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HOLLIS Newsletter

Volume 11, Number 10 (October 1996)

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  • Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#109)
  • Feature Articles
  • "Just Short of a Miracle" - Harvard's Intra-library Loan Pilot Project
  • The Future of HOLLIS Enhancements
  • Notes from the September Meeting
  • HULPR down briefly on September 11
  • Homepage updates
  • Continued progress on the demise of OW
  • New online circulation libraries
  • HOLLIS documentation updates
  • HU-to-RLIN
  • OIS staffing update
  • HOLLIS II update
  • HOLLIS Plus recent enhancements
  • Warning about FirstSearch databases
  • WebZ: Web-based interface to HOLLIS Plus databases
  • Notes and Reminders
  • Demise of HOLLIS Plus gopher
  • HOLLIS II vendor meetings
  • URLs in LG and spacing characters
  • HULPR security
  • HULPR during the holidays
  • OIS Current Projects
  • Training Schedule
  • Calendar

    Next HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting (#109)

    November 13, 1996
    Lamont Forum Room

    ***Note change in time***

    Agenda to be announced

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    "Just Short of a Miracle" - Harvard's Intra-Library Loan Pilot Project
    by Martha Creedon and Julie Wetherill
    Starting in late October, Harvard library patrons will be able to use HOLLIS to request that a book be delivered to the library of their choice. This Intra-Library Loan (ILL) Pilot Project is scheduled to become available on 22 October. [The original due date of 7 October was postponed to allow libraries more time for preparation. -- Ed.] At the September HOLLIS Liaisons meeting, Sue Marsh, a member of the Pilot Project’s Steering Committee, introduced the librarians involved with planning and described how the Pilot came about. There was also a demonstration of the HOLLIS request process.

    Sue noted that the ILL Pilot came into being only with much hard work on the part of many individuals from a large cross-section of the Harvard library community. Among those singled out for special thanks were Lee Anne George (HCL Librarian for Information and Document Delivery Services) and Curtis Kendrick (Assistant Director in the University Library for the Harvard Depository).

    Plans for the Project began in 1995. According to Curtis, the ULC Public Services Committee identified intra-library loan as an area of prime concern in providing new services to patrons. A working group was convened in October 1995. Their recommendations for this ILL service were endorsed by the Public Services Committee and the ULC, and planning began in June 1996.

    The working group originally included a proposal for delivering photocopy services, but upon the recommendation of the ULC, this portion of the project was postponed. But photocopy delivery in some form could be a future enhancement. He speculated that the ILL service together with changes in information delivery technologies may eventually further the harmonization of library access policies across the university.

    To manage the planning and development of this ILL service, six task groups were formed. Task Groups and their chair persons are:

    AVISO: Lee Anne George
    Evaluation: Ellen Westling
    HOLLIS implementation: Kathy Klemperer
    Procedures: Sue Marsh
    Publicity: John Collins
    Transportation: Curtis Kendrick

    How the process will work
    OIS Systems Librarian Caren Smith demonstrated the HOLLIS portion of this new service. From a short, long, circulation, or location display in the HU database, a patron enters the command get any (meaning “get me any available copy of this item”) to start the request.

    Figure 1 illustrates an HU record with a get any request on the command line.

    ILL Figure 1

    Note that the get command used to request Harvard Depository (HD) materials is still available from an item’s circulation display. HD materials can be requested via intra-library loan, but there will be a longer turn-around time for delivery (5 days instead of next day).

    HOLLIS responds with the Request Verification Screen (Figure 2). This screen displays information about the requested item and indicates that loan periods and fines are those of the supplying library. It prompts the patron to choose a library for delivery and to type a Harvard ID number and last name. There is an option to cancel the request if the patron does not want to proceed.

    ILL Figure 2

    Currently, all holders of valid Harvard IDs from the Human Resources (HR) Office will be allowed to make intra-library loan requests through HOLLIS. Also included are degree candidates from the Extension School and Research Assistants with proxy borrowing privileges (that is, RAs with a special borrower subrecord attached to a faculty HR patron record).

    If HOLLIS verifies that the patron is authorized to make an ILL request, the system’s response will be a Destination Choice screen (Figure 3). All nineteen participating libraries are listed with their corresponding codes. The patron will enter the code for the preferred delivery destination.

    ILL Figure 3

    After a destination is chosen, HOLLIS responds with a Request Completion screen (Figure 4) that confirms the choice and prompts the patron for an e-mail address and any other information that may help with fulfillment of the request. There is also a reminder about the 5-day turn-around and that the requested item will have been checked out to the patron by the time it is delivered.

    ILL Figure 4

    After the ILL request is sent, HOLLIS provides the patron with a tracking number (the item’s HOLLIS number) and a reminder of the library that is mediating this request (Figure 5).

    ILL Figure 5

    The patron’s “home library” tracks and mediates ILL requests. The system determines home library based on faculty information in the HOLLIS patron file. For example, since the patron in the example is affiliated with the Graduate School of Design, he is directed to contact Loeb Design Library with any questions about this request. For users in FAS (including Harvard College) and Central Administration, Widener will serve as home library.

    Mary Clare Altenhofen questioned whether HOLLIS would prevent patrons from requesting non-circulating materials. Caren Smith responded that information about circulation status is stored in the HOLLIS item record. This ILL request process is specifically designed to work off the bibliographic record, so status information from the item record is not available. Requests that cannot be fulfilled will be mediated by the patron’s home library.

    Processing requests
    HOLLIS transmits ILL requests to the home library via electronic mail. The home library manages the request, choosing a preferred “owning” or “lending” library and forwarding the request. Problems are mediated by the home library. Because HOLLIS can not automatically deny requests based on an item’s circulation status, patron notification and mediation will be an important part of this process.

    The HUL Messenger Service will provide delivery of requested materials. Each library will have a single designated pickup/delivery spot for staff use. Special book wrappers to identify materials which have been checked out via ILL are currently being designed by the procedures task group.

    The procedures task group is also developing a manual to document the operating procedures for this service. Training for library staff has been scheduled for early October.

    The original plans for this process recommended the use of ILL management software called AVISO. Libraries would use AVISO to process incoming requests and produce detailed statistics that would help libraries evaluate the service later in the pilot. [Tests of the ILL process during September revealed significant problems with AVISO. In early October, the Steering Committee decided to implement the ILL pilot project without AVISO.— Ed.]

    Tracey Robinson inquired about statistics gathering during the pilot. Sue responded that statistics will be the responsibility of the home libraries. [Since statistics gathering was an AVISO strength, and will be an important part of evaluating the pilot, project participants are now investigating alternative methods of statistics collection. —Ed.]

    There will be heavy testing of this ILL service by participating libraries during September and early October. The debut of the Pilot Project is scheduled for 22 October. Publicity for the pilot will include announcements on HULINFO, Library Notes, the VINE, and the Gazette. [A public information sheet describing both the ILL and HD request processes will be distributed to libraries in mid-October — Ed.].

    If you have questions about this pilot, contact Lee Anne George (Widener).

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    The Future of HOLLIS Enhancements
    by Robin Wendler
    Two years ago, the Harvard library community reached university-wide agreement on a final list of system development projects to be completed before we move full swing into the implementation of HOLLIS II.

    In addition to major development projects, OIS has continued to work on enhancements to HOLLIS based on priorities established by HOLLIS liaisons, although (as was planned) at a decreased rate in the last few years.

    During the past year, OIS completed very few prioritized HOLLIS enhancements. This is due to several factors:

    1. several new development projects were added to the OIS list after being approved through the University Library Council and/or the Automation Planning Committee (e.g. IntraLibrary Loan; support for use of RLG’s Diogenes cataloging service);
    2. almost all of the remaining prioritized enhancements are significant projects which would require many weeks (if not months) of analysis and programming; and
    3. recent staffing shortages.
    HAAC recently reviewed the outstanding projects and enhancement requests for the HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus systems. Over the next six months or so OIS development staff will be engaged in the following development activities, in addition to participating heavily in the HOLLIS II planning effort:

    Approved developments (new and ongoing):

    • IntraLibrary Loan
    • Oxford English Dictionary
    • Digital Finding Aids database
    • Web Interface to HOLLIS Plus databases
    • Changes to HOLLIS needed for CONSER
    • Final changes to HOLLIS needed for format integration
    • Changes needed to close down Recon project
    Ongoing maintenance:
    • New circulation libraries
    • New HOLLIS Plus resources, including new validation mechanisms when needed
    Infrastructure work:
    • Convert HOLLIS programs for new version of CICS
    • Redesign and program HOLLIS Plus maintenance programs
    Given the available resources, the projects to which OIS is already committed, and the limited remaining life of the HOLLIS system, HAAC has approved a ew policy on HOLLIS enhancements. At this time, the enhancement prioritization process will not be repeated. The following guidelines will be used in implementing HOLLIS enhancements between now and the installation of HOLLIS II:
    • system bugs will continue to be fixed
    • required infrastructure changes will continue to be made
    • new libraries will be brought up on circulation
    • small changes necessary to support Harvard participation in major projects will be done (e.g. adding an export code for Program for Cooperative Cataloging records)
    • during development project programming, staff will review the enhancement list for requests that fall within that area of the system, and if these can be reasonably wrapped into the development work, they will be done.
    Certainly if new programmatic initiatives arise and are approved through the normal, appropriate channels (i.e., through ULC, APC, or HAAC), they will be incorporated into the OIS schedule as staffing and resources permit.

    This new policy will be presented and discussed at the following meetings:

    • Circulation Liaisons, Oct 1
    • Acquisitions Roundtable, Oct 16
    • SSHUSH, Oct 22
    • Catalogers’ Discussion Group, Oct 25
    • HOLLIS Liaisons, Nov 13 .

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    Notes from the May Meeting
    HULPR down briefly on September 11
    A change to the online HOLLIS tag tables caused a problem which required OIS to bring down HULPR briefly the morning of September 11. The problem has been corrected.

    Homepage updates Several new homepages sponsored by the Harvard University Library were announced, including:

    HUL Homepage: http://hul.harvard.edu
    OIS Homepage: http://hul.harvard.edu/ois/
    HOLLIS II Homepage: http://hul.harvard.edu/hollis2/
    Index of Harvard Library Homepages: http://hul.harvard.edu/libinfo/

    Continued progress on the demise of OW
    The OW database (Partial catalog of Older Widener materials) is now down to approximately 60,000 records, the majority of which duplicate records added to the HU database during recon. All claimed and keyed Widener recon records are expected to be in HOLLIS by the end of October.

    OIS plans to remove OW from the Database Selection screen in HOLLIS and from HOLLIS Plus as soon as the last recon records have been added to HU. The database will continue to be accessible in HULPR staff mode during a cleanup period so staff can migrate or merge the remaining records into the HU database or delete them, as necessary. When most of the cleanup is done, remaining records will be printed for review, and the database will be completely removed from HOLLIS and HULPR.

    Because the call number index is shared between HU and OW, it may be possible for public catalog users searching the Widener Call Number index to retrieve and display OW records during the time between the end of recon and the final removal of the OW database. This is not likely to be a problem, but reference librarians need to be aware that OW records may continue to be accessible in the CW search.

    Please direct any comments, questions, or concerns to Robin Wendler in OIS.

    New online circulation libraries
    The Fine Arts and Littauer Libraries began using the HOLLIS circulation system in August. There are now 15 Harvard libraries using online circulation. For a list, type help circulation scope while in the HU database in the public catalog. Planning meetings are scheduled to begin in October for the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library and Tozzer Library. These units are currently barcoding their collections and are expected to ‘go live’ in January 1997. Contact Martha Creedon in OIS if you have questions.

    HOLLIS documentation updates
    Library units have already received this year’s HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus brochures. As announced earlier, information sheets for individual HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus resources are now distributed electronically via the OIS website
    ( http://hul.harvard.edu/ois/publications/pubs.html). And in staff to subscribing units. A complete revision of HOLLIS Circulation Manual is due in October.

    Beginning the week of September 16, the long-planned loading of records from HU to RLIN will begin. Unlike previous batches of HU records sent to RLIN, these records will not be selected by staff using the TAPE command or pulled in project-related batches. Instead, this process will happen automatically. Twice a week, all new and changed bibliographic records will be selected, filtered, and converted for sending to RLIN. Once a month, portions of the HU back file will be sent, following the same conversion process:

    Provisional records (ENCL=’a’, ‘2’, or ‘5’) are excluded, as are Archives/Mixed Material records (HOLLIS format=’U’) and Information records (HOLLIS format=’I’)

    LOCs for non-Harvard libraries are dropped. This includes CRL and the BTI libraries. LOCs with catstat of ‘x’, ‘d’, or ‘q’ will be dropped.

    Deleted records and records with no eligible LOC fields will be output with the record status ‘d’ — deleted.

    Remaining records will be converted to USMARC format in a structure based on the one in HOLLIS, that is, one bibliographic record and one or more holdings records — one per LOC. Each holdings record will include an 852 field with an NUC code (based on the LOC subfield $i) plus the call number and public notes from the LOC, as well as public information from any existing HOLLIS holdings record — including volume/issue holdings statements. The record will be updated in RLIN whenever the bibliographic record, LOC, or HOLLIS holdings are changed.

    RLG will load the records under the RLIN library identifier ‘MAHG’. See Figures 6 and 7 for sample HU data in RLIN.

    HU to RLIN Figure 6

    HU to RLIN Figure 7

    MAHG will not be enabled for ILL, and online screens in RLIN will explain which of Harvard’s individual libraries participate in the RLIN ILL or SHARES programs and how to contact them.

    If you have questions about the HU to RLIN load, contact Robin Wendler in OIS.

    OIS staffing update
    Tracey Robinson announced the following OIS appointments: Caren Smith is a new Systems Librarian, replacing Daniel Bednarek, who departed OIS earlier this year. Lydia Ievins is a new Systems Librarian, replacing Jon Rothman, who left OIS earlier this summer. Marty Sasaki has joined OIS as the new Network and Systems Manager, replacing Heather Reid, who has moved on to the Central Administration’s Project ADAPT.

    Also, John Maher (Network Specialist) now works part time while he returns to school. OIS will be hiring another full-time network technician to assist John and Lesly Corrielus.

    [Since the September meeting, there have been two other OIS staff changes of note. Kathy Klemperer, previously Assistant Director for Systems Development, has transferred to the HUL Preservation Center to work on the digital preservation program. Kathy will participate in an effort to develop models for the implementation of digitization projects and will be responsible for the completion of several projects that are already underway. Alex Aminoff joined OIS in mid-October as a Unix System Administrator. Alex’s previous position was with the Computing Services Group at William James Hall. — Ed.]

    OIS appreciates everyone’s patience during this period of staff changes. If you have questions, contact Tracey Robinson in OIS.

    HOLLIS II update
    By now most people have probably heard of the HOLLIS II task groups; by way of reminder, task groups and chairpersons are:

    Circulation, Reserves and Inventory Control - Barbara Mitchell
    Financial Operations - Ellen Cohen
    Processing and Intellectual Access - Ruth Haas
    Public Services - Hugh Wilburn
    Technical and Systems Issues - MacKenzie Smith
    Detailed information, including task force charges, membership and timetables are available at the HOLLIS II homepage (http://hul.harvard.edu/hollis2/).

    John Collins asked if there was any likelihood of Harvard choosing more than one vendor for HOLLIS II (i.e. different vendors for different functions or subsystems). Tracey answered that it is unlikely that the process will result in the selection of multiple vendors.

    HOLLIS Plus recent enhancements
    Kathy Klemperer announced the following completed or pending enhancements to HOLLIS Plus: Oxford English Dictionary. Pending resolution of final contract issues, OIS will host the OED and make it available through a web-based user interface. Expected availability: October 1996.

    Foreign Broadcast Information Service. Also pending resolution of final contract issues, translations and transcripts of foreign broadcast material will be available via HOLLIS Plus. The data itself is loaded at NTIS. [This resource, now known as World News Connection, became available in late September. — Ed.]

    Online physics journals. Michael Leach and the physics and science libraries are working on acquiring several new online physics journals. There are registration and access control issues to resolve.

    Environmental Periodicals Bibliography. MIT is hosting the Environmental Periodicals Bibliography data; OIS will provide a web-based user interface to the data and make it available via HOLLIS Plus. [After the September meeting, the arrangement with MIT broke down. Harvard is currently investigating alternatives. — Ed.]

    Warning about First Search databases
    Kathy Klemperer described a situation that came up over the summer regarding access to the FirstSearch databases on HOLLIS Plus (specifically, ABI Inform, Books in Print, and Inspec). The licensing agreement for these da tabases has a very limited number of simultaneous users; if a user does not exit properly from a session, the resource is unavailable to another user until the session times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Public service staff are advised to make use rs of these resources aware of this problem. To disconnect from FirstSearch, type bye and then y to confirm. Or press Ctrl-x. Users should not just close their telnet connection or open multiple session s to the same FirstSearch database.

    WebZ: Web-based interface to HOLLIS Plus database OIS is using OCLC’s WebZ software, which provides a gateway between the World Wide Web and Z39.50-compliant databases, to develop a web interface to some HOLLIS Plus databases. This is the first step in what is certain to be an evolving interface environment.

    At first, the WebZ interface will be offered in addition to the telnet connection used now, but as we gain experience and improve the interface, OIS would expect telnet connections from HOLLIS Plus — which require every user’s workstation to be accurately configured for telnet — to be phased out. Eventually, many databases from a variety of sources and servers will be accessible via a single standardized interface, using common search and display screens and commands.

    During the past month, SSHUSH (Standing Subcommittee of HAAC on Users Services in HOLLIS) has been reviewing and commenting on various draft interfaces, and OIS has been learning about the capabilities and limitations of Z39.50 and WebZ. For the initial implementation, OIS will install this interface in front of a Z39.50 compliant database available from HOLLIS Plus, such as INSPEC. Ultimately, other HOLLIS Plus databases could use this interface once the design is satisfactory.

    Development continues and initial implementation is tentatively expected later this fall. Contact As development proceeds, OIS will provide more information via this newsletter and HULINFO. Contact MacKenzie Smith in OIS if you have questions.

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    Notes and Reminders
    Demise of HOLLIS Plus gopher

    OIS is making final preparations to decommission the gopher version of HOLLIS Plus by the end of calendar year 1996. A number of factors have contributed to this decision, including very low usage and 50% fewer resources than the web version.

    OIS has notified library public services departments about these plans. Later this fall, a warning message will appear to the few remote users who still connect to the gopher version. If you have questions about the removal of the HOLLIS Plus gopher, co ntact MacKenzie Smith in OIS.

    HOLLIS II vendor meetings

    Nine potential vendors for Harvard’s next generation library system will be visiting Cambridge over the next four months to demonstrate their products and services. In addition to meetings with HOLLIS II committees, each vendor will demonstrate its prod uct in an open meeting to which all interested library staff are invited.

    All meetings will be held from 3-5 pm in the Boylston Hall Auditorium:

    10/7 CGI
    10/30 Innovative Interfaces
    11/13 Sirsi
    11/27 VTLS
    12/11 Ameritech
    12/13 Endeavor
    12/20 Geac
    1/3/97 Ex Libris

    This schedule also appears on the HOLLIS II web site (http://hul.harvard.edu/hollis2/admin/vndrmeet.html). Any changes to this schedule will be posted on HULINFO and on the web site. Contact Julie Wetherill in OIS if you have questions.

    URLs in LG and spacing characters

    Field 263 in the Library Guide (LG) database is designed to contain the URL (the electronic address) for a library’s World Wide Web home page. (A description of field 263 appeared in the September 1996 issue, “WWW Addresses in the Library Guide.”)

    Staff planning to add their library’s URL should be aware of a limitation to HOLLIS character handling that can impact storage and display of electronic addresses. Sometimes, these URLs include a spacing tilde (“~”; also called a “twiddle”) or a spacing underscore (“_”; also called an “underbar”).

    For example:


    HOLLIS (and many other online library systems) do not currently support the spacing tilde and spacing underscore. True spacing tildes and underbars must be used in URLs or these connections will fail.

    A workaround for this problem was published in the July 1995 HOLLIS Newsletter and is summarized below.

    Staff should use the hexadecimal values “7E” for spacing tilde and “5F” for spacing underbar, preceded by a percent sign (%), to express these characters when inputting URLs in LG records. That is,

    would be input as:

    and http://www.yahoo.com/Education/K_12
    would be input as:

    Ugly -- yes, but World Wide Web browsing software (Mosaic, Netscape, Lynx, etc.) allows for this substitution. And, the future functionality of these URLs is preserved.

    Contact Robin Wendler in OIS if you have questions.

    HULPR security Recently a student called to ask that a HULPR Logonid be reset in such a way that they could logon and change the password. In this particular instance, the student was a legitimate user. However, this occurrence has pointed out some potential problems:

    1) If an illegitimate user asked for and received such a change, they would then have unauthorized access to HULPR.

    2) Many Circulation desks have legitimate student users, but many also have Logonids which are shared among Circulation staff. In such a case, a password change by one student would render the Logonid unuseable by other Circulation desk staff until the ne w password was distributed to those who needed it. For just these reasons, many of these shared Logonids are always ‘signed on’ by the supervisor, not the student user.

    In pre-ACF2 security a password change required a form signed by the HOLLIS Liaison. Although a paper form is no longer used, OIS believes that these requests should properly come from the HOLLIS Liaison or the supervisor. In most instances, this has been the case. To ensure that we do not inadvertently create a security problem, OIS will henceforth only reset Logonid’s when we know the person who is calling. If we are called by someone unfamiliar to us, we may ask to speak to the supervisor or HOLLIS Lia ison for confirmation. If this causes a problem for anyone, we apologize in advance, but we hope it will be less of a problem than an unuseable Logonid or unauthorized HULPR access.

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    HULPR During the Holidays
    The HULPR system will be unavailable on the following dates/times during the upcoming holidays.

    HolidayDateHULPR not available
    Thanksgiving EveWednesday, Nov. 28after 11:00 pm
    Thanksgiving DayThursday, Nov. 29all day
    Christmas EveTuesday, Dec. 24after 12:00 noon
    Christmas DayWednesday, Dec. 25all day
    New Years EveTuesday, Dec. 31after 5:00pm
    New Years DayWednesday, Jan. 1, 1997all day

    HULPR will be available on its regular schedule at all other times. Note that the HOLLIS system is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and does not have scheduled holiday downtimes. Contact Linda Marean in OIS if you have questions.

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    OIS Current Projects
    ProjectContactTarget dateMajor milestones
    Intra-Library Loan ProjectC. Smith10/8/96HOLLIS portion in testing. Debut 10/22/96.
    Format integration
    part 2
    R. Wendler3/96TAG TABLEs distributed. Indexing changes scheduled for Thanksgiving.
    HU to RLINR Wendler10/95Second test file in RLG's hands, ILL setup underway.
    CICS upgradeC. Husbands12/96Planning RDO conversion for fall.
    UNIX server infrastructure and supportT Robinson--Revising application architecture.
    SEICM. Smith1/97Working on Web interface.
    HD automationT. Robinson
    C. Smith
    12/96Phase 2 developments underway.
    Finding aidsM. Smith12/96Enhancing EAD guidelines. Doing SGML markup of finding aids. Designing interim networked database.
    New libraries in circulationM. Creedon
    C. Husbands
    --Fine Arts and Littauer online; Music and Tozzer scheduled for 1/97.

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    22 October

    2pm, Lamont Forum Room

    25 October
    Cataloging Discussion Group

    Gutman Library, ACT Room (basement level)

    30 October
    HOLLIS II Vendor open meeting:
    Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

    3-5pm, Boylston Hall Auditorium

    1 November
    ABCD Main Meeting

    12 noon, Aiken 241

    13 November
    HOLLIS Liaisons Meeting

    2-3pm, Lamont Forum Room
    Agenda: to be announced

    13 November
    HOLLIS II Vendor open meeting:

    3-5pm, Boylston Hall Auditorium

    27 November
    HOLLIS II Vendor open meeting:

    3-5pm, Boylston Hall Auditorium

    11 December
    HOLLIS II Vendor open meeting:

    3-5pm, Boylston Hall Auditorium

    13 December
    HOLLIS II Vendor open meeting:

    3-5pm, Boylston Hall Auditorium

    20 December
    HOLLIS II Vendor open meeting:

    3-5pm, Boylston Hall Auditorium

    3 January
    HOLLIS II Vendor open meeting:
    Ex Libris

    3-5pm, Boylston Hall Auditorium

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