OIS Technical Advisory Group (OTAG)


The OIS Technical Advisory Group (OTAG) was originally established as the Digital Collections Systems Sub-committee (DCSSC), reporting to the Digital Acquisitions and Collections Committee (DACC), in June, 2001, to provide advisory oversight, with particular attention to the functionality, policies, and public and administrative interfaces, of core OIS-supported infrastructure. Organizationally, the committee is now an Affinity Group that reports to the Discovery and Metadata Coordinating Committee (DMCC).

Current systems and services under the committee's purview include:


Stephen Abrams, HUL OIS (chair)
David Ackerman, HCL Loeb Music
Paula Aloisio, Schlesinger
Paul Bain, HMS Countway
Hal Bloom, HBS Knowledge and Library Services (KLS)
Kate Bowers, HUL Archives
Michael Bradford, Divinity
Steve Chapman, HUL OCP
Bill Comstock, HCL Imaging Services
Wendy Gogel, HUL OIS
Maggie Hale, HCL
Mindy Spitzer Johnston, Law
Kevin Lau, GSD Loeb Design
Connie Renaldo / Joe DeVeer, MCZ
Susan Von Salis, HUAM
Vitaly Zakuta, HUL OIS

Dale Flecker, OIS (DMCC liaison)

Meeting Minutes

OTAG meetings are scheduled for the afternoon of the third Wednesday of the month, 3:30-5:00pm, at OIS Room 007, 90 Mt. Auburn Street.


Annual reports of DCSSC to ULC
Enhancement Prioritization
PDS Reimplementation Enhancements
DRS Loader Enhancements
IDS Enhancements
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