ARL / SLA Videoconference

De-Mystifying the Licensing of Electronic Resources

March 4, 1999

Harvard University

Summary and Notes from the Discussion


This videoconference at the Gutman Conference Center was attended by twenty-six librarians from Harvard and MIT. The session consisted of two broadcast segments, a pre- and post-conference discussion, and a license review activity. A videotape of the session will be available; contact OIS for more information. Copies of the handouts may be requested from Patti Fucci in OIS (5-3724).


  1. Introductory Discussion
  2. In the brief period before the presentation, participants were asked to identify licensing issues of current concern. Two were mentioned:


  3. Licensing Activity
  4. During the break, participants reviewed a mock license to identify problematic areas and suggest changes. Examples of issues and desired modifications included:


  5. Post-Workshop Discussion
  6. The group was invited to identify additional major issues related to licensing of electronic information and suggest ways in which we might go about addressing them. Concerns mentioned included:


In summary, workshop participants commented favorably on the usefulness of the videoconference format and the activity / discussion components.