networked resources and the new "net" location. Wednesday the 15th, 9:30-11am in the Boylston Hall Auditorium.)

    Feel free to direct any questions about the project or about cataloging Internet-accessible resources to Jeffrey.

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    Corrupt records in AI
    OIS has encountered some dozens of records in Expanded Academic Index (the AI database) which contain gobbledegook (i.e., unintelligible data). These problem records were all introduced by the most recent update file, processed in mid-October. Examples can be found by searching find au 4 or find au 8. OIS is pursuing this problem with Information Access Co., the supplier of AI data. Contact Robin Wendler in OIS if you have questions.

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    HOLLIS Training Schedule

    OIS training classes are available free of charge to library staff. Classes take place in the Training Room at 1280 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 404, from 9:30am - 11:30am unless noted otherwise. Staff members may sign up for these training sessions as a series or as needed. Please contact Patti Fucci in OIS (495-3724 or p_fucci@harvard.edu) to register for any of these sessions, or for more information.
    Nov 7/Dec 7 Session #1: Introduction to HOLLIS. Includes basic system structure, functions and record types, basic searching, and an introduction to machine-readable cataloging (MARC) formats.
    Nov 9/Dec 11 Session #2: In-Depth Searching. Includes detailed searching techniques and review of index structure.
    Nov 13/Dec 12 Session #3: Bibliographic Record Creation and Maintenance. Discussion of bibliographic record creation and maintenance in HOLLIS and sources of bibliographic data (including the LC books file).
    Nov 14/Dec 18 Session #4: Serial Holdings Record Creation and Maintenance. Detailed review of serial holdings record format, rules and standards for coding holdings data.
    Nov 20/Dec 21 Session #5: Order/Pay/Receipt Records. Review of O/P/R records, order creation, conventions for recording receipt of materials, production of claim memoranda.
    Nov 30 Session #6: Fund Accounting in HOLLIS. Includes invoice creation, recording of payment transactions, accounting unit record display and maintenance.
    Nov 2/Dec 4 Session #11: Introduction to McGill TCP3270 for Windows (v2.5). Includes: connecting/disconnecting, fonts/toolbar/colors, regular and ALA keyboard maps, copy and paste, session profile, and multiple sessions
    Nov 6/Dec 5 Session #12: Advanced McGill TCP3270 for Windows (v2.5). Includes: redefining the toolbar, advanced ALA keyboard, macros, advanced editing techniques.


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    OIS Current Projects
    This column tracks the large and medium-sized OIS development projects underway and pending. For more information on a particular project, contact the OIS staff member in the "Contact" column.

    Project Contact Target date Major milestones
    Gov Docs data in HU R. Wendler -- Data received; programming underway.
    HU to RLIN R Wendler 10/95 Model approved; programming to be scheduled.
    CICS upgrade C. Husbands 6/96 Selection of strategy due by 11/15.
    (add data to BF)
    R Wendler 6/95 Harrasowitz in production.
    (security enhancements in HULPBT, HULPST and HULPR)
    L Marean 10/95 Installed in HULPR and HOLLIS.
    FETCHERRS C Husbands 11/95 Testing in progrss of OPAC-->Circ. link.
    Keyword indexing enhancements
    (from LISH report)
    J Rothman -- KW search qualification in production by end of the year.
    UNIX server infrastructure and support T Robinson
    K Klemperer
    -- Develop and evaluate infrastructure for support of new server machines.
    HD automation D Bednarek 8/95 Miscellaneous programming underway. FETCHERRS being spec'd.
    SEIC K Klemperer 1/96
    Selected OCLC SiteSearch. Selecting hardware platform. Negotiating SiteSearch license.
    Finding aids M Smith -- Receiving new DTD from Berkeley.
    Format integration R Wendler 3/96 Writing checklist & consulting with librarians about data conversion.
    DUC K Klemperer -- Production deferred. Will revisit in Fall.



    Nov 8

    ABCD-WWW Group 3:15 - 4:30,
    1280 Mass. Ave. Suite 404
    Speaker will be FRANK SCHNUR of the Harvard Travel Office -- who will speak on Traveling on the Web (both in reality in virtually!)

    Nov 14 ABCD - Library Working Group
    12:00 - 1:00 p.m.,
    Aiken 241 Topic: TBA.
    Nov 15 Technical Services Managers Roundtable
    12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Kennedy School, Taubman Center, Room 301
    Topic: Creativity Focus Group
    Nov 15 Acquisitions Roundtable
    2:00 - 4:00 p.m., Belfer 124, Kennedy School
    Topic: Sheila Intner, a faculty member from the Library School at Simmons College, will speak about the MLS program at Simmons and will field questions relating to this subject.
    Nov 15 HOLLIS Liaisons User Group
    9:30 - 11:00, Boylston Hall, Boylston Auditorium
    Topic: "Early experiences with cataloging electronic resources in HOLLIS"
    Nov 16-17 Harvard Internet Fair
    All day event. Program of events available in Technology Windows, Library Notes, Harvard Gazette, and from the Internet Fair page at http://www.harvard.edu/home/internet_fair/internet_fair.html
    Nov 17 Cataloging Discussion Group
    11:00 - 12:30 p.m., location TBA
    Topic: "Looking at maps with an eye to cataloging them". RSVP is required; contact Anne-Marie (abreaux@fas.harvard.edu).
    Dec 1 Technical Services Managers Roundtable and Acquistions Roundtable
    8:30 - 12 noon, Gutman Media Classroom
    Ebsco seminar on document delivery, Ebsco host, and collection development reports

    McGill TCP3270 for Windows
    Special Character Table

    This table lists the name, character, and the default McGill ALA key assignment for diacritics and special characters. If you have questions about how a special character should appear, consult Appendix M of the HOLLIS Reference Manual. This Appendix has a table of diacritics and special characters mapped to the old 3163 keyboard. For McGill users, the 3163 information is not relevant, but the hand-drawn characters are useful as a reference. Thanks to Kathy McNamara, HUL Serial Recon Supervisor, for sharing her table with us.
    Acute = Quote High Comma Centered = Add Subscript ( = [ Superscript 4 = Shift 4
    Alif = F High Comma Off Center = Ctrl-Add Subscript ) = ] Superscript 5 = Shift 5
    Alpha = A Left Double Tilde = Subtract Subscript + = Equal(=) Superscript 6 = Shift 6
    Angstrom = Shift-Page-Dn Left Hook = H Subscript - = Minus(-) Superscript 7 = Shift 7
    Ayn = D Ligature 1st Half = Keypad-Enter Subscript 0 = 0 Superscript 8 = Shift 8
    Beta = B Ligature 2nd Half = Ctrl-Keypad-Enter Subscript 1 = 1 Superscript 9 = Shift 9
    Breve = Shift-Page-Up Lower AE = Q Subscript 2 = 2 Tilde = Clear or Shift-BackQuote
    British Pound = Shift-Z Lower Barred D = W Subscript 3 = 3 Turkish i = S
    Candrabindu = Shift J Lower Hook O = T Subscript 4 = 4 Tverdyi-znak = Shift-G
    Cedilla = Right-Arrow Lower Hook U = I Subscript 5 = 5 Umlaut = Home
    Centered Dot = Shift-B Lower OE = R Subscript 6 = 6 Underscore _ = Divide
    Circle Below = Page-Dn Lower Slash L = E Subscript 7 = 7 Upadhmaniya = J
    Circled R = Shift-X Lower Slash O = Y Subscript 8 = 8 Upper AE = Shift-Q
    Circumflex = Left-Arrow Lower Thorn = U Subscript 9 = 9 Upper AE = Shift-Q
    Dagger = Shift-V Macron = Page-Up Superior Dot = Shift-End Upper Hook O = Shift-T
    Dot Below = End Miagkiy-znak = G Superscript ( = Shift-[ Upper Hook U = Shift-I
    Double Acute = Shift-Quote Musical Flat = X Superscript ) = Shift-] Upper OE = Shift-R
    Double Dot Below = Multiply Plus or Minus = Backslash Superscript + = Shift-Equal(=) Upper Slash L = Shift-E
    Double Underscore = Ctrl-Divide Pseudo ? = Delete Superscript - = Shift-Minus(-) Upper Slash O = Shift-Y
    Eth = V Right Cedilla = Shift-Right-Arrow Superscript 0 = Shift 0 Upper Thorn = Shift-U
    Gamma = C Right Double Tilde = Ctrl-Subtract Superscript 1 = Shift 1  
    Grave = BackQuote or Down-Arrow Right Hook = Shift-H Superscript 2 = Shift 2  
    Hacek = Shift-Left-Arrow Script l = Z Superscript 3 = Shift 3  


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