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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 11, Number 3 (March 1996)

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  • HOLLIS/HOLLIS Plus Enhancements
  • Agenda for HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting #105
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    Format Integration, Phase 2
    by Julie Wetherill
    On 5 March 1996, HOLLIS will be changed to allow the creation, editing, import, and export of bibliographic records conforming to phase 2 of format integration. OIS will also implement a variety of other recently approved changes to the USMARC formats. The changes to HOLLIS include:

    • the AMC format becomes obsolete; a new format, "mixed material", is created;
    • a new type of record code for "manuscript language" material is validated;
    • a new fixed field is created, to specify whether an item is under archival control;
    • more than one type of format-specific fixed field characteristics may be supplied through the use of the new 006 field;
    • the way publication dates are noted in the fixed fields will be changed in some cases;
    • a new subdivision code, $v (form), will be validated in subject headings *other than* LCSH;
    • and a variety of new fields and subfields will be validated to support the cataloging of electronic resources and of geospatial metadata.

    The early-March changes to HOLLIS will affect bibliographic records (not holdings or authority records) and will be limited to technical services record display and editing. In the coming months, OIS will be implementing changes to indexing, public catal og record displays, and reporting to take advantage of the MARC changes.

    At an open meeting on Friday, 23 February, Robin Wendler (OIS Bibliographic Analyst) described these changes and the effect they would have on technical services processing in HOLLIS. The actual changes to MARC are detailed in Robin's excellent handout f rom the open meeting. An abridged version of this handout is attached to this newsletter issue. What follows are details about timing and other general information.

    OIS plans to make these changes available in HOLLIS starting on Tuesday, 5 March. On this day, changes to the fixed fields on HOLLIS bibliographic workforms will be evident. New field elements will be available for use, such as the 006 fixed field fo r coding multiple format characteristics, new 856 subfields, and new geospatial metadata fields (see the attached public meeting handout for more details). Existing HOLLIS records will undergo very little conversion because of these changes. OIS will co nvert newly obsolete "type of publication date" codes to valid values and will set the new archival control byte for existing records in the AMC format.

    OCLC plans to implement the format integration and archival control changes on Sunday, 3 March. RLIN has indicated that there will be a delay in their implementation. OIS will provide updates about the conversion status of the bibliographic utilities as this information becomes available.

    Shortly after these technical services changes go into effect, OIS will be distributing new versions of the HOLLIS Tag Tables. If you have questions about this project, contact Robin Wendler in OIS.

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    HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus Enhancements
    by Jonathan Rothman

    This column features brief descriptions of some of the completed changes to HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus. Some OIS projects and major enhancements will continue to be described in greater detail in newsletter articles. If you have comments, questions, or would like more details about any of these changes, contact Jon Rothman at OIS, either by telephone at 5-3724 or by e-mail at jon_rothman@harvard.edu.

    On Tuesday, 13 February, OIS added the following enhancements to HOLLIS Plus:

    • Census Bureau (U.S.) (Web only)
    • GPO Access. (Web only)
    • Journal of 17th Century Music (Web only)
    • Scholarly Societies Project (Web only)
    • Shakespeare Complete Works (via MIT) (Web only)
    • FirstSearch version of ABI/INFORM (in place of Business School version; available from gopher and web versions of HOLLIS Plus)
    • MathSciNet (Web only)

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    HOLLIS Liaisons Agenda
    March 13, 1996
    9:30-11:30 a.m., Lamont Forum Room
    Note Extended Meeting Time

    1. Announcements: Jon Rothman 2. Panel Discussion:

    "Tips and Tricks for Effective Use of Selected HOLLIS Plus Resources" Our third annual "tips and tricks" panel will highlight useful features of several library-sponsored HOLLIS Plus databases.

    The first part of the program will present the Silver Platter ERL databases sponsored by HCL. Amy Kautzman (Lamont) and Michael Blake (Cabot) will present an overview of the SilverPlatter ERL interface. This will be followed by brief presentations on ea ch of the Silver Platter databases:

    Connie Wick from Kummel Library on GeoRef
    Dorothy Solbrig from the Biological Laboratories Library on Biological Abstracts
    Gillian Bartoo from Littauer Library on EconLit
    Michael Blake from Cabot Library on MEDLINE
    Amy Kautzman from Lamont Library on MLA Bibliography
    Steve Love from Hilles Library on Sociofile

    The second part of the program will present some non-SilverPlatter databases which have been added to HOLLIS Plus in the last year.

    Debbie Kelley-Milburn from Widener Library on Dissertation Abstracts
    Ellen Isenstein from the Kennedy School Library on Newspaper Abstracts

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    Notes and Reminders
    by Peter Shoemaker

    Daniel Bednarek to leave
    OIS announces with considerable regret that Daniel Bednarek will be leaving for a new position as Senior Information Analyst at GIGA, Inc., (Giga Information Group), a Gideon Gartner start-up based in Kendall Square that will "initially [focus] on providi ng technology vendors -- hardware and software companies -- with an easier way of obtaining critical information." His actual responsibility will be to assist in the creation and maintenance of an "information dissemination infrastructure" for GIGA analy sts. GIGA's product will be published on the Web.

    Daniel has played a crucial role in many varied projects that OIS has been a part of. Most recently he has managed the bringing up of new libraries in HOLLIS circulation, he has coordinated technical support for the Harvard Depository, he has contributed greatly to the development of HOLLIS Distributed Reporting, and he has provided backup support for ongoing daily HOLLIS operations. Needless to say, his contributions will be sorely missed.

    Daniel's last day at OIS will be Wednesday March 6. Congratulations and best wishes to Daniel on this exciting venture. Somehow we will learn to live without him!

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    1 March ABCD-Main Meeting
    12 noon, Aiken 241

    8 March Cataloging Discussion Group
    11 am- 12:30 pm, Lamont Forum Room
    The topic will be cataloging electronic resources. Members of Bib Standards will present and discuss the Policies and Guidelines for Cataloging Electronic Resources at Harvard

    12 March ABCD-Library Group
    12 noon, Aiken 241

    13 March ABCD-WWW Group
    3:15 pm, Aiken 241

    13 March HOLLIS Liaison Meeting
    9:30 - 11:30 am, Lamont Forum Room
    Topic: see page 2 of this issue

    27 March Technical Services Roundtable
    12 noon- 1 pm, 1280 Mass., Ave., Suite 404
    Dale Flecker, HUL Associate Director for Sytems and Planning, will be talking about HOLLIS II and possible implications for technical services functions. Dale recommends that participants read the Stanford University Libraries report: "Redesigning the Acq uisitions-to-Access Process" as a launching off point for discussion. You can get a copy from: http://www-sul.stanford.edu. Look under "About SUL-AIR" If you have trouble getting a copy of the report, contact Patti Fucci in OIS. RSVP to Beata Panagopo ulos at 6-1775 or beata@ksgfin.harvard.edu.

    5 April ABCD-Main Meeting
    12 noon, Aiken 241

    9 April ABCD-Library Group
    12 noon - 1 pm, Aiken 241

    10 April ABCD-WWW
    3:15 - 5:00pm, 1280 Mass., Ave., Suite 404

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    OIS Current Projects
    ProjectContactTarget dateMajor milestones
    Gov DocsM. Smith2/29Getting Bernan shipping records; setting up cataloging.
    Format integrationR. Wendler3/96Will be writting checklist and consulting with librarians.
    FETCHERRS (HD retrieval)C. Husbands2/96Operational 2/13; publicized 2/26
    HU to RLINR Wendler10/95Model approved; programming to be scheduled
    CICS upgradeC. Husbands6/96Planning underway
    UNIX server infrastructure and supportT Robinson
    K. Klemperer
    --Working on Business Resumption Plan for server
    HD automationD. Bednarek8/95FETCHERRS in production.
    SEICK. Klemperer1/96 pilotPrototype of generic user interface being tested
    Finding aidsM. Smith1/96 pilotReviewing new EAD DTD; doing preliminary markup.

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