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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 11, Number 5 (May 1996)

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  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#106)
  • Feature Articles
  • Diogenes: a batch cataloging search service
  • Summer startup for HOLLIS 2 Task Groups
  • New OIS public documentation policy
  • FTP from OIS home page
  • Public information sheet updates
  • Notes and Reminders
  • HULPR password expiration
  • ACF-2 security -- 5 strikes and you're out!
  • Remember the training file?
  • Passport/McGill cut & paste
  • Harvard technical services home page
  • HOLLIS system availability in May
  • End of fiscal year approaching
  • OW hits all-time low
  • HOLLIS & HOLLIS Plus Hints
  • SilverPlatter databases and function keys
  • Copyring/sharing McGill macros
  • HOLLIS & HOLLIS Plus Enhancements
  • Network Notes
  • McGill and Passport software upgrades
  • OIS Current Projects
  • Training Schedule

  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#106)

    May 8, 1996
    Lamont Forum Room


    Please join us for a series of brief updates on current and future projects. Topics will include:
    HOLLIS II Update--------------------------------- Dale Flecker
    Harvard IntraLibrary Loan Document Delivery Pilot Project --Curtis Kendrick
    Loading HU data into RLIN -----------------------Robin Wendler
    Harvard Digital Finding Aids Project ---------------TBA

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    Feature Articles

    A Batch Cataloging Search Service
    by Robin Wendler

    The Research Libraries Group and Retro Link Associates (RLA) have created a new service called Diogenes that takes brief records such as order-level records from a local system and searches RLIN via Z39.50 for matching cataloging. You can specify certain characteristics of acceptable matching records, such as AACR2 description, the presence of an LC call number, or cataloging from a list of particular libraries (you can specify whose cataloging you don’t want, too!).

    It works this way

    1)      Your library decides which HOLLIS records it wants to have upgraded by Diogenes, and figures out how these records can be identified by OIS.

    2)      You, in consultation with OIS, fill out a Diogenes profile form and submit it to RLA.

    3)      OIS creates a file of the records you’ve identified and sends it to RLA.

    4)      RLA uses Z39.50 software to search the RLIN database.

    5)      RLA returns matching MARC records together with a printed report of each record and its match, and additional reports on records which either had no matches in RLIN or which had matches that did not meet the your selection criteria.

    6)      OIS loads the cataloging records, either into the BF database, from which staff can merge them with the HU record, or directly into the HU database.

    7)      You (or OIS) retrieve and print the supporting reports provided by RLA.

    Costs for this service are:

    OIS:                $50 for the creating the file of records to send to RLA

    RLA:               $ .50 per record sent to them
                           $ 1.25 per matched record returned

    Widener and Fine Arts have sent records through this process already. For more information about Diogenes, check out http://www-rlg.stanford.edu/diogenes.html or call the RLIN Information Center at (800) 537-7546. Harvard libraries interested in participating should also contact Robin Wendler in OIS.


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    Summer startup for HOLLIS 2 Task Groups
    By Tracey Robinson

    The process to select and install a new generation integrated system for Harvard has been moving slowly for some time while OIS watched developments in the commercial marketplace. Given recent developments the Automation Planning Committee has decided that the 2.5 year project should commence this summer.

    The HOLLIS 2 Steering Committee will be appointed this spring and six Task Groups will be established by summer. The Task Groups will be working intensively starting in Summer 1996 through Spring 1997. As in previous projects, OIS will rely heavily on the Harvard library community for interested, experienced staff to participate actively on the Task Groups.

    We are seeking recommendations for Task Group members from the University Library Council and the HOLLIS Administrative Advisory Committee. Check this Newsletter for more information on the HOLLIS 2 planning process as the project proceeds.

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    New OIS public documentation policy
    by Julie Wetherill

    In an effort to simplify documentation distribution procedures, OIS has ceased central printing and distribution of most HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus related information sheets. Instead, OIS will provide access to an electronic master version of each information sheet (in WordPerfect format) on an FTP site from which library staff can download them as needed. On request, OIS will provide printed master copies of sheets to libraries which cannot easily download and print their own. The Standing Subcommittee of HAAC on User Services in HOLLIS (aka SSHUSH) approved this procedural change earlier this year.

    With this change, new or updated sheets can now occur on a rolling basis as needed, rather than OIS releasing updates once or twice a year. There will also be less waste, since libraries can acquire only those sheets they need, rather than OIS sending copies of everything. Hypertext versions of most public information sheets are being added to HOLLIS Plus, providing an alternative access method for this information. OIS will continue to print and distribute the HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus reference guides (the folded brochures) on a regular basis. HOLLIS staff documentation (HOLLIS Reference Manual, Tag Tables, etc.) will continue to be distributed in print.

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    FTP from OIS home page

    The newly inaugurated OIS Home Page provides a friendly interface to the collection of “ftpable” HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus public information sheets. Point your browser to: http://hul.harvard.edu/ois
    and select the Publications choice from the menu. Select either HOLLIS public documentation or HOLLIS Plus public documentation. All information sheets maintained by OIS are listed. Each entry includes a revision date. Compare this with the date appearing on the sheets you already have in print to determine if you need to ftp a new version. When new or revised sheets become available, OIS will notify staff via HULINFO and also identify the updated sheets on the home page. For some entries there is no hypertext link because the sheet in question is not yet ready for distribution.

    For libraries that cannot download and print these sheets there is a special form to request paper copies from OIS.

    Most of the files at this site are compressed (zipped) to reduce storage requirements and insure fast file transmission. After downloading these files, you will need to “unzip” or decompress them using a decompression utility such as PKUNZIP, WinZip, or Fetch. The uncompressed files can be viewed and printed from WordPerfect. All sheets are available in WordPerfect version 5.2 format. Since the fonts and printers available at your workstation may be different from those in OIS, you should check that a sheet is properly formatted before reproducing it in large quantities. Reproduce these sheets on recyclable white stock whenever possible.

    OIS expects that this service will evolve over time. We are currently investigating the option of delivering these documents using Adobe’s portable document format (pdf files). If you have a question, problem, or suggestion about this service, please contact Julie Wetherill in OIS.

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    Public information sheet updates
    By Julie Wetherill

    The following new or revised HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus information sheets are now available via FTP from the OIS home page:

    ATLA Religion Index (revised) Dissertation Abstracts (new)
    Search Limits (revised) Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (new)
    Searching by Keyword (revised) Hispanic American Periodicals Index (new)
      Handbook of Latin American Studies (new)
      History of Science and Technology (new)
      Newspaper Abstracts (new)
      Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies (new)
      World Law Index (new)

    To access the OIS Home Page, point your Web browser to: http://hul.harvard.edu/ois/ and select the Publications choice. Then select either HOLLIS public documentation or HOLLIS Plus Public Documentation to view the documents available. New or revised sheets are marked with a blue star. OIS no longer automatically distributes information sheets in print form. Staff are invited to FTP new or revised sheets directly from the OIS Home Page.

    Before FTPing files, please read the instructions carefully. These files are in compressed format and will need to be decompressed before printing or viewing on your workstation. For units unable to request documents by FTP, this page also offers a request form. Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions.

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    Notes and Reminders

    HULPR password expiration

    ACF-2 security was installed in HULPR on October 24, 1995. HULPR signon passwords were set to expire after 180 days. Around April 24th, that is exactly what happened. Most staff members have already changed their passwords. For the few who have not yet done this, the instructions follow. To change a password, at the Logon screen:

    1) Key in your Logonid and TAB to PASSWORD
    2) Key in your present password and TAB to NEW PASSWORD
    3) Key in your new password and TAB to where it says ENTER TWICE
    4) Re-key your new password again exactly the same. Press ENTER.

    You should get a message that the password was successfully modified. Your new password must be at least 4 and not more than 8 characters and must be a combination of letters and numbers. It cannot be the same as your old password.

    You can, of course, change your password at any time. You need not wait until you are forced to do so. Changing it ahead of time will eliminate the forced change and the new password will be good for another 180 days. For staff who use macros to logon, these must be changed after you change your password. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact Linda Marean in OIS.

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    ACF-2 security — 5 strikes and you’re out!

    ACF-2 security in HULPR monitors the use of incorrect logins. After five unsuccessful login attempts, ACF-2 will suspend your logonid and you must call OIS to have the login reset. There is no way for you to reset the logon yourself. Logging out of HULPR will not reset it, nor will logging out of your computer or terminal. This feature is controlled by the security administrator at OIT who will reset the logon after speaking to someone in OIS. This is why you need to call OIS and provide you logonid when a suspension occurs.

    One situation that can lead to logonid suspension is the process of changing an expired password. Follow the steps exactly as described in the previous article — it is especially important to use the TAB key when indicated, rather than pressing ENTER. Substituting ENTER for TAB causes the process to fail and may suspend your logonid.

    When a logonid is being shared by several people, five incorrect signon attempts can add up very quickly. Please pass on to all staff the fact that there are only five bad attempts before the ‘id’ is suspended. Remember: five strikes and you’re out!

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    Remember the training file?

    There exists a separate institution available within HULPR called the Training File (TR database). TR includes a relatively small file of MARC bibliographic records, many containing linked order, holdings, and item records. Functionally, TR is almost identical to the HU database. The transaction identifier LTTR provides access to training file technical services mode for staff interested in training themselves or others in the technical services functions normally associated with the HU database. A catalog mode for the training file is also available — type libr to enter catalog mode, type tr to select the training file, then type tr a second time to confirm the request. Access to TR is not authorized by regular HULPR signons used in the HU database. Long ago, OIS established separate TR signons, most of which used a library’s three-letter location code as logonid and hollis as the password. Over time, some libraries have changed these signons, others have forgotten them entirely. If you want to use the training file and do not know your library’s HULPR signon for TR, contact Linda Marean or Julie Wetherill in OIS.

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    Passport/McGill cut & paste problem.

    Increasing numbers of staff are using OCLC Passport for Windows and RLIN Terminal for Windows, generally in conjunction with access to HULPR via McGill (TCP3270). These are terrific tools, and all technical services staff can benefit from them.

    HOWEVER, be aware that because OCLC, RLIN, and HOLLIS are different services, you cannot cut-and-paste text containing diacritics, special characters, or subfield delimiters between them successfully.

    These characters will in most cases be converted into something else, for example, an acute accent in OCLC will become a ligature æ if pasted into HOLLIS. A ‘dot below’ turns into a letter ‘o’ with a grave accent. This obviously can have very bad consequences. In other cases, these characters will simply be dropped, also with adverse effects.

    If you cut-and-paste between systems, please be alert to the presence of characters which will be mangled in the process, and be sure to correct them before filing the record into which the text is pasted. Thanks for your attention to this limitation in our brave new world!

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    Harvard technical services home page.

    At the Technical Services Managers Roundtable on April 17, it was agreed that a home page of technical services resources should be developed to serve the Harvard library community. Joe Gabriel, Head of Technical Services at Gutman Library, has already begun the project. The home page is located at: http://hugse1.harvard.edu/~library/technical.htm. Joe has agreed to maintain the page at its current location with assistance from the group.

    The content, organization, and design of this page will be discussed at the June 19 meeting of the Technical Services Managers Roundtable. In the meantime, direct any questions or suggestions of resources to Joe Gabriel (5-4256 or e-mail: gabriejo@hugse2.harvard.edu).

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    HOLLIS system availability in May.

    OIT is preparing for an upgrade of the mainframe CPU on May 19. Therefore, they will be using ‘windows’ every weekday morning from now until then. Please expect that between now and May 19, the HOLLIS system will come down at 4:30am and will return by 7:00am. In addition, on the morning of May 19, HOLLIS will come down at 1:00am and will return by 9:00am. The HULPR system is normally down during these early morning hours, so should not be directly affected by these windows. Contact Linda Marean in OIS if you have questions.

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    End of fiscal year approaching.

    Library units should begin making preparations for yet another end of fiscal year. (See the HOLLIS / end of fiscal year procedures memo appended to this issue.) HOLLIS end of fiscal year procedures are scheduled to begin on 30 June 1995 at 6:00 p.m. The HULPR system will remain in operation Sunday until the normal shutdown time of 1:00 a.m. Monday to allow circulation units to function normally. However no payment activity will be allowed after 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. Users attempting to create or modify orders (OPRs), ACUs, or invoices will get hostile messages such as ‘FILE NOT AVAILABLE.’ Contact your own financial office for specific instructions. Contact Linda Marean in OIS if you have questions.

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    OW hits an all-time low.

    The Catalog of Older Widener Materials (OW database) continues to plummet toward oblivion. In late April, OW dropped down to 144,749 records. Since OW has been shrinking by 30,000 records on average each month, it won’t be long before it hits rock bottom.

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    HOLLIS & HOLLIS Plus Hints

    SilverPlatter/ERL databases and function keys

    Access to the SilverPlatter databases from HOLLIS Plus is achieved via a telnet connection to a SilverPlatter UNIX-SPIRS client. UNIX-SPIRS relies on the first four function keys (F1, F2, F3, F4) to activate some of its most important features (context Help, Find, Guide, and Show). Telnet controls the functioning of these keys and for some users, they do not work or are not even on the keyboard. The following table provides some alternatives in case your function keys do not work or are not there.
    F1 (context help) Ctrl-Y for list of help or Clear key (for Mac users)
    F2 (Find) ESCape, F or Ctrl-U, F or equal (=) (for Mac users)
    F3 (Guide) ESCape, G or Ctrl-U, G or slash (/) (for Mac users)
    F4 (Show) ESCape, S or Ctrl-U, S or asterisk (*) (for Mac users)

    This information is derived from the SilverPlatter Search Guide, an online guide to the UNIX-SPIRs interface. This Search Guide is available online from HOLLIS Plus.

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    Copying/sharing McGill macros.

    Staff who develop macros for use with McGill TCP3270 software often want to share these with their colleagues. One relatively easy way to do this is to copy the macro text from the “net3270.ini” file on your workstation’s hard drive. You can find this file in the Windows subdirectory — one way to access it is via the Windows File Manager. Double-click to open the file, then search for the section titled “[Default.Mac]” where all macros are stored. Each macro occupies a separate line. Copy all or a portion of these macros using the Windows Copy command and paste the text to the Notepad or a wordprocessing file, or anything else you prefer. To make this information available to others, you could save the text to a file on your departmen’ts file server where others can access it. Or put it on disk. Or, to use the old-fashioned method, just print them out.

    But caution! Please avoid making changes to the net3270.ini file unless you intend to. To be safe, you might want to save a copy of this file with another file name and copy from that.

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    HOLLIS & HOLLIS Plus Enhancements

    Changes completed since 2/1/96

    This column features brief descriptions of some of the smaller completed changes to HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus. If you have comments, questions, or would like more details about any of these changes, contact Jon Rothman in OIS.

    1. Changes were made to HOLLIS indexing and display programs so that the new subfield $v in subject fields is treated like other subject subdivisions ($x, $y, $z).

    2. A bug which resulted in storage problems in HULPR when a user spent a long time moving around in a multiscreen item summary (using MORE, BACK, SAME, etc.) without issuing a DONE command has been fixed.

    3. Changes have been made to the programs which process RLIN records entering HOLLIS so that we will be able to process records from RLA and RLG’s Diogenes batch search service.

    4. At the request of the relevant libraries, four OPAC display literals were changed as follows: “Widener Documents” to “Documents (Lamont)”
    “Widener Microforms” to “Microforms (Lamont)”
    “Botany Arnold (Main)” to “Botany Arnold (Cambr.)”
    “Botany Arnold (JP) to “Botany Arboretum (JP)

    5. A bug which prevented proper validation of video recordings in the Holdings Record 807 (physical description fixed field) has been corrected.

    6. Changes have been made to HULPR duplicate detection to properly handle conference names in incoming Authority Records.

    7. When the HAS command returns no hits, or if user asked to see an item beyond the scope of the Has index, the default command was FIND with the patron record number as a parameter. These didn’t match. HAS has been changed so that the default command in these cases will be PATR.

    8. Previously when an operator manually created a bill for an item with a temporary location, the temporary location was put into the bill record. This resulted in a bill that could not be modified since all operators are associated with main, not temporary, locations. A change has been made so that manually created bills with always carry the item’s main location.

    9. The 610V abend (which typically occurred when an operator attempted to charge or discharge an RV item with a temporary location) has been replaced with a message which reads: “ERROR: ITEM REC LOCATN MUST BE CORRECTED”.

    In addition to the changes listed above, 7 additional small changes which affect the HOLLIS infrastructure were completed recently. “Infrastructure changes” are enhancements and bug fixes that are needed to ensure reliable operation of HOLLIS but which do not have directly visible or readily describable functional effects.

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    Network Notes

    McGill and Passport software upgrades.

    McGill TCP3270 for Windows version 3.11 is now available from the OIS ftp site at:


    Specific steps for downloading are provided below. Note that this is not the anonymous FTP site -- a login and password are required. For technical services access to HOLLIS and HULPR, OIS advises units to continue using McGill version 2.5 until OIS and other Harvard library units have a chance to further evaluate this release. Anyone interested in testing version 3.11 should contact John Maher in OIS.

    OCLC Passport for Windows version 1.1 is expected to arrive sometime this week and should be available on the OIS ftp site by Friday.

    Please note the OIS ftp site is not an anonymous ftp site - you will be prompted for a login and password upon connecting. If you do not know the Elmer ftp login or have other questions regarding obtaining or installing McGill TCP3270 or OCLC Passport for Windows, contact John Maher in OIS.

    FTP directions Directions for Downloading McGill TCP3270 for Windows Ver. 3.11 :

    1. FTP to: elmer.harvard.edu
    2. Login using guest ftp login and password
    3. Change directories to: mcgill_tn3270_stuff/tn3270.win.311
    4. Download (in BINARY) all 4 files: TCPDISK1.EXE, TCPDISK2.EXE, TCPDISK3.EXE, & README.TXT.
    5. Follow the directions in Readme.txt to extract the files to disk and setup the software.

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    OIS Current Projects

    Project Contact Target date Major milestones
    HOLLIS II Checklist T. Robinson Ongoing --
    Morse Music Barcoding M. Creedon Summer '97  
    Straus Conservation to HOLLIS R. Wendler 6/97  
    CICS Update

    L. Marean

    New RV LiIbraries M.Creedon
    Summer '97 Divinity and Fine Arts scheduled
    HOLLIS Plus New Resources L.Ievins
    M. Smith
    J. Wetherill
      Academic Press journals, Patrologia Latina and new AIP journals in beta this week; Inspec via WebZ in alpha.
    HOLLIS Plus Old Resources L.Ievins
    M. Smith
    J. Wetherill
    5/1/96 Moved LiOn and PCI off trial; changed WNC to IP-based access.
    HOLLIS Plus Infrastructure L.Ievins
    M. Smith
    J. Wetherill
      Migration to chiasma complete; rewriting maint scripts in perl; standardizing IP list for Harvard; building 'database of databases.'
    Finding Aids M.Smith 12/96 Enhancing EAD guidelines. Doing SGML markup of finding aids. Designing interim networked database.

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    HOLLIS Training Schedule

    HOLLIS training for library staff takes place from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at 1280 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 404. Staff members may sign up for these training sessions asa series or as needed. Please contact Patti Fucci in OIS (495-3724) for more information or to register for a session.

    May 7/June 4 Session #1: Introduction to HOLLIS. Includes basic system structure, functions and record types, basic searching, and an introduction to machine-readable cataloging (MARC) formats.
    May 9/June 6 Session #2: In-Depth Searching. Includes detailed searching techniques and review of index structure.
    May 13/June 11 Session #3: Bibliographic Record Creation and Maintenance. Discussion of bibliographic record creation and maintenance in HOLLIS, sources of bibliographic data (including the LC books file).
    May 14/June 13 Session #4: Serial Holdings Record Creation and Mainenance. Detailed review of serial holdings record format, rules and standards for coding holdings data
    May 16/June 17 Session #5: Order/Pay/Receipt Records. Review of O/P/R records order creation, conventions for recording receipt of materials, production of claim memoranda.
    June 18 Session #6: Fund Accounting in HOLLIS. Includes invoice creation, recording of payment, accounting unit record display and maintenance.
    May 21 Session #9: Introduction to the HOLLIS Online Public Catalog. A review of basic system structure, searching, record displays, and online help.
    May 23/June25 Session #10: Introduction to HOLLIS Distributed Reporting. Includes system overview, constructing basic queries, sort/saving results, and printed reports.
    May 2/June 3 Session #11: Introduction to McGill TCP3270 for Windows (vers 2.5). Connecting/disconnecting, fonts/toolbar/colors, using the regular and ALA keyboard maps, simple HULPR editing, saving sessions, and multiple sessions
    May 6/June 10 Session #12: Advanced McGill TCP3270 for Windows (vers 2.5). Redefining the toolbar, ALA keyboard advanced topics, creating macros and assigning them to keyboard, toolbar, and poppad, advanced editing techniques.

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    3 May ABCD-Main Meeting 12 noon, Aiken 241
    8 May HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting 2:30-4pm, Lamont Forum Room See page 1 for agenda.
    8 May ABCD-WWW 3:30-5pm,
    1280 Mass. Ave., Suite 404
    Topic: Graphic design & the Web
    14 May ABCD-Library Group 12 noon - 1 pm, Aiken 241
    24 May Cataloging Discussion Group 11-12:30
    Lamont Forum Room
    Librarians' Assembly members of the Task Force to Review the Librarians' Assembly will lead a focus group to consider the focus, aim, and scope of the Assembly.
    17 May Technical Services Managers
    Roundtable 12noon-1pm
    Fainsod Room, Kennedy School of Government,
    Littauer Building 3rd fl.
    Topic: Discussion with members of the Librarians' Assembly Review Task Force on how to improve the Librarians' Assembly. Questions? Contact Beata Panagopoulos at
    6-1775 or beata@ksgfin.harvard.edu
    14 June Cataloging Discussion Group
    11-12:30 Lamont Forum Room
    Topic: Archival Cataloging and the MARC Format. Anne Engelhart, David DeLorenzo, and Bonnie Salt will discuss cataloging archival materials using the MARC formats.
    19 June Technical Services Managers Roundtable
    Gutman Library, ACT Room (basement level)
    Topic: Design and organization of the Harvard Libraries' Technical Services Resources Home Page. Bring the WWW addresses of appropriate resources for the page. Questions? Contact Joe Gabriel at 5-4256 or gabriejo@hugse2.harvard.edu.



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