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OIS News -- March 2000

HOLLIS II Project update

HOLLIS performance survey
Vendor request process changes
New OIS Security Administrator

1999 usage statistics available
Ovid Release 4.1.0

Notes & Reminders
Library Portal Project presentation slides available
Linda Marean's departure
New on the OIS web site

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HOLLIS II Project update

[Professor Verba's comments first appeared 23 March as a message on the HULINFO distribution list.]

To: Harvard library community

From: Sidney Verba

Several recent steps have been taken on the HOLLIS II project that are worthy of report to the library community. As previously stated, we continue to watch progress of the DRA Taos system installation at UCLA with interest. We have also started a process of re-examining the Ex Libris Aleph system.

Ex Libris staff visited Harvard for a series of meetings at the end of February. In general, the meetings supported the impression that Ex Libris has made considerable progress both in terms of functionality and in establishing a presence in North America. Although Harvard staff were impressed by the Ex Libris presentations, the evaluation teams along with OIS staff have identified several issues that raise concern or require additional investigation. The ULC has agreed that we should proceed to the next step of evaluation of Ex Libris while still continuing to monitor DRA progress at UCLA.

Several acitivies are planned for the coming months including:

  • an open demonstration of various Aleph OPACs -- for Harvard staff, faculty, and interested students (tentatively scheduled for May 17 -- specific time and place to be determined),
  • continued work by the evaluation teams,
  • a Harvard team visit to the Ex Libris offices in Chicago,
  • visits to Ex Libris installed customer sites.

The HOLLIS Steering Committee will continue to oversee the HOLLIS II evaluation process as we move ahead. We will report to the community periodically, as we advance through the process. Ì


HOLLIS performance survey

The HOLLIS and HULPR systems appear to be performing satisfactorily now that the "short on storage" condition (see OIS News February 2000 issue ) has been brought under control. However, OIS is interested to know if library staff have the same perception. Harvard library staff are encouraged to fill out the HOLLIS performance survey now available from the OIS web site. Form responses are treated anonymously unless the respondent chooses to provide the requested (but optional) contact information.

Performance is really composed of two issues: response time and system availability. OIS is most interested in response time -- how long it takes the system to respond to your command. Response time is hard to measure effectively. Weekly performance tests run by volunteers in the libraries show response times to be satisfactory. This survey aims to collect perceptions from a wider group of users. For staff filling out the survey it is important to keep in mind that local network connectivity issues can complicate one's perception of HOLLIS performance.

A link to this survey is also available from the HOLLIS section of the OIS web site or from the site's comment facility .

Survey responses will be collected through Friday, 14 April. If you have a questions about the survey, contact Julie Wetherill in OIS. Ì

Vendor request process changes

[This article first appeared as a message on the HULINFO distribution list. Contents is identical except for new remarks about checking the status of requests in the Change #2 An end to library notifications section.]

There have been a few significant modifications to the vendor change request process. These changes will help HCL Book Accounts more easily manage the high volume of requests they receive each week and improve the quality of the vendor information being supplied to Accounts Payable. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the time it takes for payments to reach our vendors.

Change #1 Vendor documentation now required

Starting today (Thursday 9 March), all vendor change requests must be accompanied by either an invoice copy or another document that contains the vendor's official name, address, telephone number and tax ID number (if known). As always, staff send their requests via web forms from the OIS web site (more on that below) but obviously vendor documentation must be sent under separate cover -- by fax (617-496-3778) or by campus mail (Widener Room 83).

Change #2 An end to library notifications

It is no longer possible for Book Accounts to notify a library when requested changes are complete. Starting today, library staff should keep a record of their request and check the HOLLIS vendor file at a later date to confirm that the requested change is available. Turnaround time for vendor changes is normally 1-2 weeks. To help with record-keeping, vendor request forms on the web now provide a copy of a request that staff can print and save.

When an invoice is in hand, staff can use an action date (AD) in either the opr (order record) or invoice record to remind them to check that their vendor request has been completed. To check request status, staff should display the appropriate record in the HOLLIS vendor file.

Change #3 Modifications to vendor request forms

There are 3 vendor request forms available from the OIS web site under the Vendor Setup Procedures section.

Form names are: "New HOLLIS vendor", "APSITE number", "Change to vendor". The purpose of these forms has not changed, but their appearance and content have changed. Notable changes include:

-- a "Vendor documentation sent by" field requires staff to indicate how (by fax or campus mail) they will send documentation;

-- "Federal tax ID number" and "Social Security number" fields are now available for staff to supply the vendor's tax ID or soc sec number if known;

-- a confirmation page with the details of the request now displays at the end of the request process; staff should print this page and keep for their records.

If you have questions about the process or the forms, please contact HCL Book Accounts. Ì

New OIS Security Administrator

Linda Marean, OIS Manager of Operations, will be retiring from Harvard in May. Linda's role as Security Administrator has been taken over by Maureen O'Drisceoil, OIS Systems Librarian. Library staff should continue to address their HULPR security requests to the "Security Administrator" in OIS -- your forms will get to the right person. For those of you who send requests via e-mail, please send them to [maureen@hulmail.harvard.edu].

Appendix L of the HOLLIS Reference Manual contains information about HULPR security as well as instructions and forms for requesting new logins or changes to existing logins. Consult Appendix L on the OIS web site at the address. If you have questions about HULPR security, contact Maureen O'Drisceoil in OIS. Ì


1999 usage statistics available

HOLLIS Plus usage statistics for FY1999 are now available on the OIS website. These statistics represent a significant departure from those published in prior years. Until 1998, annual usage statistics were reported by faculty for a subset of major databases available on HOLLIS and HOLLIS Plus. Those databases formerly on HOLLIS have since migrated to HOLLIS Plus. With the adoption by the University Library Council of a usage-based model for sharing database costs across the Harvard faculties in the fall of 1998, it became necessary to provide detailed usage statistics broken down by faculty for all licensed resources whose usage could be tracked by the HOLLIS Plus logging system (identified on HOLLIS Plus as "Valid Harvard ID required"). Furthermore, our increasing investment in electronic resources has mandated the development of formal procedures for evaluating these resources on an ongoing basis. To support these efforts, this year's statistics include electronic journals for the first time and provide a richer set of data about resource utilization. Detailed views are provided by volume of use and by publisher or provider as well as by faculty.

The HOLLIS Plus statistics are available at [ http://hul.harvard.edu/ois/services/reporting/stats/ ]. A link is also provided from the DigAcq Web site . We invite comments about the new format and additional input about what you would find useful. Please send comments to Ivy Anderson. Ì

Ovid Release 4.1.0

On Wednesday, March 22, Ovid released version 4.1.0 of its Web gateway software for online customers. The new release is not yet available on HOLLIS Plus, but it can be previewed on the Digital Acquistions Trial Resources page, accessible on the DigAcq Web site. This version will officially replace the current Ovid interface effective May 1st, so we encourage all users of the Ovid databases to become familiar with the new interface during the month of April.

The long-awaited release offers numerous search and retrieval enhancements. A centerpiece of the new software is a feature called Multifile and Deduping, which allows you to combine multiple Ovid databases, search them simultaneously, and automatically remove duplicate records from the search results. You can read more about this and the many other new features in the "Release Notes for Ovid Online Release 4.1 (USA Server)" (and supporting documentation), which is available on the Ovid Home Page under "Documentation". In addition, the Help available in the Ovid Web Gateway interface has been updated for Version 4.1.0.

Senior managers and training staff from Ovid will be visiting Harvard on April 4th and 5th to present the new release. A general information and update session is scheduled for April 4th from 10-12 at the Faculty Club, followed by an Ovid-hosted luncheon for those able to attend. Please R.S.V.P. to Patti Fucci in OIS if you are interested in attending either the session or the luncheon, as we need a head count for both. Afternoon hands-on training sessions will also be held in Cambridge on the 4th, and a variety of sessions are scheduled on the following day (April 5th) at Countway. These sessions are being coordinated respectively by John Carper at Cabot Science Library and Anna Getselman at Countway. Please contact John or Anna for more information. Ì

Notes & Reminders

Library Portal Project presentation slides available

If you missed the March 3rd open meeting on the Library Portal Project or would like to review the concepts presented at the meeting, the slides from the presentation are available on the web:


At this meeting, OIS provided an update on the status of the Library Portal Project. Work is proceeding on several fronts, including a working group for the presentation of Basic Library Information and Searching on the Portal, ULC decisions about which resources should be listed in the Portal and the creation of a series of principles to guide the Portal's design. Your comments and suggestions related to the project are welcome -- send them to Lydia Ievins in OIS. Ì

Linda Marean's departure

Linda Marean, Manager of Operations in OIS, will be retiring from OIS on May 5, 2000. In her new position Linda will have a slightly smaller office -- but a much better view!! (Linda and her husband Phil will be moving on to their boat with plans to "sail the seven seas"...) Planning for farewell activities are underway and we will put out a general invitation soon.

In the mean time we are actively looking for a new Manager of Production Operations and are reviewing and reassigning many of Linda's responsibilities to insure a smooth continuation of services and stable system support. You may begin to see evidence of these changes in the next few weeks.

If you have questions, please contact Tracey Robinson in OIS. Ì

New on the OIS web site

Recent additions to the OIS web site include

1) A HOLLIS performance survey.

2) Slides from the Portal Project presentation. (Correction: this presentation is located on the LDI web site. Editor suffers from lack of consciousness.)



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