Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:22:56 -0500
From: Charles Husbands <>
Subject: HULPR response times

There have been a few reports of "sluggish and inconsistent" response times in HULPR during the last week. There seem to be two components.

1. The extra second or two that it consistently requires to log on likely results from a change made on Sunday 3 Dec. to AFC2, the security management program. This is a minimal inconvenience and probably with us permanently, unless the following item is also related to the same change.

2. Slow response at other times is not well understood and could originate in the mainframe or the network. UIS systems programmers did notice some unfamiliar variations in mainframe resource utilization when I called their attention to something I thought odd. It is not clear what their course of action should be.

UIS will continue to look into this. Meanwhile, if the situation becomes dramatically worse, or dramatically better, feel free to send a note to

Charles Husbands
Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems
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